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Peninsula network11moon22Day message With the increasing importance of the role in my country's economic development in China,Many private companies in Qingdao are also upgraded,recently,The reporter follows the Office of the Leading Group of the Camp Economic Development Work in Qingdao、Qingdao Industrial and Commercial Bureau entered Qingdao Hongtai Copper Co., Ltd.,Experience the experience of the company in new old kinetic energy conversion,And achievements in the development and production area of the purple copper tube series。

Focus on the research and development of purple copper tube series products

Reporter learned,Qingdao Hongtai Copper Co., Ltd. is built1993year3moon,I have been focusing on the development and production of copper tube series products.,High precision and high cleaningR410ACopper tube、Drainage copper tube、Internal threaded copper tube、Mosquito coil、Medical gas copper tube、Outer diameter54Mime above large diameter copper straight tube、Radiative copper tube、Insulation copper tube、Copper tube、Copper tube and other purple copper pipes and leaders。Hongtai copper tube is widely used in air conditioning hosts、Central air conditioning or multi-haircut、refrigerator、Freezer、Solar energy、heat sink、Conductivity、Healthy drinking water、Soilwork installation project、Medical equipment factories and shipyards, etc.。

Hongtai's copper pipeline production and sales volume ranked first in the same industry in Shandong Province,Among them“ ”CardR410AThe dedicated copper tube of the refrigerant is the first brand of national refrigeration market.,Gree、beautiful、Big gold、Haier's famous brand central air-conditioning manufacturers recommended brands。

(brass tube suppliers near me)Steady、Compliance business road

A step-by-step advancement and production equipment automation upgrade accompanying management information,Enterprise management information high concentration,The labor productivity of all workers has increased significantly.,Hongtai broke the past inertial thinking,Contact the market and meet market requirements faster,New self-adaptation“New normal”。company2010Advanced yearERPEnterprise management system,2015Annual introductionOAoffice automation system,And long-term cooperation with the National Cold Rolling Belt Equipment and Process Engineering Technology Research Center of Yanshan University,Excellent research cooperation in copper production process and production control automation,Constantly enabling management operations to implement informationization and automation。

Hongtai Copper Co., Ltd. is told reporters,The company has always put it in the first place,Walking the road to steady operation。Put informationization and automation until intelligent two-way fusion,Take a professional road。

Correspondent Huang Qiumei Zhou Shaohua reporter Swallow

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