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(huntington brass roman tub faucet)American scholar Huntington20Foreign probationary about the world change,It seems that it seems to be true today.。People can't be amazed,What is this person??

huntington brass roman tub faucet


Who is Huntington?

Samuel·Huntington,American famous politicalist,Professor Harvard University,Western famous scholar during the cold war。 1996year,Huntington published《Civilized conflict and reconstruction of world order》This book,The book has just triggered a wide range of political discussions in political and academic communities.。

General Chinese people know the name of Huntington,His“Civilized conflict”This concept has considerable attention in many social science scholars.。

Today,Huntington“Civilized conflict”Learn gradually change from an academic topic to an ideological issue based on international political level。

huntington brass roman tub faucet

What is“Civilized conflict”?

(huntington brass roman tub faucet)actually“Civilized conflict”Nor is not the words of understanding。Our hole old mat is in his《Consequence 》I have said it inside:Yidi,Not as good as the summer。Probably the meaning is:“Yi Di has monarchs but there is no civilization,It is better than that there is a civilization, but there is a civilization.”。This is probably as an expression of China's earliest idea of civilization.。

Huntington believes,After the end of the cold war,The decision factor in the world pattern is characterized by eight civilizations.,Chinese civilization,Japanese civilization,Indian civilization,Islamic civilization,Western civilisation,Orthodox Civilization,Latin American civilization and African civilization。

huntington brass roman tub faucet

The root cause of international conflicts in the future will mainly be the conflict of culture and civilization,Not ideology and economic field,International conflicts will be launched in different civilizations。

Different from other thinkers,Huntington's school is just a dispute,Precipitate over time,He has gradually accepted by the world。

Reread this book for more than 20 years,we discover,International political development trajectory and Huntington more than 20 years ago,There are a lot of amazing similarities,Many of the views in the book are achieved today.。The world's big change is the original premiere。

In the 1990s, it seems to be sensational.,It looks accurate today.。In case of a few cases:

huntington brass roman tub faucet

one:China's rise is inevitable

(huntington brass roman tub faucet)More than two thousand years,China has always been the leader role in East Asia。With the continuous expansion of China's economic scale and the continuous improvement of the economic volume,Chinese people have become more and more clearly,They have to end the history of being launched by the Western countries in the Western countries.,To restore the glory of the Chinese nation。

(huntington brass roman tub faucet)China's industrial scale is large enough,The market body is large enough,Lack of only part of high-precision technology。

China's rise makes China's further participation in the world's restructuring and reconstruction。And China is not a general participant,He is the largest participant in human history。

China has been waiting for more than 100 years,That is waiting for a chance。Don't prove yourself,But to tell the world:Once lost,I must take it back.。

huntington brass roman tub faucet

two:China and the United States are inevitable

How close is the economic connection between China and the United States,Fundamentally cultural differences will lead to two super big countries that cannot be harmonious。

Huntington pointed out,The United States has consistently unable tolerate another strong country to dominate the world, including dominating East Asia.,And the differences on major policy issues in US and China will become more serious,The tension between the two countries and confrontation will inevitably exist。

huntington brass roman tub faucet

therefore,The future of future peace is considered to have considered the ability of China and the United States to deal with their respective interests.。

Compared with Western civilization,Confucian civilization emphasizes authority and rating system。Country is higher than society,Society is higher than personal。Personal rights and interests are secondary status。The Western civilization dominated by Confucian civilization and the Americans form a distinct contrast.。Americans tend to do not believe in the government,Oppose authority,Encourage competition,Advocate human rights,Expand the interests of your eyes as much as possible。

(huntington brass roman tub faucet)This view of Huntington,Singapore leader Li Guangyao also expressed similar views。Li Guangyaothink,Values held in China,For example, collective benefits is higher than personal interests.,It is necessary for the rapid development of the economy.。

(huntington brass roman tub faucet)We always emphasize the rise of peace, not confrontation,We feel that the United States should also see us.。But slowly we also understand,We can't help but hope that they understand us.,After all, the nature of the United States against China is deep into the bone marrow.。

also,From history,None of the rise of civilization is performed in a peaceful way。With any US listen to you, you can believe in your peace.?

huntington brass roman tub faucet

three:China is not a country,It is a civilization that disguise the country.

Chinese civilization has some typical features。Such as not to believe,Letter of victim,Ancestor。Importance of education。Good at studying。Pay attention to face,Pay attention,Pay attention to Qing Zhishang。Request your own children to learn and look at the outstanding children of the neighbors,Learn the best people at the time,Learn the best people in history。

Huntington has a very famous argument:China is not a country,It is a civilization that disguise the country.。——《Civilized conflict》

huntington brass roman tub faucet

This sentence sounds a bit around。Then I will say two sentences.。Lift a small example,For example, in my country's government work reports mentioned many times2050Year-old,China must reach the level of medium developed countries。my country is going to be in the east,Stand in the forest of the world。

Please read the friends to pay attention to this sentence,What is mentioned in the report is that China must reach the level of medium developed countries.。Instead of China to become a secondary country。So this is not the pursuit of China's simple economic goal as a country.,But the pursuit of Chinese civilization。

(huntington brass roman tub faucet)Do you feel that I have heard or read some words about the national political and economic culture?。But if you think carefully, you will find it.,These words are very subtle。They are all able to scrutinize and have a very logical。

Country stands to a region or a regime,Civilization is a world。China is a country。But China is a civilization。

huntington brass roman tub faucet

China has14Billion。He combines the farming and northern nomads in the South.,He integrates a number of systems such as Bayun Yunxiao and Zhejiang East.。Every system has a long history and splendid culture,Have yourself good at the field that is not good at,This is already a super-large civilization.。

Western civilization is only a big premise of globalization.,It has a great impact on the world in this past hundred years.。But let's put your eyes again.。The influence of Chinese civilization,Slowly affect the current world,Even future world。

actually,Huntington's so-called Chinese civilization disguise,Not China deliberately disguised。This is what Westerners have not seen it for a long time.。Even our Chinese people don't always get around。

huntington brass roman tub faucet

Four:Western civilization and Islamic civilization will not stop

In history,Western civilization and Islamic civilization have been fighting for more than a thousand years。The reason for causing two major civilizations is,These two religions are a god。

They all think that they are the only true faith that all human beings should follow.。But on the other hand, there is another difference.。Principles of religion and political separation with Christian Western civilization。Islamic civilization upholds religious and political。

huntington brass roman tub faucet

Islamic civilization is not worthy of wealth and developed in Western civilization.,Nothing don't want。Just they know。They don't rely on the West,The day is the most, it will be poor.。But if they depend on the West,As a heterogeneous,They will die very miserable。

Similar to Russia,Russia is a heart to integrate into Western civilization,Helpless Western civilization does not dare to want him。Because Russia is not just a country,He is behind him represents Orthodox Civilization.。

There is a huge difference between Chinese civilization and Islamic civilization.。But there is a lot of commonality between these two civilizations.。For example, in politics,Western civilization as an opponent or even enemies。

also,Other points of authors,for exampleInternational Trade will bring prosperity to countries around the world,But will also cause new conflicts。for exampleCompared with other civilization,Western civilization is gradually declinedWaiting for the point of view, there is a very exciting discussion.。

(huntington brass roman tub faucet)Limited to the reason,This article only lists and evaluates the above representative perspectives,Want to learn more about Huntington's theory, you can read this book.。

huntington brass roman tub faucet

Huntington's live residence

Huntington is not a scholar playing conceptual game,It is a thinker who frankly face international politics and human survival.。Thinking from reality is the most profound thing left by this thinker.。

Many readers will have this feeling:Any book written in contemporary politics is reused after more than ten years.,It may feel that the author's view is ridiculous.,But Huntington's judgment and forecasting——Especially for the judgment and forecast of Chinese civilization and Islamic civilization——Let him avoid this。

Huntington's academic skills are undoubtedly above his classmates.,It is in his studentFrancis·FushanAbove。

(huntington brass roman tub faucet)huntington brass roman tub faucet


Huntington's shortcomings

(huntington brass roman tub faucet)Huntington regards China's Confucian civilization as a civilization that needs to be vigilant in the future civilized conflict.,And believe that Chinese civilization will make challenges to the world。From his perspective,This seems to be understood。

(huntington brass roman tub faucet)Western political elite will never really understand the ancient and rich Chinese civilization.。They are just accustomed to interpreting the historical events of other civilizations.,Western scholar, including Huntington,For the core values of Chinese civilization, there is only a blurred knowledge。

(huntington brass roman tub faucet)huntington brass roman tub faucet

He identified China inevitably dominated its own realm., This prophecy itself is problematic.。

first,We are not Confucianism,But Confucian culture。Religious and cultural identity is a very different way of thinking,Especially in confrontation。

Secondly,We emphasize and different,Do unto others, do not impose on others,Therefore, the difference in culture is not necessarily the conflict of civilization.,For example, Buddhism and Islam development and evolution in China, etc.。

so,Chinese and American conflicts are inevitable,But about China's dominance is obviously wrong。

Representatives of the so-called Western civilization in two or three hundred years,Chinese civilization fingerpage for five thousand years of history,It's really a bit of it.。

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