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yamaha silent brass tuba

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-13 03:44:40

(yamaha silent brass tuba)Yamaha's pedal has been in high-end fashion、Flexible driving method is popular。andAXIS ZThis scooter is more unfamiliar for domestic riders.,AXISSeries is the main practical image,exist10Year or20AgoAXISThe series can be said to be completely leading global design.。

This car can be traced back to1998Annual releaseGrand Axis (101cc),as well as2009Annual releaseAxis Street (124cc)。exist2017year,AXIS ZBeAxis StreetThe successful model is born。Carry onAxis StreetWith platform blue core engine,The actual exhaust volume is124cc,Maximum power output 6 kw(8.2 match)。But the engine has further improved on the basis of the original,There is also a further improvement in vehicle weight and control.。

yamaha silent brass tuba


exist2019Year2021yearAxis ZCut color update,2022paymentAxis ZNot only do you change in color matching,Also uses you can quietly startSMG(Smart Motor Generator)And able to link brakesUBSsystem(Unified Brake System),In addition, the lighting of the front headlights is upgraded.。

yamaha silent brass tuba

AXIS ZThere is also a surprise low fuel consumption,Can reach51.9km/L,Equivalent to 100 kilometers fuel consumption2L。The baggage capacity below the toilet37.5L,Can accommodate2Jet helmet。Really daily commuter、Buy vegetables、The choice of the baby。

(yamaha silent brass tuba)yamaha silent brass tuba

yamaha silent brass tuba

yamaha silent brass tuba

yamaha silent brass tuba

2022Color with matte deep purple metal blue、Metal black、metal gray、Matte brown and white,It is reported that this car will3moon18Japanese official sale,2022Sold price271700JPY,about1.5Wan Ren。This displacement is relatively high in accordance with the price of the domestic level displacement scooter.,But Yamaha brand、Texture、Couple with mute boot and unified brake system,This price is also more,What do you think?

2022YamahaAXIS Ztechnical parameter


engine:Single cylinder air-cooled four strokeSOHC 2Valve

(yamaha silent brass tuba)Cylinderxjourney:52.4 x 57.9(mm)

(yamaha silent brass tuba)Maximum output :6.1 [8.3] / 7000(kW [PS] / rpm)

Maximum torque:9.8 [1.00] / 5000 (N·m [kgf·m] / rpm)

(yamaha silent brass tuba)Fuel tank capacity:5.5(L)

longxwidthxhigh:1790 x 685 x 1145 (mm)


Axon:1275 (mm)

Minimum ground clearance:125 (mm)


Tire size:100/90-10 56J

(yamaha silent brass tuba)100/90-10 56J

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