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1 2 brass nipple for tub spout

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-13 15:16:30

Expectant mothers to welcome the arrival of the baby,mostly childcare、Baby supplies are carefully selected,See all kinds of knowledge,But still panic when it comes,Today I will tell expectant mothers and breastfeeding mothers how to choose a pacifier model!

1 2 brass nipple for tub spout(1 2 brass nipple for tub spout)

(1 2 brass nipple for tub spout)Common types of pacifiers are:round holeS、M、L(some haveSS、XL)This refers to the size of the round hole;cross;YCharacter。Upside down round holes will drip milk,leaking milk,crossYwords will not。

round hole、cross、YThe word refers to the shape of the water outlet opening at the top of the pacifier!

cross andYword is one size,regardless of model,That is, regardless of size,recommend6For babies over 1 month old,because the cross andYThe words are used in conjunction with the disc gravity ball to achieve the purpose of the baby drinking milk at a controlled speed,not very suitable6baby under 1 month,easy to choke。

1 2 brass nipple for tub spout

So,Let's talk about the size of the round hole pacifier in detail,With round holes provided by most merchantsS/M/LFor example:

1.round holeSSuit0-3month,That is, for newborn babies;

(1 2 brass nipple for tub spout)2.round holeMSuit3-6month baby use;

3.round holeLSuit6more than a month,use a crossYword choking,round holes can be usedL ;

(1 2 brass nipple for tub spout)4,There are also round hole pacifiers,is a hole、two holes、Three holes of different sizes,Applicable age groups are the same as those described aboveS.M.L.Same。

1 2 brass nipple for tub spout

There is basically a disc gravity ball in the bottle as standard,This newborn is not recommended for use,Newborn babies don't suck as hard,this is in6For babies over 1 month old。

1 2 brass nipple for tub spout

Disc Gravity Ball

Notice:When a novice mother buys a bottle,be sure to ask,The original nipple on the bottle,what is the hole,if not round holeS ,Then it is recommended to buy+Package options for pacifiers(Because the original nipple on the bottle of most merchants is a cross and is not replaced),And be sure to go to the customer service to explain the model of the spare pacifier you want,Most of the self-remarks are invalid,The one sent to you is still the default cross.,Think you're ready,But when it comes to use, it is found that it is not for newborns,very upset,This is a problem that many new mothers will encounter。

(1 2 brass nipple for tub spout)welcome baby、take care of the baby,Watching the baby grow up in my arms,babble,toddler,Really looking forward to and tired、moved again、happy again,Babies and mothers in the world must live a happy life~

1 2 brass nipple for tub spout