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After more than 30 years of development,China's hardware industry is very mature,And occupy an important position in the global market。At present, there are many hardware products in my country ranks first in the world.,Lighter、zipper、wrench、Pliers, etc.,Have a good sales record abroad。

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60%Hardware export overseas,Building hardware accounts for one-third

Traditional hardware,Also known as“Small hardware”,Folding gold、silver、copper、iron、Tin five metals;Hardware products in modern society are more extensive,Hardware tool、Hardware parts、Daily hardware、Building hardware and security supplies, etc.。

last century90Since the beginning of the year,my country's hardware industry has always maintained high-speed development,It has become an industrial process in industrial manufacturing。In recent years,With the advantages of low-cost raw materials and labor costs with hardware products,my country's hardware exports have maintained a stable growth trend,Has become one of the main exporters of global hardware products。According to the China Hardware Society Statistics,About my country's hardware60%Export to overseas market。

At present, the country's large and small hardware products are reached3Wanjia,Only the total size is2.2%。Most companies are stillOEM(OEM production)Mainly,A small number of strength、Clear companies have progressedODM(Original design)、Even partOBM(Own brand production)Mode production。

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2017year,my country's hardware industry industry has continued to go back to,Total goods import and export1280.20One hundred million U.S. dollars,Year-on-year growth9.43%。Have experienced2016After the negative growth,2017Annual industry is obviously rebounded,It has been improved in the same period of the previous year.16.41Percentage point。

(brass tube supplier philippines)in,The total export is reached1044.78One hundred million U.S. dollars,Year-on-year growth9.70%,Growing is growing,obviously higher2016Year-on-year18.23Percentage point;Accumulated foreign trade surplus809.37One hundred million U.S. dollars,Compare2016Increased surplus in the same period74.1One hundred million U.S. dollars,Industry foreign trade surplus increased year-on-year increase10.08%,More2016In the same period of the year20.54Percentage point。

brass tube supplier philippines

Each sub-industry,2017year,Building hardware、Tool hardware、Bathroom Fittings、Daily use of hardware four industries completed total import and export422.33One hundred million U.S. dollars、231.9One hundred million U.S. dollars、174.07$ 100 million164.44One hundred million U.S. dollars,Growth from the previous year3.5%above。

Proportion,Building hardware is still the leader of hardware industry foreign trade,2017The total amount of import and export is reached32.99%;Secondly, the tool hardware,Accomplishment18.11%;Bathroom Fittings、Daily hardware is also reached12%above。

Take“All the way”Dongfeng,Chongqing Dazu Hardware“Domestic sales”

my country's hardware industry products have a complete variety,Many products produce the world's first,Lighter、zipper、wrench、Pliers, etc.,Great share in the global market。Currently,my country's hardware industry exports cover global five continents,Exported to the United States, respectively、Japan、Germany、U.K、China Hong Kong、Vietnam、Australia、Malaysia、Russia、South Korea, etc.237Country and region,The status of hardware export great powers is constantly strengthening。

2017year,my country's hardware industry is consolidating the United States、EU、While traditional markets such as Japan,Brazil、India、Russia、South Africa, etc.“BRIC countries”and“All the way”Rapid growth in many countries alongline。especially“All the way”Alongline country,Has considerable market potential。

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According to China Hardware Society,2017year,Hardware industry industry“All the way”Total trade along the country is333.60One hundred million U.S. dollars,Total hardware trade26.06%,Year-on-year growth8.57%。in,Total export311.39One hundred million U.S. dollars,Total Hardware Export29.80%,Year-on-year growth8.38%。

In pair“All the way”Export trade along the country,Vietnam、India、Russia、Malaysia、UAE、Indonesia、Singapore、Thailand、the Philippines、Poland、The exports completed by Iran and Saudi and other countries are relatively large.,Exceed10One hundred million U.S. dollars,Total export volume“All the way”Total export along the country68.67%,Exports in Mongolia and Laos have grown faster,Respectively149.73%and148.31%。

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also,“All the way”Implementation of strategies,Also promoted the opening of the Hardware industry in the central and western parts。Chongqing's big foot is called“China Western Hardware”,Dazu Hardware starting in the evening Tang,Have1200Many years of history。Compared with hardware companies along the coastal area,Chongqing University's hardware products mainly sell,The market is mainly in China。along with“All the way”Construction to drive the development of landlocked open economies,Dazu Hardware has gradually moved abroad。

“All the way”Central Asian countries along the line、The lack of resources and market environment,Have a strong demand for the big costs。also,A wide variety of hardware、Complete variety、High quality level,Southeast Asia、The demand in countries such as Central Asia has strong complementarity。Currently,The big cost of hardware products are mainly exported to Southeast Asia.、Central Asia、Europe, etc.20Multiple countries and regions。2018First quarter,Ultra-foot hardware industry import and export103Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Year-on-year increase104%,90% of them are exports。

Infrastructure pull demand,Ghana、Turkey、Philippine hardware market potential

In recent years,Ghana、Vietnam、Turkey and other emerging market construction industries have developed rapidly,Rising rising demand for hardware products,It is worth paying attention to China Hardware Enterprises。

Ghana:Mechanical hardware market,Low-end products come from China

on economic,Ghana located in the West Coast of the Africa is one of the few more affluent countries,In recent years,Economy4.4%-6.3%Speed growth。Ghana's national industrial foundation is weak,Market is on imported product dependence,At present, Ghana market74%The item comes from imports。

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In recent years, Ghana industry has accelerated,Many factories have set up,Office building and residential construction project,And old buildings,Make the hardware market flourish。China's hardware products produced,Has already occupied a lot of market share in Ghana。

(brass tube supplier philippines)also,Influence of mining and industrial development,Ghana market has a very large demand for mechanical hardware。Famous building materials in Ghana、Machine hardware、hand operated tools、Motor import and passageJamal Hassan Co. LtdTake advantage of,Although there is only Akla in the capital1Store,but2015Year imported300Container,Have fixed corporate customers200Family。General Manager of the companyAli El HassanPoke,Ghana Machinery Hardware Market presents two poles,High-end products are mostly imported from Europe,Low-level products import from China。

Turkey:Imported hardware every year40One hundred million U.S. dollars,China power tools account for maximum share

Turkey set a grand infrastructure development plan。exist2013year,Turkish government investment260Billion dollars for modern development of their infrastructure,in30%Down to the transportation department,Secondly, education、energy、Medical and agricultural sector。2014year,The total output value of the Turkish infrastructure industry is approximately177.8One hundred million U.S. dollars。exist2015Year2016The year reached189.9$ 100 million209.1One hundred million U.S. dollars。

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Turkey's flourishing construction industry has brought huge demand for the hardware market.。Turkish hardware imports are stable in recent years40$ 100 million。electrical tools、Stainless steel pipe fittings、valve、Manual tools and other needs are the most concentrated。It is worth noting that,Turkey in the Mediterranean Climate,UPVCThe use of doors and windows is much higher than aluminum alloy doors and windows,Can reach80%above。

2015China Hardware Exports to Turkey9.87One hundred million U.S. dollars。2009Start from year,China Hardware in Turkish market is basically stable22-28%between。China's various hardware products are involved in Turkey,Have a certain market share。in,The power tool has occupied Turkey47.7%Market share,Spending the first position。

the Philippines:“Bed construction”Planned investment1800One hundred million U.S. dollars,Hardware demand

In recent years, the economic stable growth in the Philippines has been,The total annual growth rate of national production is maintained5%about。Philippine population1.02100 million,per capitaGDPovertake1600Dollar,Is a country with strong purchasing power in ASEAN。

(brass tube supplier philippines)With the development of the Philippines economy,The country's real estate industry is also thriving,Continuous15More than two digits in a quarter,Therefore, drive a huge demand for hardware products。

(brass tube supplier philippines)Under zero tax,Mass purchase of Chinese products in the Philippines,China is the largest importer of Philippine hardware products,2015Year Philippines Purchasing China Hardware8.9One hundred million U.S. dollars,And take each year60%Speed growth。

brass tube supplier philippines

also,The Philippines is the fastest economic growth of ASEAN economy,Over the years, infrastructure has been invested,Traffic congestion problems are plagued nationwide。To reverse this situation,In recent years, the Philippine government has greatly increased investment in the infrastructure.。

President Duttel puts improved infrastructure as it“Dutter Economics”The primary development focus of economic strategy,and“Bed construction”(Build, Build, Build)The plan is the core。The government's goal is2017Improve the infrastructure expenses before the end of the yearGDPof5%,2018Year2019Further improvement7%。2017to2022Year,The goal of public infrastructure expenses is to achieve8Trillion9Tri-Philippine Philippines(about1800One hundred million U.S. dollars)。The magnificent infrastructure construction plan will produce a large number of hardware demand,Make a huge potential for the Hardware market in the Philippines。

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