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Condenser runs continuously long-term,Copper tube will be corroded,Surface fouling,Reduce heat transfer effect,Resulting in an increase in end difference、Vacuum reduction,Severe influence of the economy of the unit。Frequent pickling or high pressure water cleaning,Will thinning the bronze wall due to corrosion or flush。Copper tube leakage destroys the water side sealing of the condenser,The leakage of circulating water makes condensate deterioration,With the leakage,Make water、Water vapor quality deterioration of furnace water and steam,When taking measures,Water quality still cannot return to normal and forced shutdown。Condenser copper tube often leaks,It will accelerate boiler pipe corrosion、Fouling,Even a burst accident。Therefore, the copper tube is leaking seriously,In addition to plugging processing,Still replacement。Experience and lessons for replacing copper tubes,Condenser replacing the copper tube should pay attention to the following questions。

one、Brain tube material is the foundation

The copper tube of the condenser requires a high average heat transfer coefficient,Strong corrosion resistance and impact resistance。Currently used power plantsHSn70-1BBrass tube andB30White copper tube(inB30White copper pipe is installed in the air shrink zone,Less in quantity)。HSn70-1BBrass tube is in the originalHSn70-1AAdd boron element on the basis of brass tube,Fine grain,Improve corrosion resistance and impact resistance。HSn70-1BBrass element when brass metallurgy,Process requires complex,Unexpected process,The added boron element will be uneven distribution,Causes local grains in the copper tube to be too refined,Brittleness,Residual stress is increased,Easy to make cracks。Because this defect is difficult to detect,And the hidden danger of the bronze tube leak。Improve the quality of the product,Can guarantee the vortex flavor of the copper pipe、Mechanical performance test、Ammonia test、Qualification rate of external dimensional tolerance。

brass tube hobbycraft

(brass tube hobbycraft)two、Strictly complete quality inspection before installation

(brass tube hobbycraft)Test and test work for copper tubes,To ensure the pass rate of the copper tube,Control the occurrence of copper pipe leakage from the source。Appearance check,Check the shape of each copper tube,There should be no crack surface surface、Sand eye、corrosion、Depression、Barbes and oil and other defects,Phenomenon of no debris and blockage in the tube,Pipe does not correct correct,Copper tube should have factory certificate and physical performance testing and heat treatment inspection certificate,Should be checked5%Copper tube for water pressure test and vortex detection test,The spot check method is determined by bulk or storage environment。

For example, the copper tube is used to diagonally sampling,Representative。Water pressure test pressure is0.3~0.5MPa,Wooden sticks in the water pressure test, gently knock the outer wall of the pipe should not leak。If the number of copper pipes of the spot check reaches the total number of installations1%,Each copper tube must be used for water pressure test。also,Copper tube samples should be used for eddy current detection test,Testing。Ammonia test,Total number of copper tubes1/1000Making ammonia test,Take the residual stress。Copper tube for unqualified batch numbers,All residual stress treatment should be eliminated。Process performance test,Total number of copper tubes0.5/1000~1/1000Perform the following process performance test,Cut copper tube lengthL=20mmSample,Be compressed into an elliptical shape(The short diameter is equivalent to the inner diameter of the original copper tube1/2),Check the sample without cracking or other damage phenomenon。Expansion test,Cut copper tube lengthL=50mmSample,use45°Car light cone into the inner diameter of the copper tube(Its inner diameter is expanded to the original inner diameter130%),Sample should not appear cracks。If the above test is unqualified,Will carry out all copper tubes400~450℃Annealing treatment。

(brass tube hobbycraft)If conditions permit,All copper pipes for water pressure test and eddy current test inspection。Press the copper pipe and water pressure,Patted a better copper tube,Saw length is462~464mmSample25Root or29root。Waste the copper tube to the present metal gloss,Measuring the copper tube、Outer diameter,Measuring the inner diameter of the two end tube plates of the copper tube of the condenser,And make records,Then carry out the test of the copper tube。Continuously regulate the output current of the excipient tube to achieve the required value。Calculated according to the formula,Until the requirements,Adjusting the swollen tube until the expansion copper pipes are qualified,Record of expansion pipe current value,In the formal blocked, the swelling rate is used by fine-tuning.。Condensed copper tube after the blocked0.3~0.5MPaWater pressure test(maintain5~10min,Pressure gauge indication should have no change)。Strengthen transportation management,To avoid the phenomenon that the copper tube is transported in the transportation of the broth along the way.,Personal car should be sent by the manufacturer。

three、Improve the process of disassembly copper tube

Copper pipe removal、Any link in the installation and swollen occurs occurs, will affect the quality of the entire project.。Remove copper tube also pays attention,Clean the water in the condenser,Install a percentage on the low pressure cylinder of the steam turbine,Monitor the deformation of low pressure cylinders。Dismantle,Preventing the transform of the casing of the condenser,Welding with angle steel。Surveillance with low pressure cylinders from beginning to end。Demolition of all copper tubes with special tools,Note that the protective pipe board is not damaged。Brush the two-end tube hole to the appearance of metal gloss with a steel wire brush,Measuring the inner diameter of the tube plate hole and records,At the same time, the tube plate and the separator center line are measured.。Install the requirements for copper tubes,Temperature5℃above,Windless sand、dust。

When installing the copper tube, take lightly,Don't touch anything free、Step on、Stepping,Strictly prevent barbaric installation,Tube attachment on the copper tube(Rust、Oil, etc.)Clean up,Do not use strong copper tube installation,Can't gravity hammer bronze tube。Pull the tube head is preferably rubber guide head,To prevent copper tube damage。Copper tube,Do not strongly rotate,Can not be brutally tied,To avoid burr。Copper tube burrs should be replaced,The copper tube to be installed must be blocked on the same day.,To ensure the performance and quality of the expansion。

(brass tube hobbycraft)

brass tube hobbycraft

Swaling process precautions,Before the official swelling,Should check if the expansion tube meets the requirements,If it does not meet the requirements,Microsolifier current,Reach the requirements,At the same time, according to the total number of copper tubes1/200ActiveαDetection,And make records。Extension can be lubricated using turbulent oil,To ensure the sustainability of the machine。The copper tube after the expansion should be taken in time.。Swelling tube should be revealed1~3mm,And the tube end is flat without burr。Brass tube after expansion is covered with rain cloth,Disadvantageously、Sand。The swells and turn should be smooth and smooth,Cracked and obvious knife marks。The bronze tube is turned into the air.,Generally in the circulating water inlet end15°Flap。When the size of the condenser copper pipe is not long enough,应更换足够长尺寸的铜管,Replace the copper pipe of sufficient length。

凝汽器组装完毕,It is strictly forbidden to stretch the copper pipe by heating or other strong methods,以检验铜管的胀接质量。The condenser is assembled,并高出顶部铜管100mm,Irrigation test on the steam side24h,要求管板、To test the expansion quality of copper pipes。对于处在弹簧支座上的凝汽器,The irrigation height should fill the steam side space of the whole copper pipe,灌水试验后要及时将水放干净。and above the top copper pipe,汽轮机本体上所安装的监视表计不得磕碰和移动等,water level maintenance。

总之,request tube sheet100MW机组更换凝汽器铜管,No leakage of copper pipes300万元以上,For condensers on spring mounts。一旦铜管泄漏,Temporary support should be added before the irrigation test,将造成严重损失。Drain the water immediately after the irrigation test,一定要加强组织措施、The entire condenser copper pipe removal and installation process,以铜管比玻璃管、The monitoring meter installed on the steam turbine body shall not be bumped or moved, etc.,细化施工工艺措施,and supervised by special personnel。