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5 16 tube to 1 8 npt brass inverted fitting

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Explosion-proof joint manufacturers introduce you basic situation:

For the active connector, it consists of three parts.,That is, octagon nut and two special threaded connections,The role of the threaded joint is the two end tubes in the connecting pipe.,The role of the middle octagon nut is like a tube that connects the pipes on both ends.,therefore,Can be in the case of no pipe,Separate two pipes,This more convenient to repair the pipe,This is also the origin of its name。In fact, its shape is a positive anti-direction,At the time of installation, it is one end of the single piece of the single piece with the sub-port.,The other end of the single piece with the master is then loaded with the die.。Plus pads in the middle,Then it is tight to the lock.。If it is the right direction,Can prevent mesh impact,If it is negative,Increase the chance of leakage when the meson flow rate is unstable。

5 16 tube to 1 8 npt brass inverted fitting

The role of the live joint is to facilitate installing the disassembly pipeline.,Threaded connection and insert welding two kinds of live connections。It can be used in different calibers,Can also be used in water meters、valve。And because of the insertion structure,So reducing costs,And in installation、use、Maintenance is very convenient,At the same time, the ability to leak and leak-proof is still very high.。Therefore, the market prospect is also very high.。

one、Explosion-proof joint,Scope of application:

1、Explosive gas mixture hazardous place:1Area、2Area

2、Explosive gas mixture:I、ⅡA、ⅡB、ⅡCclass

3、Temperature group:T1-T6


two、Explosion-proof joint product characteristics:

1.Flame retardant、preservative、Water-resistant、Aging、Well-flexible、Strong structure;

2.Flexible tube length,Thread size specification can be specially processed according to user requirements,Such asNPTThread,British and threads and other non-standard threads。

3、This product is made of high quality carbon steel,Surface galvanization or stainless steel。

(5 16 tube to 1 8 npt brass inverted fitting)4、Connection thread is greater than6buckle,Lead pad seal,Male metric thread,NPTThread。

three、Main technical parameters of explosion-proof joints:

Execution standard:GB3836.1-2000、GB3836.2-2000、IEC60079

Explosion-proof mark:ExedⅡ

The material of the explosion-proof joint is a copper alloy,Brass plating nickel,Stainless steel due to good thermal conductivity of copper and high quality stainless steel and almost no carbon,When the joint is rubbed or impacted,The heat generated in a short time is absorbed and conducted,Another reason is relatively soft because copper and stainless steel itself,There is a good grease when friction and impact,Not easy to produce micro-metal particles,So we almost see the sparks,So to achieve the effect of explosion-proof。

BHJ?`The series of explosion-proof counsels is mainly applicable.:Petroleum refining and petrochemical industry、Coal mine、oilfield、Natural gas chemical industry、Chemical fiber industry、Paint industry、Fertilizer industry、Various pharmaceutical industry。Petroleum wheel and liquefied petroleum gas、airplane、Warehouse to operate the flammable and explosive、Electrolytic workshop、Communication machine assembly room、Require joints without rust、Wear-resistant anti-magnetic venue, etc.。

BGJExplosion-proof live joint(Tube joint)Carbon steel explosion-proof joint,Stainless steel explosion-proof joint,BGJ-G1/2Hose joint,Explosion-proof flexible pipe joint,Brass-plated nickel pipe joint,Live joint,Explosion-proof joint。


Sample brand:Qingyuan explosion-proof(TeWo)

(5 16 tube to 1 8 npt brass inverted fitting)Sample model:BHJ

product name:Explosion-proof live joint

product name:Explosion-proof live joint

Product number:BHJ

Explosion-proof mark:Exd II

(5 16 tube to 1 8 npt brass inverted fitting)Protective level:IP55

(5 16 tube to 1 8 npt brass inverted fitting)2Scope of application

(5 16 tube to 1 8 npt brass inverted fitting)1Area、2Dangerous place。

IIA、IIB、IICClass explosive gas environment。

Flammable dust environment20Area、21Area、22Area。

Temperature groupT1—T6environment of。

Scope of explosion-proof live joints

(5 16 tube to 1 8 npt brass inverted fitting)1.1Division of explosive gas environmental hazardous area

(5 16 tube to 1 8 npt brass inverted fitting)0Area:Environment that explodes or long-term explosive gas mixture continuously or long-term。

(5 16 tube to 1 8 npt brass inverted fitting)1Area:An environment where explosive gas mixture may occur during normal operation。

2Area:An environment in which an explosive gas mixture does not occur during normal operation or an environment of explosive gas mixture present in short time。

0The area is generally only in the sealed container,Internal gas space such as storage tank,In the actual design process1There are very few districts,Most of the situation belongs to2Area。

(5 16 tube to 1 8 npt brass inverted fitting)1.2Explosion-proof electrical equipment is divided into two categories:

ⅠElectrical equipment in a coal mine

(5 16 tube to 1 8 npt brass inverted fitting)ⅡElectrical equipment used in applications other than mines

(5 16 tube to 1 8 npt brass inverted fitting)1.3ⅡElectrical equipment,According to the maximum test safety clearance or minimum ignition current ratio for explosive gas mixture,Be divided intoⅡA,ⅡB,ⅡCThree categories;And according to its highest surface temperatureT1-T6Six groups。