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breathing tube for brass players

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(breathing tube for brass players)

breathing tube for brass players

1、How is the copper tube instrument operate??

What gives a small clear sound?What gives a nagistly fascinating jazz style?What is the bass melody that makes a large number??In fact, the answer is not the material they“copper”,And in the air from the musician lung to the musical instrument。

breathing tube for brass players

(breathing tube for brass players)Like all sounds,Music relies on air vibration transmission。The instrument itself is classified according to the way of vibration generation.,Just like a strike,Stringed instrument、pull,Wooden tube instrument,For the copper tube instrument,The player's mouth is the direct source of vibration。

(breathing tube for brass players)breathing tube for brass players

The first thing to learn the copper tube instrument is to take deep breath.,They deeply suck every breath as much as possible,Spit out after it is over。

breathing tube for brass players

then,Internal struggle begins。

Musician while playing,It must be ready to force them to blow enough muscles.,When the air blowing air encounters the resistance from the lips(Mouth type)Will form a blow hole,The breath enters the instrument through the blow hole to motivate the instrument vibration,This is the resonance that the players often say。

breathing tube for brass players

Musical instrument,That is, usually what we said“Mouth”When clinging the trembled lips,Can refine the resonance,Vibration of a specific frequency is enlarged。so,The copper tube instrument is actually a tube body that can resonate with the air column.。

breathing tube for brass players

(breathing tube for brass players)Sound waves pass through this cylinder,Form a limited set of fixed-style tones,These notes are very open in bass districts,But becomes compact when the tone is elevated,The player is through a slight contraction of the lips.,To change the volume and flow rate of air,Further, adjust the high and low speed of the blow.。

(breathing tube for brass players)breathing tube for brass players

Soft breathing produces bass,fast、Ice-cold、The surging air forms a treble,But any simple flood is caused by the lack of tone vibration.,Therefore, the multi-functionality of the copper tube instrument relies on their conversion capabilities in multiple players.。

Like the instrument in the small number,You can increase the distance of the piston to increase the distance of the air flow;The wavelength of the air pillar is extended by pulling the tube.,That can reduce the vibration frequency generation bass;These physical phenomena can also explain the reason why large copper tube instruments can play heavy bass。

(breathing tube for brass players)breathing tube for brass players

(breathing tube for brass players)so,Regulating the musical instrument length changes the air flowing,Further, the player's lips will also produce subtle changes.,The last different note is jumped from the mouth.,Founded in our ear。

(breathing tube for brass players)We can say,The copper tube instrument is an instrument that controls a variable energy resonant energy through an adjustable manner.,It makes it“copper”This physical material is creative,A great musician in the world。

2、Do you know the answer to these questions??(Answer in the end of the article)

(1)Copper tube instrument depends on what to generate vibration?




(2)Playing copper tube musical instruments,What will resonate in the air to form a lip resistance??

A.Blow hole



(3)The main point of making the copper tube instrument:

(breathing tube for brass players)A.Control the size of the lip

B.Try to extend the time of uniform vastness

(breathing tube for brass players)C.Balanced lip strength and spitting gas

3、hear“Friendship song list”Fall in love with copper tube instruments!

Copper tube instrument selection song list(Because you can't link audio,Xiaobian still only shares a list)

1)Cantata No. 147, 'Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben', BWV. 147: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring - Alison Balsom

2)Suite No. 2 in B Minor, BWV. 1067: VII. Badinerie - Alison Balsom

3)I. Allegro - Alison Balsom / Pavlo Beznosiuk

4)L'amor funesto - Dame Joan Sutherland / Barry Tuckwell / Richard Bonynge

(breathing tube for brass players)5)Capriccio Italien, Op. 45 - London Symphony Orchestra / Barry Tuckwell

6)Horn Concerto No. 1 In D, K. 412 - Allegro - Jean-Jacques Justafré

7)Concertino pour trombone et orchestre, Op. 4: III. Allegro - Orchestre Symphonique Français / Laurent Petitgirard / Jacques Mauger

8)Concerto pour trombone: I. Moderato assai - Orchestre Symphonique Français/ Laurent Petitgirard

(breathing tube for brass players)9)Monolog No. 9 for unacompanied Tuba - Steven Harlos



(2)A.Blow hole

(breathing tube for brass players)(3)C.Balanced lip strength and spitting gas

Did you guess??

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