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delta brass stem assemly for bath tub faucet

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Valve stemNot only moving parts during the valve opening and closing、Firmware,And it is a seal。at the same time,Valve stems are subject to media impact and corrosion,Stuffed with fillers。So when selecting the valve stem material,It must be ensured that the valve stem has sufficient strength at the specified temperature.、Good impact toughness、Corrosion resistance。Valve stem is easy,Pay attention to the mechanical machining performance and thermal processability of the material when selecting。

The material commonly used in the valve stem is as follows:

① Copper alloy:Generally selectedQA19-2、HPb59-1-1。Suitable for nominal pressure less than or equal1.6MPa、Temperature is less than or equal200℃Low pressure valve。

② Carbon steel:General selectionQ275、35steel,Treatment,Suitable for no nominals less than or equal2.5MPaAmmonia valve,water、Depositphotos、Medium pressure valve。Q275Steel is suitable for temperature without exceeding300℃Valve;35Steel is suitable for exudeness450℃Valve。

Note:Practice prove,The valve stem is made of carbon steel nitridation, which does not solve the corrosion resistance well.,Should be avoided。

(delta brass stem assemly for bath tub faucet)③ alloy steel:General selection40Cr、38CrMoAlA、20CrMo1V1AMaterials。40CrAfter chrome plating,Suitable for nominal pressure less than or equal32MPa、Temperature is less than or equal450℃Water、steam、Petroleum and other media。38CrMoAlATreatment,Can work temperature540℃Under the conditions of the conditions10MPapressure,Commonly used in the power station valve。20CrMo1V1ATreatment,Can work temperature570℃Under condition14MPapressure,Commonly used in the power station valve。

④ Stainless steel:General selection2Cr13、3Cr13、1Cr17Ni2、1Cr18Ni12Mo2TiMaterials。2Cr13、3Cr13Stainless steel is suitable for nominal pressure less than or equal32MPa、Temperature is less than or equal450℃Water、Steam and weak corrosion media,Can be chrome、High frequency quenching and other methods to strengthen the surface。1Cr17Ni2Stainless acid-resistant steel is used for nominal pressure less than or equal to6.4MPa、temperature-100℃~200℃Hand-rustless steel valve、Low temperature valve,Corrosive medium。1Cr18Ni9Ti、1Cr18Ni12Mo2TiStainless acid-resistant steel is used for nominal pressure less than or equal to6.4MPa、Temperature is less than or equal600℃High temperature valve,Can also be used for temperature less than or equal-100℃Stainless steel valve,Low temperature valve。1Cr18Ni9TiEitrive-resistant corrosive medium;1Cr18Ni12Mo2TiCorrosive medium with acetic acid;1Cr18Ni9Ti、1Cr18Ni12Mo2TiUsed in high temperature valve,Nitridation can be used,Improve resistance to resistance。

⑤ Axis:ChooseGCr15,Suitable for nominal pressure less than or equal300MPa、Temperature is less than or equal300℃Ultra-high pressure valve。

(delta brass stem assemly for bath tub faucet)More materials for making valve stems,and4Cr10Si2MoMartensite heat resistant steel、4Cr14Ni14W2MoAustenite。

delta brass stem assemly for bath tub faucet

Valve nutTeam with the valve stem with threads,Direct to withstand the axial force,And in the friction of valve members such as brackets。therefore,The valve stem nut is except for a certain intensity,Also required to have a small friction coefficient、Stainless、Do not alienate with the stem。

The valve stem nut is often used as the following material:

① plastic:Making the plastic of the stem nut with nylon66Nylon1010,It has corrosion resistance、Small friction coefficient、Good workability and low cost。But because of its strength than metal,Therefore only for low pressure、Small-diameter valve。

②Copper alloy:Copper alloy does not rust,Small friction coefficient,Have certain strength and toughness,Is the material that is currently used in the nut nut。Nominal pressure is less than or equal1.6MPaLow pressure valve often usesZCuZn38Mn2Pb2Cast brass;Nominal pressure is less than or equal6.4MPaValve useZCuAl10Fe3Wuxi bronze;Nominal pressure is greater than6.4MPaHigh pressure valve often usesZCuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3Cast brass。

③ steel:The valve nut of the electric valve requires high hardness and the ammonia medium is corroded.,Steel copper。Under conditions that do not cause the stem,Often use35、40Premium carbon steel and1Cr13、1Cr18Ni9、Cr17Ni2Waiting for stainless steel production stem nut。In the selection, comply with the hardness of the stem nut below the hardness of the valve stem.,To avoid premature wear and bitterness。

The above is the manufacturing material of the stem and the stem nut and its requirements.