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brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank

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The hermit starts from the camp at midnight.,Top with his backpack and unlocking tools in the forest,Every stone、The footsteps between every tree root are kept in mind。Chris before juice,He has led Houss and Parkins Wanshe to his camp.。

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank

The hermit starts from the camp at midnight.,Top with his backpack and unlocking tools in the forest,Every stone、The footsteps between every tree root are kept in mind。No footprint is left。Cold air and night,It is a good time for raid。He spent an hour and walking away“pine”Summer camp stationed——Scattered in the middle of Maine“Beitang”Small wooden house group on the shore。He turned a screwdriver with a skilled technique.,The door to the dining room will be bounced.;He slipped in,Scan food frame with pen。

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)Candy!Always good。Ten volumes“Smarties”Confection in the pocket。Then there is a bag of cotton soft sugar、Two barrels of coffee powder、Some“Humpty Dumpty”The potato chips are also placed in the bag.。Hamburg and Bacon are placed in the hocked walk-in cold storage。Last invasion“pine”At the summer camp, he stole the key of the cold storage.——The style of the key chain is the four-leaf grass made of plastic;One of the leaves broke a trip,Three semi-grass。

He is not very good at this time.——exist“pine”Summer Camp Kitchen Ice Piece Tibetan a newly installed military level motion sensor。This equipment is quietly staying in the kitchen,Dragon·Hughes residence issued alert。Hughes is an extremely want to grasp this thief hunting supervisor,He lives outside a mile。Hughes open his pickup truck to the camp,Then rushed into the rear of the dining room。He peek from the window。

He is there。Maybe。People who steal food look too clean,Face or new dish。He took a pair of glasses and wearing a plush ski hat。This is really“Beitang Hermit”??Really in these years——These decades——Continuously torture the community、Even the police don't know people their names.?

Hughes quietly informing the Maine police in his phone,Let them alarmed the same in the chasing hermit·Parkins Wans。Before Parkins Wanshen arrived,The thief has started to travel to the backpack with his full load.。Houston,If this person gets into the forest,Then he may never find it.。

Thole slowly walking out of the dining room,The strong light of the Hughes left hand fountain is stabbed to the thief;At the same time, his right hand.357The caliber is right for thieves.:“Snap!”He shouted。

Thief followed——No resistance,He is lying in the face,Candy sprinkles from his pocket。At the time2013year4moon4One half in the morning。Parkins Wansi is now,And the thief is worn on handcuffs、S sitting on a plastic chair。Two police officers asked his name。He refused to answer。His skin is very white;His glasses have a thick plastic border,It looks very outdated。But he wore a beautiful Colombian coat,Brand-newLands' EndBrand blue cowboy and sturdy boots。The police officers searched him.,Didn't find any identification。

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)Hughes let the suspects stay with Parkins Wansan。She picked his hand and gave him a bottle of water.。He started talking。A little bit。Parkins Wansone asked him why didn't answer any questions before?,He said he felt embarrassed。He swallowed vomiting、Confused;The connection between his mind and mouth seems to be degraded because it is not used for a long time.。But in the next few hours,He gradually released。

He tried:His name is Christoff·Thomas·Knight,born in1965year12moon7day。He said he has no address.,No car,No tax,No letters。He said he lived in the woods.。

“How long does it take??”Pavins Wanshen suspected。

brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank

Nate thought it,Then asked when the Chernobyl nuclear power plant incident occurred。He has lost his habits of the year-on-month recording time for a long time.;This incident is just a news that he just remembers.。Nuclear accident occurred1986year;It is this year,Nate said,He began to go to the woods to live。He was20age,Leave high school shortly。Right now he47,middle aged。

Nate said that he only slept in a tent in years.。He never got fire,Because it is afraid of smoke, it will leak his camp.。He is fully actions at night。He said that he didn't know that his parents were life.。He didn't play a call、Opened a car or spent a penny。He has never sent an email in his life and even I have never seen an Internet.。

He admitted,In these days he lived, there will be more than 40 times each year.——The total number of empty doors。But he never broke into the home.。He said he only steals food and kitchenware and propane can and reading and a small amount of other things.。Knight admitted that everything he has in the world is his stealing,Including the clothes he wears、His underwear。The only exception is his glasses。

Pavins Wanshen call,Knowing Nate does not have a criminal record。He said he is growing in a nearby community.,And his graduation photos are very fast in Lawrence High School.1984Found in the year of the year。He brings the same glasses。

Nate said,In the past 30 years, he did not have a doctor or a medication.。He said he did not have a disease.。He claims,You can only sick in situations in contact with other humans。

Pavins Wanshess:When is his last time and people in contact??

199A few years a certain time,Note replied,At that time, he met a hiking guest when he walked in the forest.。

“what did you say?”Pavins Wanshess。

“I said:‘Hi。’”Nate replied。He insisted:In addition to this word, he did not talk or contacted with anyone in twenty-seven years.,Until tonight。

* * *

Chris Dolph was arrested,He is accused of entering room theft and stealing,Then be transferred to the Kenneck County Prison, Augustta, Maine。In this day, near 10,000 days,His head is sleeping in indoor。

The news he arrested shocked the citizens of Beitang.。Several decades,They always feel that there is something that is nothing。What is the specific,Hard to say。At the beginning, a series of strange events occurred in the end of the 1980s.。The battery in the flashlight is gone。Steak disappeared from the refrigerator。The new propane can on the grill is replaced with an old.。“My grandchildren think that I am abandoned.。”David·Probes said。His holiday hut is at least 50 times。

After that, people began to pay attention to other things.:Shavs next to the window lock;Scratches on the door frame。Is it a neighbor??Youth gang?Robbery is still going——Boat battery、Frying pan、Winter jacket。Fear。“We think he has been watching us.。”A resident said。The police were called multiple times.,But unable to help。

Lock,The alarm system is also installed.,But there seems that there is nothing to stop him。Or she。Or they。no one knows。Some desperate residents have even posted a note on the door.:“Please don't break into。Tell me what you want,I will put you all over.。”But there is no reply。

The more similar events are getting more,Let this ghost become a legend。He is finally given this name:“Beitang Hermit。”2002Annual house owner,Seventy-five people in the event of a hundred people show their hands in the house.。People exchange their secrets of their secrets during the campfire gathering。A child recalls him10Halloween candy, who came to the year, was stolen。That child is still34。

Robbery is still continuing。After so long,These crimes seem to be supernatural。“The legend of hermit has been passed down annually.。”Pitt·Kogswell said this。The hermit is gripped in Pitt's jeans and belt。“Can I believe??can not。Who dares to believe??”

Nate's arrest does not eliminate people's doubts,Instead, people are more incredible。The truth is always more bizarre than the legend.。One person is indeed a life in the woods in Maine for twenty-seven years.,And is in a nylon tent without heating。Winter in Maine is long and cool:Is a cold and cold,Is the worst cold。I can't have a worship in this winter camping.。Staying in a whole quarter is simply unheard。

Although the literature of thousands of years has the existence of the hermit,But Note's place can be called unique。He and the outside world are zero。He never took a photo。He didn't write a diary。His camp did not open to anyone。

Also, there are people who are working together with Knights.,Plac with him to spend the rest of the survival。But if you have something, no one can find them.。Catching Knight is like capturing giant squid。He formed a person's original tribe。

Maine、And the whole world in the country tried to contact him。Does he want to tell us??What secret he found?How did he survive??He resolutely keeps silence。After being arrested,“Beitang Hermit”Still a puzzle。

* * *

I decided to write a letter to him.。I use a paper handwritten,After completing, send it from my home in Montana.,Initial to Kenneck County Prison。I mentioned that I am a journalist.,Seeking an explanation for his puzzling life。Next week,A Bai Xinfeng arrived in my mailbox。The reply address is a square word written in the east of the blue ink.:“Chris·Knight”。That is a short note——Only three paragraphs;272Word。even so,This still contains the first statement of Nate sharing and the world.。

He explained:“The reason I reply is to you is that I can write a little relieved pressure and trouble under my current situation.。”and,He is not self-speaking。“My vocal cord、Oral expressive ability has become quite sparsely and slow。”

I mentioned that I am a book fan.。As far as I observe,Knight is also the same。Many Knight's stealing things reported that their books were often stolen.——Tom·Crancy's vulgar works、Thick military history、James·Joyce《Ulysis》。

I wrote:Hemingway is one of my favorite writers.。It seems that Knight's comments don't have his consistent shy.;He replied that he feels to Hemingway“Quite flat”。on the contrary,He said he is more willing to read Ladyad·Ghiblin,Especially him“Not famous work”。He seems to be aware that he is gone.,So he added another way because he didn't know me.,He really doesn't want to say more.。

Then he seems to worry that he suddenly became too unfriendly.。“I feel uneasy about this.,But I think it's clear.、Sincere answer is better than the guest。Although I want to say‘Not for your personal’,But the handwritten letter is full of personal emotions.。”His concluded language:“I am grateful to your letter。Thank you。”He is not signature。

I wrote a sealed letter.,Also sent him some book of Ghiblin(《King fan》and《Rage sea》)。His reply wrote two pages of half,Have a rough and honest with diary。He fried in prison;Noise and dirt tearing his senses。“You ask me how to sleep.。Little and uneasiness。I almost always tired and nervous.。”His next letter,He wrote a written written in writing like a short jumping like a lyrics.,He is imprisoned。“I have steal it.。I am a thief。I have repeatedly steal for many years.。I know this is wrong.。Know that this is wrong,I feel guilty every time.,But continue to do。”

we are at2013Annual exchange of letters。Instead of adapting to prison、Adapt to others,Nate is every condition。He said,When he lived in the woods, he has maintained a repair beard.,But now he has stopped shave。“With my beard,”He wrote,“Calendar as a prison。”

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)He tried several times to talk to other prisoners.。He can take a few words hesitation.,But all topics——Whether it is music、Movie、television——He is not known,Most proverbs, he doesn't understand.。“You are talking like a book。”A prisoner smiled。So he stopped talking。

“I returned to silence is a defense measures.。”He wrote。Soon he reduced to only five words,And only to the guard:Yes;Do not;Please;thanks。“I am surprised that I have brought me a lot of respect.。Silence can shock people to make me feel。Silence is normal for me,Comfortable。”

He didn't mention too much about his things in the woods.,But what he disclosed is quite painful.。He shows,In some years, he can hardly live in winter.。I told me in a letter.,In order to spend a difficult years,He tried to sit。“I have not every day.、per month、Every season is in the forest。Only when death is close。It is too little food and too long representative death.。”Sitting is effective,He summarizes this。“I am still alive and clear awake.,At least I think I am awake。”There is no formal conclude like it is often true.。His believer is so simple to end,Sometimes directly cut off ideas。

He returned to the topic about rationality in another letter。“I went out of the woods, they gave me the label of the Hermit.。I am very strange to me.。I never think I am a hermit.。Then I worried again.。I understand that the label of hershi has a mental disorder meaning.。It is said that it is ironic.。”

more than this,He is worried that the days of prison will only prove that those who are not normal of his mental abnormalities are right.。He wrote:“I doubt,The harm caused by my reason for my reason for a few months of the prison.、Decades,Greater。”

His judicial litigation multiple delays,Because local prosecutors and his lawyers need to clarify how to fairly handle this case without precedent.。

After the prison stays for four months,Knight is still what punishment is not halfpressing.。It may be sentenced to more than ten years or more。“Pressure ratio。”He wrote,“Give me a number。how long?Several months?several years?How long I want to live in prison?。Tell me the worst。how long?”

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)Until the end,He believes that he can't write.。“A period of time writing soothing my pressure。Can't。”The last letter of him is heartbroken,He seems to have the edge of the collapse.。“Still tired。more tired。very tired、Most tired、Unhappy、Endless tired。”

I will here.。He didn't write to me again.。But this time he finally signed the signature。Although he is tired and nervous,The words he finally wrote, but he was self-ridiculous.:“Your friendly neighbor,Chris·Knight。”

* * *

After receiving the three weeks of his last letter,I fly to Maine。The Kenneck County Prison looks like a large piece of three-story high-graphic cement brick;Generally speaking, at 6:30 at night。I am going to be early.。“Who are you coming??”A prison official asked me。



“are friends。”I don't confidently。He doesn't know my arrival.,I am also not sure that he will see me.。

I am sitting on a bench, etc.,More registered visitors。On the other side of the waiting room wall,I can hear the harsh signal bell and the wind gate。Finally, an official appeared and called:“Knight。”

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)He opened a chestnut door to let me walk into the guest room。Three small benches are fixed to a narrow office desk on the floor。A thick-crowned plastic window panel on the table is separated into two sealed spaces.。Chris·NTT is sitting on the bench opposite the window。

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)I have never seen my people in my life more reluctant to see me.。His lips are very thin,Pull down,Show recycling。He didn't looked up at me.。I am sitting opposite him.,He did not make any cognition for my existence,Even the most sluggish nodes。He stared at a piece of place behind my left shoulder。He is wearing a dark green、Washing excessive prison,The size of the prison is better than him.。

A black phone handset hanging on the wall。I picked it out.。He also took his handset——I saw the first action he did.。

I first speaking。“Very happy to see you,Chris。”

He didn't answer。He is sitting there,Face。His baldness shines like snow in fluorescent lamps;His beard is a messy red brown curl。He wear a silver box glasses,But not that he has been wearing in the woods.。He is very thin。Since the arrest, he weights a lot.。

I will always talk about it when I am nervous.,However, this time I especially consciously understand myself.。I remember that Nate said in the letter that he is used to tranquility.。I looked at him.,He didn't see me。About one minute。

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)I can only bear this.。I say:“There are so many play and noise,Compared with nature, it is sure.。”His eyes turned to me.——Is a small victory——Then sweep away from others。His eyes are light brown。He almost no eyebrows。I said, I will fix it in the air.。

Then he said。Or his mouth is at least。I can't listen to the word a few words.。I know why:He took the phone's microphone too low.,Low to his chin is more。He used the phone last time, it is already a few decades.;He is unfamiliar。I use my hand to tell him that he needs to be high.。He did。He repeated his grand declaration again.。

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)“Prison is like this。”He said。Nothing else。Silence is coming again。

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)I shouldn't come.。He doesn't want me to come here.;I am felt here.。But prisons have been approved for me an hour.,I am determined to stay.。I am sitting on the stool.。I am in one fell swoop on myself.、facial expression、Breathing is short, you can feel it。I see through the scarred windows.,Chris's right leg is urgently shaking。He scratched the skin。

brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank

My patience has been rewarded。First of all, his legs are settled.。He no longer scratched。Then,Quite amazingly,He started talking。

“Some people hope that I am a kind and warm person.。Friendly Hermit of Wisdom。In my Hermit Home, Tongloshu said the word on the word。”

His voice is clear;His accent retains the characteristics of Burg's love long vowels in the southeast of Maine。his words,When he opened the gold mouth,Actually, it is full of imagination and funny。It is also very thin。

“Your Hermit Home——Is it below the bridge??”I said,Follow him。

He blinked me very slowly.。

“What you said is the cave giant。”

I laughed.。His face is close to the direction of a smile.。We have a connection between us——Or at least our first embarrassment is diluted.。We started talking like normal people.。He is called Mike,I am calling Chris.。

He explained why you don't touch your eyes.。“I am not used to seeing people's face。”He said,“There are too many messages above.。Do not you think so?Too much,too fast。”

I hinted to move my eyes to his shoulder.,Like him staring at my shoulder rear。We maintain this gesture in most of the access time。Chris has recently made mental health checkup in Maine Tribunal Service.。The possibility of diagnosis of Asberg syndrome is mentioned in the medical examination report,A kind of autism,Patients often intelligence outstanding,But the action、Sound and light extreme sensitivity。

Chris was only known to have Asberge syndrome after entering prison.,But he does not seem to be affected by this diagnosis.。“I don't think I will become the spokesperson for the ASberg syndrome.。Are they still engaged in TV??I want to marry Jerry·Lewis。”He said he did not take medicine.。“But I don't like others touch me.。”He added,“You are not the kind of person who loves to hug,Right?”

I admit that I sometimes participate in the act of hug.。

“I am very happy that there is this between us.。”He refers to a glass。“If there is a shutter,I will pull it up.。”

I have some of myself has been abnormally attracted by Chris.。He may be strap——He is strap——But this is just a protective cover.。He told me that since he was arrested,He often becomes feeling feeling in unexpected。He said:“I can tears like TV ads.。It's not a good thing in prison.。”

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)Everything he said is frank and direct,It is filtered by safety nets who have not passed the social etiquette.。“If rude can express more accurately and more accurately,Then I will be sorry for me this attitude.。”he told me。

That is nothing,I say,Although I expected to ask some questions that may inspire his rude attitude。But I still use a gentle problem to open the field.:What kind of life do you go to the forest??

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)* * *

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)Before going to the woods for a quarter century,Chris did not sleep in a tent。He grows in a community called Albin,More than forty-five minutes drive from the camp to him later.;He has four brothers and a sister。His father worked in a dairy factory,Already2001Die from the world。His mother has more than 80,Still living in Chris growing up,A colonial house with two high layers of college in the 50 acres of land。

His family pays very much attention to privacy,I can't talk to them.。The neighbors they partly told me to say this fourteenth year.,He and Chris mother exchange no more than one word。Sometimes she will see her to go to the newspaper。“From culture,My family is a very old-fashioned northerner.。”Chris said,“We will not have any excess performance in your feelings.。We are not the kind of person who will contact emotions。Strictism is expected。”

Chris insisted that his childhood is very good.。“Nothing to complain。”He said,“I have a good parent。”He told some vivid stories about him and his father hugged.。“I have a few hunting trips I am sleeping behind the pickup truck.,But never a person,Also never slept tent。”He disappeared,His family does not seem to report his disappearance to the police.,However, they may find private detective。No one can find any clues。Two brothers Chris,Joir and Tim,I have visited him in prison.。“I didn't recognize them.。”Christine。

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)“My brother thought I was dead.。”Chris said,“But never mentioned my mother。They always want to leave her hope。They will say:Maybe he went to Texas.。Or he is in the Rocky Mountains。”Chris does not allow his mother to visit。“look at me,I am worn is prison service.。This is not the goal of my growth。I can't face her.。”

He said that his achievements were excellent in high school.,Although there is no friend,But graduation in advance。Like his two brothers,He participated in a nine months、Electronic Technology Course Opening by Silphonia Technical School in Waltham, Massachusetts。After that he stayed in Volseam City,Specially responsible for installing home and car alarm systems;This is very useful for him later.。

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)He bought a new car,A vehicle1985Annual output of white SubaruBRAT。His brother Jon and his common car loan。“I am a pit.。”Chris said,“I still owe this debt.。”He only worked for less than a year.。He drivesBRATOver Maine,I didn't stay when I passed through his hometown.——“Finally look at it”——Then not stop north。Soon he arrived in Mushend Lake,Maine began to become thin。

“I have been driving to me, I have no oil.。I am walking a small way.。Then the small road bifurcated。Then the trail on the small road。”He stopped the car。He put the key in the middle control station。“I have a backpack and very few things.。I don't plan。I don't have a map。I don't know where to go.。I just walked away.。”

That is1986Summer,He will take a week in a place for a week.,Then hiking south,Tied to Maine Tiancheng,Wrough the long canyon carved by the ice。“I don't know where I am.。”He said,“I do not care。”There is a while he tried it in the wild.。He has been crushed by the car.。Then he began to take corn and potatoes directly from someone else's yard.。

“But I don't want to eat.。”He said,“I spent a period of time to overcome my sin.。I will always be afraid when stealing。Forever。”He insisted that he had never encountered anyone when robbery.;He will always confirm that there is no vehicle on the parking lane.,There is no trace of anyone in the house。“Usually in the early morning1Point or2point。I entered the house,Clock cabinet、refrigerator。One into one out。My heartbeat speed。This is not a comfortable action。I am not happy to do this kind of thing,Nor,I will only hope that it can end as soon as possible.。”he knows,Any mistake will take him on the world。

He found the camp that could be called home after two years.。He knows that this is his ideal home.。He said:“Later,I will settle down.。”

Most of Most Beitang residents feel unbelievable to Nate's story.。Many people insist that he is either received,Either it is in the horizontal cabin。Seeing our meeting time is going to end,I personally questioned Chris.:I say,You are sure to receive support at some time.。Or sleep in the wooden house。Or use the toilet。

Chris's demeanor。This is his only gaze in our conversation.。“I have never slept in the room.。”He said。He never used a shower。Or is toilet。

He admitted,When I jean the empty door, he was thawed with a microwave oven over the meat.。But he is completely relying on himself.。“I am a thief。I bring fear。People have the right to be angry。But I don't lie。”

I believe in him。I feel,In fact, Chris has almost no lie.。I am not the only one who thinks like this.。He was present in the state police·Pavins Wansou has told me,Most of her work is to organize others to tell her a variety of lies.。How to Chris,She has no doubts。she says:“no doubt,I believe in him。”

Before he hangs on the phone,Chris supplement,If I can see the place he lived,See how he lived,Then I can understand more accurately.。

I have planned to find his camp.。I say,Afterward,I want to come back.。Can we see you again??

His answer is unexpected。He said:“Can。”

* * *

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)Belgrade Lake Area is the place where Knight lived。This is a hometown of a hum,And the northern forest of Guangxi, Maine and the wild, no smoke, there is a heirloom。Nate's camp is located on a private land,There are only a few feet of roads close to the closest wooden house.。

When I saw the woods living in Nate,I understand why he has not been discovered.。Trepidation、Maple and Eucalyptus intertwined,The degree of flourishing makes the entire forest maintain a constant humidity;Step into,My glasses are fogging.。

But the truly truly truly caused by the road is a boulder of full.——It is a gift that left behind the Era Era,Every one is the glacier,Very like vehicle。I opened an hour.,Sprained knees between two built-in-smooth rocks,Finally give up exit,Back to the road。

brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank

Chris before juice,He has led Houss and Parkins Wanshe to his camp.;I know roughly locations,But my second time I have failed.。There is no trace of trails there.。Mosquito flying。the last time,I am struggling with a plaid tortuous path,After squeezing a boulder, I finally saw it.。

Oh my God。Chris screws out a bedroom-like air land from chaos,From a few steps,Moreover, the slightly towering makes mosquitoes can't close,But there is no high to make winter cold winds。The place was surrounded by natural boulders;Above the top is the net grid of branches.,Cover the sky of his camp。That's why Chris's skin is so pale——He has always lived in the shadow。I have stayed there for three nights there.,Looking at the rabbit during the day,Numbers of stars from the back of the intertwined tree。That is the most beautiful I have stayed.、Most tranquil place。

The police have already demolished most of his camp,But I second time、And more visiting Chris later later,He describes the details in his living space.。Add together,I and Chris saw nine hours in prison.。

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)He is sleeping is a simple camping tent.,The above layers have a few layers of brown waterproof cloth。he thinks,Camouflage is essential;He doesn't want any shiny objects that can attract people.,So he uses paint to put its own trash can、The refrigerator and the pot are painted into the tree。He even applied the clothespins into green。

His thief is surprising。Although he fled the modern society,But living in the cream of modern society。His tent is lying in one from“pine”Summer camp stolen metal bed frame;He transported it with a canoe。He did not steal a wooden boat。He just borrowed a wooden house from the lake as usual.——“There are a lot of choices there.”——Then send it again,Sprinkle the pine needle,Make it looks not used。He also stole the spring、Mattress and sleeping bag。

He stole the paper and washing liquid for his toilet。He stole the clothes and shampoo for his washing place.。The same as he insisted before he,There is no fire pit here。He cooks, the Corrmman double fuel stove in the propane can。He stoleously with a lot of propane cans,They are all scraped from the gas grill near the 30 miles around the pond.。These did not send back。He put the propane can——There may be hundreds of more——Buried in the grunge pile of the edge of the camp。

He steals the body、Disposable razor、flashlight、snow boots、seasoning、mousetrap、Spray paint and insulating tape。He took the pillow on the bed。He put three different types of thermometers in camp:digital、Mercury、Spring。Knowing the accurate temperature is necessary。He stole a watch——He needs to determine if he can return to the camp before height.。

Deep in the forest,In his own call“Upper storage office”s position,He hides the plastic box filled with supplies——Tent and sleeping bag,Some warm clothes——so,If he heard someone approaches his camp,He can immediately give up this place and then start。He is horing。

His food is very bad。“Cooking this word is under the meal of me.。”Chris told me。He did not have a disease in the forest,The most serious accident is falling on ice。But his teeth are rotten.,Of course this is no wonder。I turned out of his twenty-five years of garbage between boulders,And list list:A five-pound large basin used to install cotton soft sugar,One“Demonic dog”Cake empty box,peanut butter,Cheetos,Honey,Whole wheat biscuit,“Clearwood”Cream,tuna,coffee,French fries,pudding,Soda,“El Monterey”Spicy mexican roll,And so on, etc.。

He steals radio and headphones,Also hide the antenna on the tree。A while,He listened to a lot of conservative radio talk programs.。Later, he fell on the classical music.——Coochovski and Brahms,good;Bach,no。“Bach is too simple。”He said。He has had a day that specializes in listening to TV show from the radio.;“Spiritual theater。”He described like this。《Everyone is Almond》Is one of the favorite programs。But the passion of his unstead is pouring on the classic rock.:Who is a band、AC/DC、Judah,Also higher than everything:Lin Naya。We talked to countless topics in prison,But there is nothing to be with Lin Naya。“Lind Naya's song will be played after thousands of years later。”He claims。

He occasionally steals some manual games——《Pocket monster》、《Tetris》、《Get angry》——However, most of his spare time is used to read or observe the forest.。“Don't treat the birds who are watching the birds on a public TV.。”He warned,But then it is a poetic to describe the crushing of the dead leaves.(“Walk on the cornflakes”)And the ice crack traversed through the entire pond(“Like bowling, walk down the alley”)。

He has peeped hundreds of books these years.;He prefer military history——He put William·Sharler《The thrive of the third empire》List as favorite——But he still see what。Magazine is more common。When he finished reading,He will use an insulating tape to bundle magazine to tile,Then buried underground to matize。There are dozens of such bricks in the place where he takes tents.。

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)I dig out a piece《National geography》,The above date is clear:1991Year1992year。I also saw《figure》、《Fashion》、《Glamour》and《Famous venue》。There is even one set《playboy》。However, a book Crist is never stolen.:《Bible》。“I can't advocate which belief I belong to.。”He said。He didn't celebrate the festival。He will meditate from time to time.,But he will not pray。

There is only one exception。When Maine is the worst winter hit,All rules are placed on one side。“Once you got to Wongshe's negative twenty degrees,You will deliberately think。”he told me。He revealed the fear of memories at the time.。“At that time, you will have faith.。You will pray。You pray warm。”

* * *

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)Chris is in accordance with the rhythm of the four seasons.,But his thoughts have been dominated in winter.。Preparation work in the end of summer,It is when the lakeside hut is closed annually。“That is my busiest time.。”He said。“Harvesting days。Very old instinct。Although it is usually not related to crime。”

His first goal is to let yourself get fat.。This is the key to deciding to live and die。“I will overeating sugar and alcohol。”He said,“This is the fastest way to increase your weight.,And I also like the feeling of drunkenness.。”It can be seen from the wine bottle stolen, this is a person who has never dotted at the bar.,This also admitted:Allen's coffee flavor,Sglan“Escape”Strawberry Bijiry,There is also a bottle name“Milk Coffee Valley Vine”(Label:“Exquisite chocolate、Milk butter and red wine”)。

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank

Because the night is getting cold,He left the beard to the ideal length——About one inch,Sleep enough to keep his face,Not too long, the ice。He exacerbated the number of figures,Hoarding food and propane can。The first snow is usually coming in November。Chris is always afraid to leave a footprint where,This is inevitable on the carpet of the snow.。So in the next half year,Always until the spring of April,Chris rarely went out from his ground in the woods.。

I asked him if he will sleep all the time.,Human hibernation。“Complete error。”He answered,“in winter,The sleep time is too dangerous。”When severe cold air falls,He will adjust yourself at night7:30Fall asleep,In the early morning2Point up。“That one,In the coldest moment,I am awake。”If he still stays in bed,The frost on him will freeze the whole sleeping bag。“If you want to spend the cold,You may never wake up again。”

He is in the early morning2The first thing to do is to make the snow。In order to let the blood circulation,He will walk along the border of our camp。His feet seems to never completely thaw,But as long as he has a pair of clean socks,This is not a problem。“Drying and coldness and more important。”Chris said。Dawn time points,He is ready for a whole day water supply.。“Then,If there is still food,I will eat。”

Then if he has no food?He said,There have been a few very difficult winter——Desperate winter——His propane can be used out,The food is also finished.。The torment is dramatic。Chris said it“flesh、Psychological and spiritual pain。”He hinted to me,How many times, he considers suicide。

Why don't you just leave the wood??Chris said he thought。He even hides a whistle in the camp.。“If I press the three-soundtable whistle,May get help。”But he has never blown。on the contrary,He made a firm choice:Unless he is forced to take away,Otherwise, he will spend a lot of life under the shade.。

he told me,When he heard the tits song,He finally can relax。“That is reminding me that winter is finally going to release.。The end point is in front of you。Spring is coming,And I am still alive.。”

It has never been able to get too cold weather.。His winter camping skills have been offset by the growth of age。“You should really look at my twenties.。”He is self-propagating,“I am the king of the forest.。I dominate the land I have passed.。I am smart again.。”But over time,His body is like a old athlete,Start to get down。The biggest problem is his vision。“Over ten years,Everything outside the arm is a blurred。I have more eyes with my ears.。”If he sees a glasses when he is jealous,He will try to wear it.,But there is no better degree。His agile weakening;The wound takes longer to heal。His teeth are constantly。

Victims who have been stealing,After waiting for the police to break through after many years,I finally decided to deal with it.。Neil·Patterson has a property in Beitang from 50 years ago.。Patterson began to hide this dark house all night,Hold in hand.357 Malin。“I want to catch the people who caught the Hermit。”He said。He is in a summer fourteen nights.,Finally gave up。

Debby·Baker's sons are very frightened,So in order to eliminate the fear of children,Their family is called“Hungry”。They have installed surveillance cameras in their small wooden houses.。exist2002year,They filmed a photo of Nate。The police exuded this photo around,It is expected that it will be arrested to arrest.。

I finally did it after eleven years.。2013year3moon“pine”After the summer camp is stolen,Terui, often there is volunteer·Hughes Sheriff contacted border patrols,Ask them to seek。“Has been dragged enough。”Hughes。He installed a motion sensor that can send an alert directly and exercise from the bed to the camp.,Until he puts the time card within four minutes。Then Hughes will wait for the coming again.。

* * *

brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank

He was arrested,The court of public opinion has produced serious differences.。One of the people who want to make their own lives as much as possible become one of the most famous people in Maine。Any bar walking into Augusta,You can hear how to deal with Christopher·Nitten debate。

Some people say that he must release him immediately.。But cheese and bacon are not a rebentman。This person seems to have no violence at all.。He did not carry a weapon。He is the intrinsicity,Not a criminal。He obviously does not want to be a secret one of our secular.。Let's openKickstarter Crowdfunding project,Give him enough money to buy a few years of food,Let him return to the woods。Some people are willing to let him live on their own land.,Do not receive rent。

Other people are refiting,The panic brought about by his crime is that he stolen how much substance.——He stolen is the peace of the top 100 people.。Their sense of security。How can they know that Natri has no weapon?、Is there danger??Even if it is a 10-year imprisonment。If Nate really wants to live in the woods,He should go to the public land,Food with hunting and fishing。He is just a lazy、A thousand times a thief。He should close him in the state prison。

2013year10moon28day,Chris appeared in the Kenneck County High Court,Thirteen stealing and theft theft。He was sentenced to seven months——However, he has already served most of the punishment when he is waiting for the case.,Leave only one week。This judgment is actually relatively relaxed than him.,Because even the prosecutor said that the long sentence will be cruel in this situation.。Chris is ruled that every Monday must meet with the judge,And ban drink,Also do he either find a job、Either go to school。If he violates these terms,He will be sent back to the prison for seven years。

I saw him once before Chris was released in prison.。He said he will go home.,I live with his mother.。His beard is scattered——“My mad hi。”He introduced this。His amazing thin;He itchy。We still have no eyes touch。

“I don't know your world.。”He said。“I only know my world.,And my memories of this world before entering the woods。What kind of life is today??How is it right??I need to figure out how to survive。”He hopes to return to your camp——“I miss the woods”——But he knows that this is impossible in the terms he released.。“See you in my prison,I won't like this society I will enter.。I don't think I will integrate into。It's too big.。Too colorful。Lack of beauty。rough。emptiness。Cumbersome。”

I told him that I agree with most of him.。but,I would like to know,What is your world??What kind of cave you have obtained from your loneliness?Every time I see him, I will try to ask these questions.,But this time I emphasized this.。

Chris told me,In his definition,Anyone who discloses yourself is not a true hermit.。Chris is no longer entangled, it is a hermit.,He accepted this identity。When I filed a two-year time to stay in Walden,Chris expressed his disdain to him with a word:“layman。”

For Chris,Real hermit does not write a book,no friend,And don't answer questions。I asked him why no diary did not bring into the woods.。Chris's nose。“I hope to die there.。Who will look at my diary??you?I would rather bring it into the grave.。”He said,The only reason he talks to me is because he is closed in the prison.,So you need to practice and communicate others。

“But you must have thought of a lot of things.。”I say,“About your life,About human conditions。”

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)Chris suddenly became self-province。“I really examine myself.。”He said,“Loneliness enhances my perception。But this is a subtle thing——When I use an enhanced perception to observe myself,I lost my identity.。No audience,No one looks at my performance,I am just a presence。No need to define yourself;I have become irrelevant。Haoyue is a minute,Four seasons is the hour。I have no name.。I have never feel lonely。Romantic point:I am completely free。”

Very good。but,I will follow it.,He must have realized a magnificent revelation in the field environment.。

He returns to silence。I can't make sure he is thinking.、Anger is still both。But he is finally given an answer。I feel that there is a mysterious teacher to reveal the meaning of life.。

“Ensure enough sleep。”

He put the lower jaw in a point that he won't say more.。What he has learned is this。I have accepted it as a truth.。

He still continued.:“I miss my most,Is a realm between quiet and loneliness。I miss the most memorable。”He said that he would look at a layer of porcass mushrooms in a few years, growing out from the tree trunk of Huapong in his camp.。I went to his camp to visit this mushroom.——Really very big——And he also asked me if anyone gave mushrooms.。I let him rest assured,Mushroom is still。He said,Mid-summer,He sometimes sneaks to the lake at night.。“I will stretch my body on the water.,Lying down drifting,See the star on the sky。”

Every time I visit, I will ask him a question.。A key issue:Why do he disappear??

He has never given a satisfactory answer。“I have no reason。”“I can't explain。”“Give me a little more time to consider。”“This is also a mystery for me.。”Later he began to get angry:“why?This problem is bored。”

But when we finally met,He looks more reflection。He said:Does everyone seek the same thing in life??Are we not looking for your satisfaction??He never been happy when he was young.——No in high school,No,Nothing next to him。Then,He found the camp in the forest。“I found some place to meet myself.。”He said。His own ideal place。The only place in the world makes him feel peaceful。

This is all he told me.。He is tired of my visit。He begged:Please don't bother me again.;We are not friends。He said:I don't want to be your friend,I don't want to be a friend of anyone。“I will never miss you.。”He added。

(brass tube for lighting camp fires from a propane tank)I like Chris,Very much。I like his mind work.;I like poetry in his language.。But he is a true hermit。He can't disappeared in the wild.,So he hopes to melt in the world。

“goodbye,Chris。”I said。A guard appeared in the help of him,But Chris also has a little time to express his last idea.。He doesn't have any representation。He hangs up the phone。No;No nod。He stood up,Turned to my back,Go out of the visitor,Grove the prison。