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chrome plated brass cover tube for 1 2 in

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Chromium plating is a process of electroplating a thin layer of chromium layer on a metal。There are two main types of chrome plating,For decoration or as a protective layer。

(chrome plated brass cover tube for 1 2 in)chrome plated brass cover tube for 1 2 in(chrome plated brass cover tube for 1 2 in)

usually,Chromium chemical stable,With most organic acids、Sulfide、Alkali does not respond,Therefore, chrome can prevent corrosion、Improve wear resistance、Use as a protective layer。

chrome plated brass cover tube for 1 2 in

also,The brightness of the chrome appearance is very high.,Commonly used as a decorative component,Automotive instrument、Interior、Delivery and other parts with appearance requirements。

chrome plated brass cover tube for 1 2 in

Chromium plated process consists of five basic stages:

First stage,Deabble。Except for chemicals to remove grease of metal surfaces,To ensure that the surface does not affect the ingredients of plating。

Second phase,Cleaning。Thorough cleaning surface helps remove dirty things and residues,Tiny dust particles。

chrome plated brass cover tube for 1 2 in

Third stage,Underlying(Plated)Metals need to be treated to ensure that the metal surface is as smooth as possible,This ensures that the coating maintains high integrity over a longer period of time。Common methods have copper plated、Nickel plating and hanging chrome。

Fourth stage,Put metal into a container with pretreatment solutions,And make it gradually warmed to a suitable temperature,Start chrome。

(chrome plated brass cover tube for 1 2 in)The fifth stage is also the final stage,Plating process begins,Solution in the container is chromium-containing compound mixed solution,And allow compound to etch to metal surface(Electrochemical reaction)。The thickness of the coating depends on the time of the metal stays within the container.。

Common chrome-plated classification:Brown chrome、Mute chrome、Hard plating chrome, etc.。

chrome plated brass cover tube for 1 2 in

When prepared according to the current industry standard,The chrome-plated layer can be exposed to the air all year round.。The metal bumper on the car is a good example of electroplating.,It can use decades,Just need general maintenance。Similarly,Water taps and other chrome plated products can ensure long-term smooth appearance,At the same time, the long-term durability。Therefore, chromium plating is also one of the most common metal surface treatment processes.。

chrome plated brass cover tube for 1 2 in

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