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brass tube reducers

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Idential tube is also called size head,The absence of a non-written statement,The size of the size is oral。All right,What is the absence?,This is another pipeline component on the pipeline of the petrochemical device.。It is an element that connects two different pipe diameters。

The size of the soldering connection is in accordance with national standardsGB/T12459-2017andGB/T13401-2017Dimensions of size specified。SizeDN20toDN1500,Can make seamless,Can also be made into welding,Usually the use seamless,Large diameter is seamless,Which size boundary is specifically,According to the project regulations。Eccentricity is different from the mounting position of concentric aberration tube,For example, the vertical pipeline is generally commonly used for concentricity,Level pipeline for eccentricity。

brass tube reducers


brass tube reducers(brass tube reducers)Eccentric

Speaking of the absence of the absence of this, this has to mention the installation of centrifugal pump imported eccentric,according toSH3012-2011《Design specification for petrochemical metal pipeline arrangement》 Regulation:In addition to the medium, the medium is solid or the slurry is installed.,Other situations are top-level installation,And this specification2000Edition made a large transformation;

(brass tube reducers)brass tube reducers

2000Pump import size head installation method

The weighing tube can also use threaded connection and insert welding.,Reference standardGB/T14383-2008Execute,However, the name inside this standard is not called the abuse.,Celebration of concentric trails and eccentric weapon。Used on the pipe of small caliber。

(brass tube reducers)brass tube reducers

There is also a short-range short section,Other roles and size heads,It is only a short period of two ends between the size of the size.。Manufacturing standard referenceSHT 3419-2018 《Petrochemical steel》Standard with foreign countriesMSS SP-95(name:Swage Nipple)resemblance,This pipe fitting that is often used in small calibers,Often appearing in a threaded connection,This length of the pipe is relatively long.,Use this is not very convenient to use this place to install space limitations.。Directly:

brass tube reducers

Absence Swage Nipple

Today's introduction is these,There is a need for pipe design、Material selection related standards of friends can leave mailboxes。Personal collection standard,specification、reference book,Simple computing applet7G。Thank you for reading。

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