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brass tube suppliers in chennai

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Foxconmen can become a leading enterprise in the global electronic foundry industry,On the one hand, it is coming to the mainland building to enjoy a variety of offers and many high-quality labor advantages.,On the other hand, it has undertaken a large number of orders.,Therefore, rapid development。

However,Guo Taiming believes that it is mainly based on apple.。therefore,When Apple wants to reduce the dependence on mainland,Foxconn is a positive response,Take the first to invest in overseas investment,So in the United States、print、Yue, all have a layout。

(brass tube suppliers in chennai)However,Recent time is not optimistic。Guo Taiming did not think,Foxconn's trouble followed!

brass tube suppliers in chennai

Foxconn goes out overseas layout,Go to the United States、print、Yue three places,But I have never been very good news.。

(brass tube suppliers in chennai)First of all, say to the US construction plant。This is still2017Year,At that time, it was still unreliable.,Foxconn plans to invest100One hundred million U.S. dollars,create1.3Wan job position,US Wisconsin promise30$ 100 million subsidies。

However,The Foxconn factory began construction,Three years have not received subsidies in the past。Foxconn realized that it was fooled.,Only invested only6.72Dollar,provided1454Post,I only got it recently.2880Wan US dollar subsidy。

brass tube suppliers in chennai

Secondly, it is to start the factory.。The factory is built.,But the quality of workers is not high,Product quality is difficult to guarantee,Still trouble,Later, I have not stopped working.。butiPhone 13Publish,Foxconn has to go to China。

So before,9Month Zhengzhou Foxconn emergency recruitment20Ten thousand people,And it is a high salary of 10,000 yuan for a bonus。

Furthermore, go to the User。A few days ago,Some user reflectsAirPods 3Quality problem,Results,The problem is that Foxconn's Vietnamese factory is produced.,May be due to the problem of indoor experience in Vietnam。

brass tube suppliers in chennai

The end impact of these three problems above is not big。Recently,Foxconn still has three big troubles。

First,Apple is included in the Foxconn Indian factory in the observation list。Have an observation list by Apple,It means that this factory has no problem.,Before the problem is not completely solved,Apple will not be allocated to this factory new order。

Foxconn India Chennai factory has recently been big,Foreign media news,The factory has more than250Female worker,Because of a poisoning after the company's food,afterwards1.7Tens of workers explode large-scale protests,Leading the factory temporarily shut down。

brass tube suppliers in chennai(brass tube suppliers in chennai)

Fujikinnini factory undertakeniPhone 12Orders have now stopped production,Original Apple plans to produce in this factoryiPhone 13 model,But from now on,This order has to go back to Zhengzhou factory production。

Foxconn said,Take active rectification measures,Improve worker conditions。Apple also sent an independent audit team to the local assessment,It is indeed that it does not meet the standard,It means that it will not restart before the factory meets all strict conditions.。

The Foxconn Indian plant is therefore included in the observation list by Apple,Although it is not affected,But leave a shadow in the heart of Cook。

(brass tube suppliers in chennai)brass tube suppliers in chennai

second,Apple supportiPhoneAssembly plant。Currently,AppleiPhoneThe annual shipments are about2Million,Among them, the Foxconn assembly60%,And Miscery30%,But Apple is not satisfied with this situation.。

Apple wants to change Foxcon as the main assembly monopoly situation,So under Apple,立 讯 精密 is built in Kunshan, Jiangsu ProvinceiPhoneAssembly plant,It is expected that millions of units will be assembled next year.iPhone。

(brass tube suppliers in chennai)An important supplier that is sophisticated to be an apple,TodayiPhoneAssembly plant,This shows that the next will further undertake AppleiPhoneFamily assembly order,That level will cause impact to Foxconn。

brass tube suppliers in chennai

third,Foxconn has recently recruited a routine。Perhaps because of the cause of the Indian Kinna factory,Apple orders undertaken by Foxconn go back to China。Recently,Zhengzhou factory recently began to work in large planning。

Due to the next year,It is not easy now.,Fujikang effect imitation9Month recruitment,Open a high salary of 10,000 yuan,Recommended people reward500Yuan,Job seeker reward8500Element9500Yuan,Total bonus up to 10,000 yuan。

But if you want to get a bonus, you must work.。However,According to the insider,This high entry bonus set is much more,The general people are not producing peak season,Even,It will also be led to find other reasons.。

brass tube suppliers in chennai(brass tube suppliers in chennai)

In this case,It will lead to some people can't get the so-called 10,000 yuan.。for example,Just before the card,Leaders will have something to find trouble,You have to dare to do your mouth,I will drive you directly.。

This seems to be,Foxconn factory in order to save factory expenses,Still there is some routine of these hard workers。

actually,Apple is no exception。Apple maximizes profits,The order will be out of the business。Similar to Foxconn these founders,To achieve factory profits to maximize,So I will come up with these pit people's routines.。

brass tube suppliers in chennai

Apple has been moving out of the mainland outside the factory.,On the one hand, it is necessary to reduce the dependence on the mainland.,Don't want to put eggs in a basket。On the other hand, in order to maximize expenditure,Because of India、Vietnamese workers' cost is lower。

(brass tube suppliers in chennai)Although the Indian factory has a lot of problems,But according to the news,Foxconn plans to take out3.5$ 100 million into the Indian factory,It can be seen that will still stick to the movement,This also shows that Apple wants to disperse the supply chain.。

but,They will completely understand the morning and evening.,They are not in all over the world,Can not open this largest market in mainland!

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