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Dewhek《Self-new continent》

  Qi Fengchi

  Know Dewhek is from his《Self-new continent》Beginning,Later, I appreciated him.BVarious cello concerto,Since then,I just liked D'Dewheck.。But I still know very little about Dewheck.。Later, I read for more than two hours on the casual seat of Xinhua Bookstore.《Dewhek》Only for Dwo Xiake's understanding of the rough line。

(dvorak brass writing tuba)  Anthony•Dviak1841year9moon8A poor family in Niye near Prague,Father is a small shop owner and creche。Dwo Xiake is sixteen years old,Recommended to enter Prague Panan School,Two years later in Prague's Temporary Theater。Since then, Dewahck began formal creation。

  I know that Diviake is spreading.eSmall tone ninth symphony《Self-new continent》,That is, he was invited to serve as the Dean of the New York National Music Institute.。This classic reflects his rigorous and solid in music structure.。

(dvorak brass writing tuba)  Dewahike also has a population music package《Humor》,Yes1894He was created when he was a vacation in the Czech Sakka area.。The original song is the piano solo package,After the adaptation of Chrysler into a violin solo。Extremely changing music expressions peppears,It is the essence of personal ingredients and artistic techniques in Dedviake's late age.,kind、Pure、Grace、Gentle,Very worthwhile taste。

  I am from Otaka.Silek《Dewhek》Learned。But this book makes me the most memorial to have such a detail.。

  Dwo Hami coats at Prague Music Academy,Dwo Hami asked a student asked Mozart What kind of person。This student answered the problem like and not,Called Dewahike very annoyed。Dewheck pulls the student's hand walking before the window,He pointed to the sky outside the window:“What did you see in the sky??”The student said very embarrassed:“I haven't seen anything.。”Dwo Hami said very angryly:“Didn't you see the sun in the sky?!Please remember that Mozart is the sun.!”I remember this text too profound.。I have repeated this sentence and often.。

(dvorak brass writing tuba)  Master's character and work have been tempting my mind.,Whenever night is quiet,I gently hang the curtains,OpenVCDPut Dewak's CD,When I was waiting, I poured a half glass of red wine.,Then sit quietly on the sofa and listen to the Schumman quietly on the sofa.,Elegant,Lingering,Eprotice,Profound music。I sip a small mouth wine,Finely taste the wine,Enjoy music between it is drunk,Just like a pair of intangible crisp, stroking your tip nerve and the most sensitive part。In the soft finger of music, I quietly entered a realm of life can't arrive.。This is the magic of music,This is the magic of anything that can't be replaced.,Only music can walk into my soul and blood,Only Dewheck and Mozart bring I can walk into the world close to Tianzhu。at this time,I have already forgive all things.,I feel that I am a note in music.,Half waking half of the five tabs of the track fluttering、Stretching is completely like a cactus。This is the role of music is also the effect of wine.。I am completely comfortable in the paradise of music and wine.,Really“I hope that I will not wake up.”Idea。