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Drainage washing machine floor drainSelection principle

We need to consider some principles when you have a laundry facility, you can buy a good floor or leak.:

1.Washing machine drainage leaks really confused,Different levels of leaks。

2.The selection of washing machine drains is not only a smell,Still down quickly,The traffic is sufficient,In this way, the sewage is discharged smoothly.。

3.Selected floor drain,Let the cockroaches in the sewer can't climb into the home.。

4.Want to cooperate with the water tube in the home washing machine,Will not make the water spread up。

brass drain plug tube

Drainage washing machine floor drainMethod of choosing

We know the principle of laundry facilities,So how should you perform the selection of the washing machine drainage,There are different ways to buy the sole the washing machine for your laundry facilities.:

(brass drain plug tube)Washing machine should choose a dedicated floor drain,The dedicated floor drain of the washing machine is a round cover that can be removed in the ordinary flooring center.,When you use it, you can insert the drainage pipe of the washing machine.。

Select to see its material when the washing machine is drained,At present, there are main cast iron on the market.,pvc,ceramics,brass,Stainless steel,Floor leakage of copper alloy and other materials,Among them, the best performance of brass land is the best.,The price of stainless steel and copper alloy is very moderate。

Washing machine drainage is leaking when you purchase it, you have to look at it.,If the space in the floor drain is relatively large,And the water flow does not hinder ground drain,Such floor leaks can be purchased。

The choice of leakage jumps should be considered when purchasing the washing machine drainage floor,Washing machine can be drained directly to the ground,Three-way-Double tube floor leak is to achieve two washing machines,Or is the washing machine and mop pond simultaneously drainage,The landlight of the single tube is the floor drain of the washing machine drainage。

(brass drain plug tube)Drainage washing machine floor draininstallation method

We bought the washing machine drainage.,The next job is to install floor drain,So,How should I install a washing machine drainage?:

We must first make the reserved holes of the drainage must be completely consistent with the bought,Under normal circumstances, the real estate business is a relatively large reservation of the drainage.,In order to better install floor drain, we need to trim the size of the reserved hole and the same ground drain.;

Within this plane in the bathroom,The height of the ground leak is always in the lowest position.,And the slope is compared to the highest position1-2Spend,This allows smaller water to discharge into the ground,Will not cause ground-water。

The above is the relevant content of the upper drainage washing machine floor leakage.,I hope to be helpful。