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Copper nut is implant

Copper nut buried in plastic parts, there are several ways,Mold molding、Hot press、Ultrasonic punctive、Several ways such as cold press and self-adoption。

1、Injection molded nut

Put the copper nut into the mold in the mold before injection molding。Due to different shrinkage coefficients of nuts and plastic,Easy to produce residual stress:And the operating environment is more bad,Low efficiency。

2、Hot press

The hot melt process is a heated copper nut to a certain temperature,Softening plastic,Then press,This way is small in the internal stress,And the tension of the nut is also very good.。Hot melt is the most common、The most common way to embedding,Generally use hot melt machine or hand-iron iron。

brass tube fastners

picture1 Hot pressing tool

Note:Key control parameters1、Heat pressure head temperature;2、Preheat time;3、Burying time。As shown in the table below:

brass tube fastners

3、Ultrasound nut

Ultrasound is an ultrasound vibration,Enter the temperature of the nut to the surface of the workpiece to increase the temperature of the interface,When the temperature reaches the softening temperature of this plastic piece itself,Built into the colloated parts,When the vibration is stopped,The workpiece simultaneously cools the formation at a certain pressure.。

brass tube fastners

picture2 Ultrasonic embedding process

Note:Key process parameters:1.Ultrasonic frequency: 20-80kHZ;2.amplitude: 40-100μm;3.Vibration time;4.Burying time。

Because ultrasonic embedded implants instantly release energy,The impact on the nut is large,In the embedding process,Easy to destroy the nut structure,Especially threaded part。suggestionMI. 6The following nuts,It is best not to use ultrasonic embedded。

4、Cold pressure

Do not heat the nut,Instead, directly use the pressure to press the nut into the column。Based on this way, the nut-resistant torsion and tensile force is low.,Suitable for applications。

(brass tube fastners)brass tube fastners

brass tube fastners

5、Tapping teeth

5、Tapping teeth

(brass tube fastners)Use the wrench nut to screw,It is equivalent to attacking a tie with the plastic parts。Screw。

brass tube fastners

picture4 Self-adopted tooth implant

More implantation mode is hot press、Mold embedding and ultrasonic injection,The following table is the advantages and disadvantages of three ways.:

brass tube fastners

brass tube fastners

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