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clawfoot tub brass accesories

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clawfoot tub brass accesories

Hardware accessories are the basic conditions for normal use of bathroom facilities,It is an essential choice to play a bathroom equipment.,Quality of accessories,Directly related to the quality of the bathroom equipment。therefore,Need to choose the soil、Wash basin、tub、Shower accessories,Water faucet、Wash valve and shower head are the focus of hardware accessories。

(clawfoot tub brass accesories)Pirate purchase

(1)Type of faucet:The faucet is the switch of indoor water source,Responsible for controlling and regulating water,Is a necessary material for each family。The faucet is divided from the internal structure.,Wasket type is a traditional old product,Divided from the appearance of two types with a single handle;From the form of use, there are two types of rotation and lift,Divided from constituent materials、steel、Stainless steel, etc.。There are many surface treatment methods of stainless steel faucets.,Imitation、Gold-plated、Imitation copper、A variety of copper,Family can choose according to different decorative styles and needs。picture3one2It is a schematic of a commonly used faucet。After home decoration,The original old faucet is generally updated,Traditional gasket faucets have rarely used in home decoration,Mainly chooses stainless steel faucet。

(2)Water tap:Select the faucet mainly based on the requirements of the water source,If it is a single water supply,Then choose a water faucet in the water.,If it is cold、Hot water diversion supply,The faucet in the water cannot be selected。If it is a regular hand with oil、Soap,Should not choose a rotary faucet,Choose a raised faucet more convenient。If you need to adjust the temperature and flow of water quickly,It is not appropriate to choose a double-handed faucet.,Good use of single-handed。If you need to transform water position,It is not appropriate to use a fixed faucet,And mobile。so,To properly select the faucet according to the requirements of water source and use,Among them, the lift-up hot and cold mixed faucet has a large scope of application,When it is not good to determine accurate usage,You can choose this faucet。

(3)Faucet reference price:The faucet is based on the complexity of its construction and the constant of the materials used.,The price is also very different。At present, family decoration is used in decorative stainless steel faucet,General price200Yuan or so。complex structure、The price of more features will increase,Single pen single-mouth rotatable faucet price300Yuan or so,Double-handle single-handed faucet price350Yuan or so。Some brand-name products have a slight increase,Imported product is higher。Buy stainless steel faucets should go to the professional store to buy,Don't buy counterfeit and shoddy products on the street stall,So as not affecting normal use in the future。

(4)Water tap repair:Washer faucet often leaks,The main reason is that the washer and pedestal have a slit,Most of the washer is damaged。When repairing the faucet handle,Replace the new gasket,Will use it after the wheel is installed。 Waste-free faucet is not easy to damage,If repair,Wrench rotary valve stem nut,Remove the internal assembly,Buy a new set of components to the store,Use it to install it。

(clawfoot tub brass accesories)2.Wash valve purchase

The flush valve is the main accessories of the soil,Copper、Copper-plastic combination、Alloplast,It is mainly used in the family.。picture3-3Is the structure of the flush reading。Wash valve If the quality is not good,The water tank is full, but the water is still flowing.、Water has been flowing but water tank is no water、Water is full but not available, etc.,Maintenance is very difficult and it is difficult to solve the problem fundamentally,Caused a lot of waste。therefore,Select the flushing valve must go to the professional store,Purchase of high products。Products imported on the market,Save water,Low failure rate,Price100Yuan or so,Recommended as a preferred variety of home renovation。

3.Shower nozzle

Shower sprinkler is one of the necessary accessories in bathing equipment,Mainly made of stainless steel as raw materials,Two types of fixed and active,The active formula is taking a stainless steel serpentine tube,Can be active within a certain range,Very suitable for family daily use,So the general family installs the active shower head,And the hanging pendant of the shower head is installed on the wall。

When choosing a shower head,Should choose to seize comfort、Beauty、Universal、Water flow soft、Light weight。There are many specifications of the shower head on the market.,Price100Yuan is very good,It is recommended to buy a professional store.。