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bath tub drain brass

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-13 11:39:29

Recently,One10The old European girl is drowning in a bathtub in Dubai.,At the time, her hair was filled by the bathtub.“Entangle”,Sleepy underwater,Unfortunately。

bath tub drain brass

according to《Bay News》10moon15Day report,This little girl enters a jacuzzi to play in a jacuzzi in the consent of his father.,But there is a misfortune,Finally found“not moving at all”Look at about1Rice deep bathtub bottom。

Dubai police criminal site investigation leader Ahmed•Hu Mume•Almiri said,Her father is“Notice that she is not”After running next to the bathtub,Found the daughter lying on the bottom of the hot tub、Died。

bath tub drain brass

The police did not disclose a child's nationality,Only call her“European”,Police,“This little girl asks her father to allow her to use the bathtub,However,After a period of time,Her father noticed that she is not,Wash it next to the bathtub,I found that his daughter was lying in the bottom of the bathtub.。”

The survey found her hair in the bathtub by a filter“Entangle”In。in addition,Further investigation found,The drainage pipe of the hot tub has a engineering defect,This defect will cause drainage to produce strong swirls,Affect the water flow,The result is easy to absorb hair。

bath tub drain brass

Police warning,Children should“Always teach away from filters and sewer”,Because long hair and even body disclosure is easy to be smoked and hurt by the filter and sewer。

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