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The high quality copper core pipe is a copper tube andPPRNew generation of new generation of household water pipes。The inner layer of the copper tube is a seamless purity,Pipe connections, built-in copper joint,Realize all copper water,Performance is equivalent to copper water pipe。The outer layer of the copper tube is as soon as possiblePPR,MaintainPPRTube advantage。Today, Xiaobian will tell you the advantages and connection craftsmanship of copper plastic tube.,Old room decoration needs to change the water pipe can be seen.。

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1、Sterilizing antibacterial,avoid“Secondary pollution”The inner layer of the pipe is seamless purple copper tube,Built-in copper joint,Hot melt with copper core tube,Realized the requirements of all-in-water water,Can suppress bacterial growth in the pipe。At the same time, copper ions are also indispensable for human body.。

2、Convenient installation

(brasso you tube)The outer layer of the pipePP-RMaterial,MaintainPP-RTube hot melt connection installation process,Convenient construction。

brasso you tube(brasso you tube)

3、Good energy conservation

Copper corePPR,Keep warm,Slow cooling,No need to be insulated outside,Effectively solve the heat preservation of traditional copper pipes、Antifreeze、Dewing and other issues。

(brasso you tube)two、Connection process


Measten pipe according to actual desired size,Make markers in the length of the need。


Use cutting and or cutting machine vertically to cut off the pipe required,Or use a steel saw to uniform,Saw of pipe,The flatness of the incision should be maintained during the operation.。

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Use a sharp pliers or special extension tools to cut the copper cartridge tube,Performing lightly rotating expansion、Conversion,And clean the tube。


Gently intervene in the copper core tube,And confirm that the connection is stable,Guarantee the full water of the pipeline。

5、Pushing the hot melt head while using a hot melt using a copper core pipe with a passage ring and a pipe without rotating。

6、Remove the heated copper core tube and pipe connection,Quickly insert the forceless rotary force,Inclinen,Make even the joint to form a uniform occupancy。

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Old room decoration is a very troublesome thing,There are many problems need to be rectified.,Many hidden projects need attention。This is more necessary to do homework in advance.。Several processes mentioned above are just a probably,I want to know more,Can continue to pay attention to us。

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