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newport brass tub faucet

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Faucet materialchoice is important,What are the classifications of faucet materials??Which material is good for the faucet?Today I installed a net, the editor mainly talks about zinc alloy、Stainless steel and all copper。

newport brass tub faucet

Zinc alloy faucet

1、 Zinc alloy faucet

(newport brass tub faucet)Zinc alloy has a low melting point,Strong plasticity,Corrosion resistance in the atmosphere is OK,Mostly used to make faucet handles or some hardware pendants for bathrooms。(Daily faucet handles95%All of the above are made of zinc alloy material)

However, the corrosion resistance of zinc alloy in water is not good.,unless extra-purity zinc and aluminium are used、magnesium、alloy made of copper。However, due to cost,Many manufacturers will use elemental lead、cadmium、Replacement of zinc alloy with excessive tin,these elements dissolve in water,Easily corroded castings,impact on human health。

newport brass tub faucet

stainless steel faucet

(newport brass tub faucet)2、stainless steel faucet

Stainless steel faucets do not require plating,The surface can be polished,Smooth and detailed feel,lead free(May carry a little bit during processing,but negligible),preservative,hardly rust,more durable。and304 is a general purpose stainless steel,more common in the market,standard304stainless steel faucet with chrome18%about,nickel8%about。

What is the scary thing about stainless steel faucets?,That's Chloride,If the surface oxide film is not done well,Corrosion still occurs,The key depends on the brand。in addition,Because of the hardness of stainless steel、difficult to process,And the problem that this process is not mature,The price of stainless steel faucet will be relatively higher。

newport brass tub faucet

All copper faucet

3、 All copper faucet

Hpb59It is widely used lead brass,It means that the copper content is in59%about,All-copper faucets generally use this national standard brass or brass with a similar composition。There is an advantage to using copper as a faucet,That is, the bactericidal effect of copper ions can purify the water source。Why add lead,because it increases the machinability of copper,make it easier to process。

As for the problem of lead precipitation,cannot generalize,Qualified brass faucet,The precipitation content of lead is very small,is also standard,So don't worry too much。price,All-copper faucets aren't cheap either,Good for hundreds of bucks(But it will be cheaper than stainless steel),After all, the price of raw materials is there,to be cast、polishing、Electroplating and other processes,also understandable。

newport brass tub faucet

Install a network Xiaobian suggestion:specificWhich faucet material is good,This depends on your own needs。If you are a shaper,Can choose thick and textured,Various shapes of copper faucets;If you are an environmental control,Choose a lead-free stainless steel faucet,Of course,It will be more expensive;If you choose zinc alloy,Be sure to choose products from big brands,Material of course+Brands are good,Better buy this faucet。