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bath tub clawfoot brass

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-13 09:59:01

Cousin60㎡Romantic small house,Exquisite light luxury color classic,The pink bathtub is too beautiful.,Sun dry!

Gourmet new home,Invite family to visit before relatives,I heard that the cousin is not spent at a decoration design of the house.,It is used to use for nearly half a year.,It is serious to see her.,Be sure to breathe!

When walking into the door of the cousin,Exquisite and light luxury decoration and classic color matching still make me deeply,I was attracted to the door.!Her family is only60Square, two-family,Except for sub-sleeper tatami overall furniture,Some soft packs are not in place,Overall home is all,Arrange the small home to warm and romantic,Fashion。Especially the pink bathtub in the bathroom is so beautiful.,Daughter-in-law is not willing to walk,I have to make me install when I decorate.,I can only agree,No way, who makes her like it?!

(bath tub clawfoot brass)bath tub clawfoot brass


From the cousin home,Keep a white solid wood porch shoe cabinet on the right wall,Intermediate design is a hollow area,Put some ornaments and jewelry,Place a beautification and decorative effect,At the same time, the basic needs of household shoes and other storage are met.。

(bath tub clawfoot brass)bath tub clawfoot brass

Dinning room

Restaurant in front of the door,Dark blue background wall placed a walnut color rectangular solid wood dining table,Brass table corner in the bottom of the table leg,Smoke with two brass stools with brass stools、A golden metal mesh form of small food chair,Reflecting the exquisite and relaxing texture,Delicious candlestick on the desktop on the desktop、Flower flowers and small chandeliers,Each item is full of ceremonies。Customized solid wood hanging cabinet at the connecting shoe cabinet,Side is a rowless red wine shelf,Embedded four-door refrigerator in the middle,Meet the restaurant storage and use of drinks,Squeezed space per inch。

bath tub clawfoot brass

living room

The restaurant is the location of the living room,Divide the area through the corridor,Keep overall permeability。Sofa background wall color with restaurant,Form a unified style。Gray corner sofa placed on blue pillow and Ming yellow blanket,Add a lively atmosphere for a stable and comfortable sofa。Solid circular combination of solid wood coffee table moves flexible,Let the space change more,Meet different features。

bath tub clawfoot brass

Install solid wood shelf on the TV wall of the same color,Place ornaments and green,Jewelry combination with TV cabinet,Let the living room become full of style and vitality。

bath tub clawfoot brass


The pink solid wooden valley door opposite the restaurant is the location of the kitchen,White+Pink combination of small brick wall,With black and white gray matching hexagonal bricks,Fresh fashion romance,Matching with oblique white solid wood cabinets,Create a fashion elegant quality kitchen,Let every day to make a food mood is also beautiful!

bath tub clawfoot brass

Master bedroom

The master bedroom is equally elegant,Personality。Black background black tropical rainforest utility pattern,Comfortable big bed placed in a brass,Pink bedding and yellow cover,Compensation with the overall style,Create a quiet and easy and natural sleep atmosphere。

bath tub clawfoot brass

Brass high blue solid wood bed top cabinet placed beautiful floral art,In the delicate tapered lights,Feeling the ultimate beauty of fashion and luxurious。

(bath tub clawfoot brass)bath tub clawfoot brass


The bathroom is also one of the favorite places of the family.,Shower wall and the outside of the bathtub still use white with kitchen+Pink small brick combination paving,Re-color copper shower facilities,Creating a light luxury romantic atmosphere,The overall bathroom design is full,Don't say that the wife doesn't want to walk after reading,I was fascinated.,I don't know if you have a feeling.?

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