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The world's largest copper manufacturerCodelcoAppealing the market,A new round of blocking, called Chile does not supply the supply of copper。

In an interview on Tuesday,CodelcoChairmanJuan BenavidesAsked by Chile This week, it will be interrupted to interrupt the company's operations and shipments.,He said:“Never。”

He said,Although Chile's new crown infection case,CodelcoStill improve the production of the first quarter by various methods,“since this year,We increased”

More than quarter of copper worldwide is supplied by Chile。Epidemic,The country's copper mine implements,Implement nucleic acid detection and case tracking,And postponed non-necessary activities,A variety of measures,Said high yield。

In general, Over the past few months,Chile's copper production is still slightly lower than the same level of last year.。Many copper ore supply interruption,E.g,BHPGroupEscondidaThe operation of the mine may be affected。

recent,The epidemic intensifies the Chile's copper industry facing more serious tests。The number of new crown diagnosed cases and hospitality in the country jumped to the level of record,The government announces that ordinary citizens and foreign residents may not enter the country.,And require all truck drivers to show nucleic acid test results before entering the country。

Although the government said,New blockade measures do not affect mining or sea industry,But about supply tight concerns are still filled in the market,Copper futures prices rose to two weeks。

brectangular brass tube supplier in calif

6The London Metal Exchange's copper futures prices rose3.6%,Break through each ton9000Dollar,To each ton9104Dollar,Turn the highest point of the two weeks。5Japanese New York Commodity Exchange's copper futures prices have set the biggest increase since six weeks.。

BenavidesSay:“We launched some projects in the early days of the epidemic.,These projects have been perfect for a period of time,already(In production)Bring excellent results。Although the market may be nervous against border closure,But this does not affect our production。”

Recently,Many national epidemic、Implement a new round of blockade,Influence of superimposed US dollar appreciation,Copper price falls。but,Analysts generally think,With global demand rebound and weak supply,The market will further rebound。Biden government2.25Trillion US dollar infrastructure plan will support copper demand prospects。

Benavidesthink,Copper fundamental,But it doesn't mean it enters a new super cycle.。The next five years,Demand may be taken every year2-3%Speed growth,The growth rate of copper supply is about annual2%,Demand is only slightly higher than the supply,Demand growth in the last round of super cycles。He said

May have a supply,But the degree is weak,And the market will use technology and alternatives to adjust。

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