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delta brass tub spout

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-13 12:49:42

Today, you will talk about the installation of the bathtub.,The following three points need to pay attention:

(delta brass tub spout)one.Choose the size of the bathtub

First step is to choose a suitable size bath according to the specifications of the bathroom.。In the previous period of the purchase bath,You should do your homework in advance, you want to reserve the size of the position of the bathtub.,The simulation bathtub is placed here. Try to see if it is not convenient,Will not affect everyday life。I believe everyone knows,Choose the size of your own bath according to your own actual situation。

two.Different bathtub installation points

Relatively simple bathtub installation is relatively simple,Installing and outlet is the main problem,Modify the water outlet and other channels before installation,Connect to the water,Check if it is leaking。

The installation focus of the embedded bath is the waterproof function.,Do it after tub,In order to achieve the waterproof effect, you should focus on the grooved part.,Check water leakage,Also reserved for easy maintenance。

three.Treatment method of skirt and bottom

Treatment of skirts and bottoms is to pay special attention,Installing the bathtub is generally in the renovation process,Soft material can be covered with the bath surface,Can not stand construction on the bathtub,Or in the edge of the bathtub,Prevent damage to the bathtub,Bathtub installed24It can be used when you are childhood.。

(delta brass tub spout)When the bathtub is installed in the same size,According to the position of the bathtub placement,The size of the bathtub can be installed is different.,We divide it into two situations。

delta brass tub spout