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brass vs plastic tub drain

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-13 16:14:29

Hydropower decoration belongs to home improvement basic project,Also a life wear of home improvement,100% important。Basic foundation project,I don't know if you have to pay attention to the water pipe.,Some people will use plastics,Some people will use metal quality,What is the difference between the two??Also or more between the two?today,The bunny gives you to analyzing analysis,I hope to be helpful。

brass vs plastic tub drain

Water pipe material is selected,Tap water is easy to discharmatically,From this point, you can see how important the choice is。

brass vs plastic tub drain

1.Zinc-plated tap

Galvanized pipeline costs are very low,Even the whole house is covered with this water pipe,The price will not be too high,And it is also not easy to rupture this advantage。So the current galvanized pipelines currently used in almost metal taps,especially8-90Age house。

However, there is a disadvantage of galvanized pipelines.,Just use a few years,Easy to have rusty,Once used out,Will harm life and health,So currently,The country has banned the use of galvanized pipes as a drinking water pipe,So don't use it like the kitchen pipe at home.。

brass vs plastic tub drain


PPRThe advantages of the pipe are the pressure resistance、preservative、Not easy to rust and no toxicity,And the most calculated usage period does not have leakage in decades.,So it is a wide range of materials in the water pipe installation.。

(brass vs plastic tub drain)But it is also a shortcomibility of,For example, no high temperature and cannot bend your operation。

No high temperature:PPROnce the water pipe exceeds70Spend,Easy to have problems,So it must not be used as a hot water pipe.;

Can't bend your job:Because of its incomprehensible construction,And the length of each period cannot be too long.,So during construction,Need a lot of joints to splicing,Construction will become very troublesome。

brass vs plastic tub drain

3.Stainless steel tube

It has the advantages of corrosion resistance,Will there be rusty,And the way the welding stitching can be used,So the sealing is super good。

Non-stainless steel pipe,High temperature、durable,Non-toxic is the absolute advantage。But there is also a shortcoming,Is the price relatively high,Compare high-end home decoration。

above all,For the advantages and applicable people,stillPPRTap water pipe is more suitable for ordinary people,The bunny suggests that when you choose a water pipe material,Can also be given priority。

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