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5 16 brass tube

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【Global Network Comprehensive Report Reporter Zhao Youping】Island green media《Free time》claim,People's Liberation Army continues“Steady”Taiwan Southwest Domain,Taiwan Air Force(12day)Evening claim,Liberation army5Route military machine today“Steady”tower“Air defense identification zone”Southwest airspace,Taiwan Air Force“Dispatch air patrols according to the practice、Broadcasting,And by air defense missile”。

Report,tower“Air Force Command”tonight6Time40Official website“Real-time military dynamics”Release the People's Liberation Army to enter the southwest airspace“Empty”。Announcement according to the Air Force,Liberation army3Rack-16Fighter、1Rack-11The fighter today is every day by Dongsha Island Northeast airspace,Enter the station“Air defense identification zone”,“Steady”Taiwan Southwest Domain,Flying a small distance,That is, according to similar routes。Until1Framework-8Anti-submarine,It is from Taiwan“Central line”South airspace,Enter the station“Air defense identification zone”Depression of the southwest airspace,Reprimation of similar routes。

5 16 brass tube

Military action against the People's Liberation Army around Taihai,Deputy Director of the Department of Defense、National Defense News Spokesman Tan Kefei University2021year12moon30At the afternoon, I said at the routine reporter.,The root cause of the current Taihai situation is tightly upgraded,Democratic Party authorities and“Desk independence”Splitting“alone”Provocative and external forces“Taiwan China”Scheme。Defend national sovereignty、contain“Desk independence”Splitting,The Chinese People's People's Liberation Army。

(5 16 brass tube)Tan Kefei said,2021Year,Liberation Army, Terrace Island Tissue Bomber、reconnaissance aircraft、Fighter, etc.,Total to organize multi-military military force in the near Tai Island,Tolerance to sea space near Taidao、Joint landing、Combined air defense combat,The actual dispatching aircraft frame is only more、Will not be less,Target is very clear,That is to attack the inside and outside the island with decisive action.、Challenge a bad behavior of a Chinese principle,Resolutely defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity,Effectively maintain the common well-being of cross-strait compatriots and peace and stability in Taihai。