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smart tube hosemobile with brass connections

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(smart tube hosemobile with brass connections)smart tube hosemobile with brass connections

 Stainless steel bellows is also called universal pipe,Is a flexible pressure pipe member to compensate for pipe or machine in a fluid delivery line system、Mutual shift of the device connection,Absorbed vibration energy,Can be reduced、Solitan,Flexible,Freely bending without using connector、light in mass、preservative、Anti-fatigue、Highly low temperature and so on,Pipeline delivery and connection is widely used in fluid media。But at the Yuhuan Luhu Industrial Park,There is a company specializing in the use of bellows to gas pipelines——Xin Qi。

smart tube hosemobile with brass connections(smart tube hosemobile with brass connections)

  Huang Chenbao School, General Manager Huang Chenbao, is studying for two or three years after graduating from the machinery.,Go to the sea。That is1984year,His Nanyi Dynasty,Run to distant Shaanxi,The earliest rainbow color TV in China,Next, the first list of life,Equipment accessories for TV sets instead of Japanese import accessories,Grant by the Yuhuan County Government1984year《Best supplier》And the Puqing Township Government《Excellent factory》honor,That year he earned 20,000 yuan.。What is the concept of 20,000 yuan??The teacher is a month of salary for a month.27Yuan,If the value is calculated according to the value,20,000 yuan is the number of their students to fight in the teacher's position.。When he loves to drill, he will take a diverted slope.,Have a seal factory,Business is also a red fire。40The Yun Yin Chenbao is in Shanghai.20for many years,Money earned more for home,The factory has steamed up steamed up.,He gradually sprout the retirement thought,Give the factory to your brother,I have opened a small hotel in Dalm.,Sir, I am ready to retire.。

  However,It seems that it seems that it looks like it is easy.!“Operating hotels are very tired,why?The water pipe is old and the old is leaking.。”Huang Chen Bao smiled,In less than half a year in the hotel,The bathroom water pipe begins to leak,He slowly became a gas-wide maintenance,Handling various issues in the hotel,And the largest problem is that the water pipe is leaking.!Because the water pipe is used at that time is an aluminum-plastic tube,Due to the hotel's hot water,Cold and heat alternately accelerated aging crack of aluminum plastic tube,In addition, the quality of the aluminum-plastic tube itself is not good.,Leading the hotel leaks every day,Not here, the pipeline leak is that the pipeline is broken.,He has become a pipe to replace the water leak on the hotel's wall.。“During that time, I saw that the water leakage is particularly irritated and weak.,Aluminum-plastic tube is a simple and easy-to-play fool-type pipe,You don't need professional technicians to install yourself.,However, aluminum-plastic tube is used for a short period of life for a while, it is easy to age.,I will think about it.,Is there any other material to use long-standing material to replace plastic to make a water pipe??”

  After the beginning of this thought, he said,He built a simple factory in Wheat.,Start research and development road。“I tried a lot of materials and crafts on the market.,Finally selected316LStainless steel bellows。Because the bellows are really good things,fluid、Gas can be used,Pressure performance is very high,The biggest feature is that you can be bent directly without the joint place.。”Closed door5year,After the pipe and the corresponding various spare parts are all developed, they will be promoted.,Discover the problem。“Aluminum plastic tube on the market2-3Yuan/Meter,316LStainless steel bellows20Multivariate/Meter,Many people's ideas are me2-3Yuan can get something,Why20Multivariate?”Reliable product quality,Life and building life,The only shortcoming is that the price is high.,High-end products, but only because the price is too high, no one wants,The previous period has been put into500Million yuan,“Part is still borrowed,It faces huge repayment pressure every month,It can be said that I didn't sell the house.,It is facing bankruptcy.,Fortunately, turnover。”Facing difficult past,Huang Chenbao is now very calm and smiling.,“I have already put so much money at the time.,I also believe that stainless steel bellows is good.,There will be a market,The market is not wrong,But I want to change my thinking。”Coincide,Nationwide,Pipe gas has gradually entered the resident family of big cities,Huang Chen Bao Minzhen found,Japan、These developed countries have long been a stainless steel bellows as a gas delivery.、Connection pipe,And it has been used for nearly 30 years!“I think China's social economy is also growing rapidly.,People's living standards are constantly improving,When you have enough, you must think about eating well.,When you have money, the renovation materials will definitely take quality as the top priority rather than cheap.!China13Billion people this big market,It's just a blue sea to be developed.,There must be a stainless steel bellows with a gas pipeline in one day.,Because the coal energy is exhausted all over the country, new energy natural gas is using,Replace the natural gas pipeline!”But the bellows want to enter gas company natural gas companies from all over the world.,Be passed through the national authority department——National Gas Testing Quality Supervision and Inspection Center,“At that time《Urban gas user engineering design specifications》There are no corresponding national standards and industry standards for gas stainless steel bellows.,We went to all local gas companies to promote our products,They all think that stainless steel bellows is used for gas is a very good thing.,But there is no corresponding national standard industry standard,They can't promote usage,Because the gas industry is a high-risk industry,This product cannot be dependent on,Only dare to use Japan、American products,Because of their name,Believe in their technology,However, it is also very useful.。So the so good stainless steel bellows I develop in the field of gas,In those years, I can't sell it.。”Huang Chenbao said,he2004Annual construction,At that time, I have already put more than 10 million.,But still basically no output,The product is basically not sold out.,And every day face huge repression pressure,Tea rice does not think, gradually, thin and collapsed。

  Time is slowly coming2007year,Huang Chenbao received a call from one day.,It can be said that this phone has changed his fate.。

(smart tube hosemobile with brass connections)  “At that time we were on the network、Authoritative gas magazine to promote promotion,The Ministry of Construction is preparing to draft《Non-defined stainless steel bellows and joints for gas》Industry Standard,At that time, domestic stainless steel bellows or a blank,They were surprised to find,At the small island of Yuhuan, there is a business that has a mature technology and mature product.,So they immediately found me.,And let me join the drafting department corresponding national standards and industry standards。”Huang Chenbao said,It is also catching up with a good time.。Always,Gas pipeline only allows for black installation,But with the development of the social economy, the improvement of people's living standards and the improvement of the aesthetic requirements of the people,In order to decorate the beautiful renovation, the hoistered voice of the gas pipeline is getting higher.,This also indirectly promotes the industry standards and national standards of gas stainless steel bellows.。

smart tube hosemobile with brass connections

smart tube hosemobile with brass connections

  now,Zhejiang Xinqi Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. is a national standard《Urban gas user engineering design specifications》GB50028、《Gas transport stainless steel corrugated hose and pipe fittings》GB/T26002-2010、《Gas filter》The drafting unit,Industry standard《Non-defined stainless steel bellows and joints for gas》CJ/T296-2008、《Gas utensils with stainless steel ripple hoses》CJ/T197-2010、《Gas utensils for metal coating hoses》CJ/T490-2016Drafting unit、Industry standard《Manual gas valve with construction》CJ/T180-2014、《Pipe gas automatic return valve》CJ/T447-2014、《Prefabricated double stainless steel flue and chimney》CJ/T288-2017、《Gas conveying metal valve》、《Electromagnetic emergency cut valve》、《Stainless steel hose installation construction procedure for indoor gas》Drafting unit。

(smart tube hosemobile with brass connections)smart tube hosemobile with brass connections

(smart tube hosemobile with brass connections)  With the continuous improvement of popularity,The market for gas stainless steel corrugated hoses has been opened,Customers bloom everywhere across the country,Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province、Shaoxing、Huzhou、Jiaxing、Jinhua、Zhangzhou、Jade Huan's local gas company natural gas has started using gas stainless steel bellows,Not long ago, the company is also the largest natural gas company in Zhejiang Province.——Hangzhou Natural Gas Co., Ltd.。also,The company has finally pending new gas groups such as New Austrian Gas Group.。

  For many years,Zhejiang Xinqi Pipeyear has received a number of national and provincial municipal honors,Has been a national high-tech enterprise,Has Zhejiang Science and Technology SME、China City Gas Association Member Unit、Shanghai Gas Association member unit、Shanghai Gas Management Office finalists、Taizhou brand-name products and other honorary certificates,Is the municipal gas pipe research and development center,The stainless steel corrugated hose and its connection devices have been approved as high-tech products by Zhejiang Science and Technology Department.。also,The company also has more than 30 national invention patents and utility model patents and design patents.,Always walking in the forefront of industry innovation。

  Huang Chenbao's office is simple but not simple,In the product display room, the most striking certificate and a patent certificate on the showcase,And all kinds of products that are placed together with certificates。At present, Xinqi Pipe industry specializes in producing stainless steel corrugated hoses for gas delivery,Gas delivery stainless steel corrugated hose special stainless steel quick-fitting fittings and brass fast-fitting fittings,Gas utensils with stainless steel ripple hoses(Cooker tube、Water heater tube、Table),Gas utensils for metal coating hoses,Net body corrugated metal hose、Corrugated metal compensator and brass with various gas、Steel valve and gas-off valve。passedISO9001:2008Quality management system certification,The company has the most advanced German imported bellows production line in China.,Have a large number of advanced pipe fittings and valve numerical machine tool production equipment and heat treatment production equipment,Have the most advanced German import spectrometer and other test equipment;The company gathered a batch of excellent technical elites in metal hoses and machinery industries.,Strictly implement national standards,Strictly control each link in the production process,Ensure high quality of gas products、Zero defect。Stainless steel corrugated hose workshop、Metal coating hose、Pipe workshop、Brass valve door shop、Steel valve workshop、Heat treatment workshop and testing center, etc.,Realize all products of the whole process autonomous production monitoring,Really guarantee the quality and safety of gas products。

  Huang Chenbao said,First-class enterprise,Second-run enterprise makes a brand,Three stream companies do products。He fell in the business sea these few decades.,What is the most proud of him is that he will always have a tireless pursuit of innovation.,This kind of pursuit is written in his business name.,Xin Qi,Also novelty,Innovation,In order to let yourself steadily in this society where you can't retreat。

  Zhejiang Xinqi promised:Dedicating the safest gas pipeline system products to society!Benefit people!

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