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12 brass tuba

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I wrote a piece of dismountment inserted,Some netizens said that millet used to make copper,Bull socket is red copper, etc.,Is it really?First of all, we have to have a general understanding of the type of copper.,Copper can be divided into two,Pure copper and alloy copper,The alloy is mainly divided into brass according to the metal of the alloy.、Bronze and white copper。

Pure copper

(12 brass tuba)Pure copper is a very high purity,It has a red rose,Pure copper forms a purple oxide film on the surface after contact with oxide,So it is also known as“Copper”or“Brass”。Purple copper has good thermal conductivity、Conductive and plasticity,Mainly used in cable and heat dissipation parts。we all know,NotebookCPUA large amount of heat is generated during use,The heat dissipation device is blown out of the use of copper to heat the heat to the heat dissipation fan.。

12 brass tuba

Notebook cleaning fan

Because the conductivity of the copper is very good,Second to Silver,Therefore, the copper wires used in home are also use of copper.。at the same time,Purple copper has a good plasticity and soft properties,Can facilitate the installation of the electrician master。Although the purple copper has a good conductive performance,But the copper is soft and the strength is not enough.,Not suitable for copper slices in the socket。

(12 brass tuba)12 brass tuba(12 brass tuba)Wire made of copper


Ordinary brass is alloyed with copper and zinc,Yellow surface,If it is a complex alloy composed of other elements in brass, it is called a special brass.。Yellow copper has a good hardness intensity、Strong abrasion resistance and machining cutting,Mainly applied to manufacturing air conditioning internal and external machine connecting tubes、valve、Water pipe, etc.。Brass has strong strength and hardness,Causes brass elasticity insufficient,So the brass-made bronze tablets will have a case where there is a plurality of sockets.,So brass is not suitable for the discharging copper sheet。

12 brass tuba

Brass valve

White copper

White copper is copper and nickel alloy,Surface presenting white and silver very like,Also in ancient times is also used to make a gift or decoration。

12 brass tuba

White bronze products

Bine copper and silver is very close to the color,There are some criminals to make silver jewelry as a silver deceive consumers。So how do ordinary consumers identify silver and white copper??First look,Silver is more soft than heavy,It is easy to easily bend,Bai copper is relatively hard,Not easy to bend;Then listen to the sound,Silver hits,White copper's impact is more crisp;Finally, in the process of wearing, silver ornaments are easy to send yellow.,Use a toothpaste to brush away,But white copper is not。


(12 brass tuba)Is copper and tin or lead alloys,Surface presents cyan,In ancient times, it is often used to make a gift and bronze sword.。Bronze is the earliest metal alloy,Reflected the brilliant historical culture of our country。

12 brass tuba


Phosphorus bronze

but,There is a kind of bronze, especially suitable for making a bronze piece,That is phosphor bronze,Phosphor bronze has good thermal conductivity,Not easy to fever and have strong fatigue,Can guarantee good contact、Elasticity and stability。Phosphori bronze is red,A bit like a copper,By color can be well separated from the brass,By hardness can be well separated from copper。

Back to the article begins with the beginning,It is definitely phosphor bronze that can be judged by color and hardness.,So netizens replied are not。but,The bronze tablets that look at the bull is a bit like brass,Because the colors on the copper,Do not feel the jacks in the interpolation jack.,Very strange。

(12 brass tuba)12 brass tuba

Phosphorus bronze in the millet socket

Because phosphor bronze has good elasticity and fatigue resistance, it is often used as strings.,Such as guitar strings。

12 brass tuba

Guitar strings

All right,Copper talks here,The main task is to have a probably aware of copper.,Don't make a joke。

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