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12 mm id brass tube

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2020Annual Registered Safety Engineer Exam Time:11moon14day-15day(this saturday、day)

exam tomorrow,are you really ready?

(12 mm id brass tube)12 mm id brass tube(12 mm id brass tube)

Precautions before and during the exam

@Candidates of the majority of intermediate registered safety engineers:

(12 mm id brass tube)You're going to the exam room tomorrow.,On behalf of all the staff of Sanjing, I wish you all the best of luck,Pass the exam successfully。And before the exam, I would like to give you some warm reminders(it's important,must watch it!)

  • Pre-exam preparation:

ID card,Admission ticket,genuine2Bpencil,eraser,Pencil sharpener,Black water-based fountain pen,scientific calculator(No sound, no text editing, no save function)

Black water-based fountain pen:This should be reminded,Inside the public department,Fill in the personal information of the answer sheet with a signature pen,not used much,Mainly case,recommended preparation2more than branch。The answer sheet of the case is thicker, slightly smooth,Based on past exam experience,pen used,not too thick,Can consider it0.5mm。

Forbiddencarry a cell phone、smart watch、Smart bracelets and other communication tools、Items such as electronic equipment or materials related to the test content other than those specified in the regulations are brought to the seat:If the candidate is found to have brought the above items to the seat,And after a reminder to throw out those who do not correct,will be dealt with as a general violation,Cancellation of test scores。Do not bring in valuables,Loss in the test room is at your own risk;Items such as stationery and calculators are not to be borrowed after the test。

(12 mm id brass tube)

  • before the exam、middle、Post Notes:

1、Arrive at the test center at least one hour before the test,It's inconvenient to park late,When you arrive at the test center, first take out the admit card,Check which classroom your exam room is in?

2、Before entering the examination room, take your ID card and admission ticket to the invigilator for verification,Turn off the phone and put it in the bag。

3、enter the examination room,Put the bag under the blackboard,Remember not to put the water bottle on the table,Otherwise, the water glass may be poured down and water will be sprinkled on the test paper and answer sheet.。In addition, bring the answer stationery and ID card、The admission ticket is placed on the table。

4、After handing out the test paper, write the work unit on the left side of the test paper、Name、Admission ticket number。

5、 After handing out the answer sheet, you must see whether the answer sheet serial number is horizontal or vertical at first glance.,The format of the answer sheets of the four people around you is completely different from yours。Then write your name、Admission ticket number,use2BPencil the admission ticket number,Check again after painting,Don't paint it wrong,Once painted wrong,Your test score will be0score or show absences。

(12 mm id brass tube)6、Don't answer the question until the bell rings,Be sure to wait for the bell to ring before answering the question,Be sure to read word by word while answering the question,Don't skip reading,Be sure to read to the end“Compliant”、“not match”、 “correct”、“incorrect”circle the words,Must answer the question according to the meaning of the question,Never do such a thing as a perfect avoidance answer。

7、Best to do while answering10question,answer card10road,Do not smear the wrong number in the process of painting。

8、Be sure to check the time,Make sure to complete your answers within the answering time。

9、When you encounter a problem that you cannot understand, you must trust the first feeling。

10、Write the last item of all subjective questions:other。Whether it can pass may really depend on these two words。

11、Bring all your stationery before handing in、ID card、Pack your admission ticket and other items。the most important isBe sure to put your ID card away before you get up,Every time I forget to take my ID card。

12、After each exam, cross out the exam on the admission ticket with a pen,The purpose of this is to avoid copying the wrong admission ticket number later.。

13、It is best to rest for half an hour for the afternoon subjects,Make sure you don't get sleepy in the afternoon。

The most important thing to emphasize is to write neatly during the exam、delicate and pretty,don't make typos。Also don't cheat,Cheating counts into personal integrity file,If the circumstances are serious, the qualification for the examination will be cancelled!!!

2020annual security exam,Common formulas

12 mm id brass tube

1Safety production management

one、Major hazard calculation formula

12 mm id brass tube

in the formulaq1,q2,…,qn—The actual amount of each hazardous chemical present,The unit is tons(t);

Q1,Q2,…,QN—Threshold amount corresponding to each hazardous chemical,The unit is tons(t);

The calculation result is greater than or equal to1constitute a major hazard。less than1No major hazards。

two、Calculation methods of common statistical indicators of occupational health

1、Incidence(Poisoning rate)=Number of new cases in the same period A disease may occur during the observation period(poisoning)average population of ∗100%

2、Prevalence= Total number of current cases of a disease found during inspection

Number of people inspected at this point in time ∗100%

(12 mm id brass tube)3、Case fatality rate= The number of deaths due to the disease during the same period

The number of patients with a certain disease during the observation period ∗100%

4、Crude death rate= Total number of deaths in the same year

Average population in a year ∗1000‰

(12 mm id brass tube)three、Calculation method of some accident statistical indicators

(12 mm id brass tube)12 mm id brass tube

5、Major accident rate=(Major accidents/total number of accidents)*100%

6、Major accident rate=(The number of major accidents/total number of accidents)*100%

7、Fire rate per million people=(Number of fires/total population of the region)*10^6

(12 mm id brass tube)8、million fire deaths=(death toll from fire/total population of the region)*10^6

9、10,000 car fatalities=(Motor vehicle fatalities/number of motor vehicles)*10^4

10、100,000 deaths=(death toll/total population of the region)*10^5

11、Billionairekm fatality rate=(death toll/Number of operating passengers*Total number of operating companies)*10^8

(12 mm id brass tube)12、1,000 ship accident rate=(The total number of accident ships above general/the province(this unit)total number of ships)*10^3

13、The fatality rate of one million locomotives traveled in total kilometers=(death toll/The total distance traveled by the locomotive)∗10^6

14、Major accident 10,000-hour rate=(Number of major accidents/total flight hours)*10^4

15、Billion Dollar Gossip(GDP)Mortality=(death toll/gross domestic product(Yuan))*10^8

Four、Work loss value calculation

12 mm id brass tube

VW:Work loss value calculation

DL:Total loss work days,Dead workers6000Workday calculation

(12 mm id brass tube)M:Enterprises(Tax plus profit),Ten thousand yuan

S:The number of employees in the year

D:Enterprise regular working days,day

Fives、Evaluation index of economic losses

1、Thousands of people's economic loss rate:Rs(‰)=E/S*1000

E:Economic loss within the year,Ten thousand yuan;

S:Average number of employees,people;

2、Million yuan output value economic loss rate:

(12 mm id brass tube)Rv(%)=E/V*100

E:Economic loss within the year,Ten thousand yuan;

V:Corporate total output value,Ten thousand yuan;

(12 mm id brass tube)

2Safety production technology

(12 mm id brass tube)one、Reliability calculation of human machine system

Human machine series is reliability:Rs=Rh*Rm

Human-machine system and couples:

(12 mm id brass tube)Reliability:

normal circumstances:Rhc=R1*R2

abnormal situation:Rhb=1-(1-R1)(1-R2)

That is, the reliability of the human machine system monitored by the two:

Under normal circumstances:R"sr= Rhc*Rm= R1*R2* Rm (Reliability of the machine)

(12 mm id brass tube)Under normal conditions:R"sr= Rhb*Rm=1-(1-R1)(1-R2) * Rm

two、 Danger

(12 mm id brass tube)12 mm id brass tube

HThe greater the value,The wider the explosive limit of the combustible mixture,The greater the danger of explosion;

three、 Explosive mixture explosion limit calculation

12 mm id brass tube

L1、L 2、L3:The explosion limit of composition of mixed gas%;

V1、V2、V3The concentration of each component in mixed gas%

3Steel calculation formula

(12 mm id brass tube)All kinds of steel theoretical weight calculation formula Daquan,Welcome to the collection!

one、 Steel plate weight calculation formula


example:Steel plate6m(long)×1.51m(width)×9.75mm(thick)


two、 Steel pipe weight calculation formula

(12 mm id brass tube)formula:(Outer diameter-Wall thickness)×Wall thicknessmm×0.02466×lengthm

example:Steel Pipe114mm(Outer diameter)×4mm(Wall thickness)×6m(length)


three、 Round steel pipe weight calculation formula


example:Round steelΦ20mm(diameter)×6m(length)

(12 mm id brass tube)calculate:20×20×0.00617×6=14.808kg

Four、 Steel square steel weight calculation formula

formula:Edge width(mm)×Edge width(mm)×length(m)×0.00785

example:Steel 50mm(Edge width)×6m(length)


Fives、 Flat steel weight calculation formula

formula:Edge width(mm)×thickness(mm)×length(m)×0.00785

example:flat steel 50mm(Edge width)×5.0mm(thick)×6m(length)


six、 Hexagon steel weight calculation formula

formula:Side diameter×Side diameter×length(m)×0.00068

example:Hexagonal steel 50mm(diameter)×6m(length)


(12 mm id brass tube)seven、Threaded steel weight calculation formula


example:Threaded steelΦ20mm(diameter)×12m(length)


Eight、 Flat weight calculation formula

formula:(Edge length+Edge width)×2×thick×0.00785×longm

example:Flat 100mm×50mm×5mmthick×6m(long)


Nine、 Fangxiang weight calculation formula

formula:Edge widthmm×4×thick×0.00785×longm

(12 mm id brass tube)example:Fang Tong 50mm×5mmthick×6m(long)


ten、 Equal corner steel weight calculation formula

formula:Edge widthmm×thick×0.015×longm(Gross calculation)

example:Angle steel 50mm×50mm×5thick×6m(long)

(12 mm id brass tube)calculate:50×5×0.015×6=22.5kg(Form22.62)

eleven、Do not Equal corner steel weight calculation formula

(12 mm id brass tube)formula:(Edge width+Edge width)×thick×0.0076×longm(Gross calculation)

(12 mm id brass tube)example:Angle steel 100mm×80mm×8thick×6m(long)


4Other non-ferrous metal calculation formula

twelve、 Brass tube weight calculation formula

formula:(Outer diameter-Wall thickness)×thick×0.0267×Wall thicknessm

long:黄铜管 20mm×1.5mmexample×6m(example)

(12 mm id brass tube)Brass:(20-1.5)×1.5×0.0267×6=4.446kg

十三、 thick

公式:(long-壁calculate)×Purple copper tube weight calculation formula×0.02796×长m

Thirteen:紫铜管 20mm×1.5mmthick×6m(长)


十四、 Outer diameter


例:long 1m宽×3m长×2.5mm厚

Purple copper tube:1×3×2.5×2.96=22.2kg



(12 mm id brass tube)锌板:calculate7.2

(12 mm id brass tube)铅板:fourteen11.37

(12 mm id brass tube)计算方式:Aluminum board weight calculation formula×厚度=formula


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