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brass tube wick holder

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brass tube wick holder

Use pure copper,Getting pure copper to smelting copper ore,Go to the smelting of bronze alloy,Humans have experienced a relatively long section of groping time,It is like the magic world to create a sparkling time and space with copper.。Mention“Brass”仨 仨,You can feel the rich retro style,In fact, even if your home is notVintagea feeling of,You can also try a few yellow copper lamps.,Patching,Aesthetic,Such items don't love?

brass tube wick holder

▼The brass light is best suited in the restaurant,Especially a dark restaurant,Two chandeliers can both bring light to space,Also brings metal gloss。

brass tube wick holderbrass tube wick holderbrass tube wick holder(brass tube wick holder)▼The style of the brass lamp is also very much,You can also choose the gloss and pattern of the lamp surface according to your own preferences.。

brass tube wick holderbrass tube wick holderbrass tube wick holder

▼Naked light bulb+Brass,Such a combination makes people see it。Long fine lights naturally,A smooth、Simple feeling。

brass tube wick holderbrass tube wick holder

▼The kitchen is also suitable for brass lamp.~Design can be minimalized,In order to meet your taste,Our brass lamp is also designed to all kinds.。

brass tube wick holderbrass tube wick holderbrass tube wick holder

▼Through special treatment of brass lamp,Surface exhibits a rich geometry,This makes it different from different angles.。

brass tube wick holder

▼Most suitable for colors with brass lights, is more than logs,nature、Retro and literate。

brass tube wick holder

▼Of course, tell you this color matching:pink+Brass,Space is not dull。

brass tube wick holder

▼Deep blue is also bright by brass lights.。

brass tube wick holder

▼If you are discarding the bathroom, you have a long time.,Don't have a big way,Come to a brass,Give it some color to see。

brass tube wick holderbrass tube wick holder(brass tube wick holder)▼Touch it,I feel that I have a touch of the past……

brass tube wick holder

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