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(Observer News)UK Department for International Trade16published an article titled“Made in England,Sold all over the world”new strategy,strive to2030increase exports to1trillion pounds。

However,already12year,The UK has released the same plan,But at the peak it was only two-thirds。Under the attack of the epidemic and Brexit,Britain faces huge challenges。

brass tube stockists uk

“Made in England,Sold all over the world”strategy

11moon16day,The British government website published a project called“Made in England,Sold all over the world”Strategy,strive to2030increase exports to1trillion pounds。This is the UK's first export strategy at a national level since Brexit。The strategy includes12item plan,Support for exporting companies,Highlights include:

initiate “Made in England,Sold all over the world” Activity,Promote UK goods and services through innovative localised marketing campaigns。

(brass tube stockists uk)Provide export hotline for enterprises、Export support services such as online services。

to include Scotland、Training for UK SMEs including Wales and Northern Ireland,Provide technical guidance and training。

Making plans for a new UK trade show,Convenient for UK companies (especially SMEs) Display its products at trade shows。

Export credit agencies to offer bigger loans to UK exporters and overseas investors。

through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF),for British 7500 SMEs provide international financial assistance。

Open funding to UK SMEs,For SMEs participating in trade fairs400£10,000 in support。

According to the BBC(BBC)17daily report,Anne, UK minister for international trade·Mary·Trevelyan(Anne-Marie Trevelyan)say,“This is a defining moment in our country's trade。As we strike ambitious new trade deals around the world,It is more important than ever for businesses across the UK to take advantage of these opportunities and realise their full export potential。”She calls on businesses to seize the huge untapped opportunity in the fast-growing market,by“run towards £1 trillion”。

(brass tube stockists uk)However,In fact,This is not the first time the UK has proposed1Trillion pound export target。BBCglobal trade reporter Chris·Morris(Chris Morris)speak bluntly,These goals have been set before,but not realized。

2012year,British Prime Minister David·Cameron(David Cameron)also promised,arrive2020year to achieve1Trillion pound export target。arrive2019year,UK exports hit record,Export of goods and services with2018year-on-year growth5%,Growth in merchandise exports to non-EU countries13.6%,However, overseas sales also increased to6890billion pounds,Only two-thirds of the plan completed,Leave1A trillion pounds is still a long way off。

2020year,After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic,UK exports are on the decline,2020annual,UK exports are5717billion pounds,Down17%,Imports are5813billion pounds,Down18%。

(brass tube stockists uk)at the same time,Only 1 in 10 UK businesses trade overseas,And the number of merchandise exports lags behind Germany、EU countries such as Denmark and the Netherlands。

brass tube stockists uk

U.K2020Annual import and export trade volume

also,Britain continues to be“Brexit aftermath”troubled。Under the UK-EU trade deal,UK exports to the EU are much more difficult than they were before Brexit。BBCreported that,post-Brexit。Gundam35£100m of UK exports to be taxed,This accounts for about 30% of UK exports to the EU.10%。 and,UK Trade Policy Observer(UK Trade Policy Observatory)say,in the second quarter of this year,UK textile exports to EU fall63%,food is down36%,Auto industry exports fall20% 。

UK Office for Budget Responsibility(Office for Budget Responsibility)independent forecaster estimates,In the long term,Exports to the EU will fall15%about。

Institute of Directors(the Institute of Directors)Policy Advisor Emma·Roland(Emma Rowland)Express:“for most of the past five years,Businesses have been dealing head-on with the challenges posed by Brexit。”

she says,New Opportunities Across the World,But EU member states should not be ignored,as they remain the UK's largest export market。

“Although in the wider world,Huge potential for trade activities,But the government must ensure a pragmatic solution to the challenges of exporting to the EU。”she added:“Only in this way,UK exports to reach their full potential。”

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