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brazing brass tube

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-13 09:13:07

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Talking about brass welding,Most people think of the flame brazing in the first time.,Again is high frequency brazing,But few people will consider that when brass material impurities are more,for exampleH59brass,Or when the volume of brass is relatively thick,It is very difficult to use flame brazing or high frequency brazing.,why?Because brass impurity content is very welding performance,It can only use high fluid silver wire to enhance the cost of welding the welding to achieve the cost of the cost.,Moreover, if the volume of brass is large,Heating will be more laborious,Temperature uniformity is difficult to control,Even high flow silver welding rod welding is also difficult to reverse the Qiankun,Therefore, these two applications can consider brass argon arc welding wire or brass gas welding wire.,Argon arc welding,Or double pulse gas protection welding。

Arc welding brass machine and welding material selection:Machine can choose WiOndingWSME250,WSME400B,WSME500,Welding material can choose Wiping brass argon arc welding wire(Remember that this place is not brass welding wire,Brass argon arc welding wire),The power size of the machine Select to see your parent volume size。

(brazing brass tube)Double pulse gas protection welding brass and weld material selection:Machine can be selectedMIG500Pure industrial grade high version,You can also use WiOnding350Make a profit version(Birds and small guns),Welding wire can be used brass gas welding wire(Wewnodied204SM),Operation video to see video。

Very simple introduction of brass gas protection welding welding brass,Why use argon arc and gas to protect welding brass,Do you understand?Unclear, you can leave or discuss。