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tuba family brass instruments

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-13 02:38:35

《Bullfigh》、《Castle in the Sky》、007Piece head 《The James Bond Theme》……Day later“Big stage”In the performance,Cultural volunteers from Liaoning Opera House,Dedicated to the audience a classical and popular collision,Let Shencheng music enthusiasts not only feel the lively and integrity of indoor music,More experienced the charm of different types of copper tube instruments。

(tuba family brass instruments)Participated in this instrument with a trumpet、Round number、Length、Large number, etc.,Many people are not strange to these instruments,But I don't know much about their performance and sound characteristics.。This is no wonder,Because in the big band,These copper tube instruments are usually in“Green leaf”Location,In addition to occasionally take it out to make surprises,It will be overwhelmed in the stringed instruments。And in indoor music,String is relatively common,But the copper tube indoor music is in a new state.,Especially in Shenyang.。Mr. Han is coming with a son who is blowing small numbers in the drum number.“Observe”show,He told reporters after the concert:“After listening, I found my own understanding of the instrument.,The original tube musical instrument can be used as beautiful。The son is also a small number‘cause’More interest。”

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tuba family brass instruments