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double tube golden brass chimney range hoods

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In recent years,Open kitchen increasingly sought after by young consumers。But when the open kitchen meets Chinese cooking,Disadvantages are also obvious,The outstanding performance of a range hood helps avoid smoky House。

Home cooking,Which best range hood can effectively block the invasion of cancer-causing fumes?

Hong Kong Consumer Council's《choose》Tested15Models range hood,It encompasses more traditional dual fan design,And in recent years Yuqu popular chimney、Pull trip type and rectification plate design。

(double tube golden brass chimney range hoods)

double tube golden brass chimney range hoods

Test brand

Whirlpool、Matsushita、Siemens、Cherry blossoms、TGC、The Pacific Ocean、Electrolux、Philco、Fuji Wong、German Pool、Jane Parker、Westinghouse、Gold card、Jin Yadian、Tada cards

Test indicator

Displacement、Displacement stability、Fume extraction、The ability to smell and steam、Fan energy efficiency、Degree of safety。

Test Results

1、test4Class range hoods are all good,Consumers can simultaneously consider the kitchen and cupboard space,And with the kitchen design to make a choice。

2、Chimney:recommendWhirlpool,Fume extraction capability dominant,Displacement stable。

3、Pull trip type:recommendElectrolux,Good pumping ability fumes。

4、Rectification plate:recommendFuji Wong,Oil Cup/Giga soot filter oil capacity,High energy efficiency fan。

5、Traditional dual fan:recommendSiemens,Self-cleaning effect is remarkable。

double tube golden brass chimney range hoods(double tube golden brass chimney range hoods)

Cherry blossoms、Jinya Dian displacement stability bottom

In the purchase hoods,Displacement is a very critical fixed target,Too big too small are inappropriate。

Excessive exhaust,It will suck the oxygen around the flames on impact and,The stove will heat away。But displacement is too small,Take away the smoke and the speed is too slow,Will not take away the smoke has spread to four weeks。

Depending on different scenarios and general cooking area of the kitchen and choose,As is often stir-fried cooking consumers can choose a relatively large displacement product。

The test is an exhaust pipe connected to the top of the hood exhaust port,Instruments control air pressure of the exhaust pipe outlet position,Hood displacement again measured at different pressures。

When testing range hood to adjust the maximum winds file,The test results for the hood displacement at different pressure values obtained in accordance with the amount of,refer toIECInternational Standard hoods connected calculate the displacement of the vent pipe。

The results show that,15The displacement in the range hood models471~962cubic meter/Hour,More than double the difference。

(double tube golden brass chimney range hoods)

byMatsushita、TGCDisplacement higher,Respectively962cubic meter/Hours and817cubic meter/Hour。andFuji WongDisplacement is low,for471cubic meter/Hour。

4Class chimney hood comprising、Pull trip type、Rectifying plate and the average displacement of conventional dual-fan hood are802、610、525、641cubic meter/Hour。Roughly speaking,Displacement chimney samples were generally higher。

(double tube golden brass chimney range hoods)

The actual operation,The displacement range hood will be affected by the length of vent pipe、Affect whether the number of bends and export when the wind and other factors。To achieve a higher displacement,Should make minus short exhaust hose and reduce the bends。

double tube golden brass chimney range hoods(double tube golden brass chimney range hoods)

but,If the range hood location away from windows,You need to install a longer or more vent pipe bends,Since the resistance is large,It may lead to reduced displacement。If the vent pipe when the air outlet,Displacement or further reduced。

A well-designed range hood,Less affected by displacement or pressure resistance,I.e. the better the stability of displacement。

The results show that,4The performance level of each class hoods,Them toWhirlpool、Electrolux、Philco、German Pool、Jane Parker、WestinghouseandTada cardsThe more stable displacement。

relatively,Cherry blossoms、Jin YadianThe displacement is relatively more susceptible to pressure or impact resistance is weakened,But in general,Unless the exhaust outlet throat when the wind and sustainable in the strong wind,Otherwise, the impact is not obvious。

TGC、Fuji emperor most power,Electrolux most power

During displacement test,While power consumption measured。

Excluding the lamp power used,When the wind speed is set at the maximum number of segments,15The models range hood power consumption87~262W,Assume power on a daily basis2Hour,Per kWh1.2Yuan projections,Annual electricity bill of around76~229Yuan。Fuji where the Emperor lowest power consumption,Pacific and multi-licensing of the higher power consumption。

(double tube golden brass chimney range hoods)

When the wind speed is set at the minimum number of segments,15The models range hood power consumption48~174W。LikewiseFuji WongThe lowest power consumption,andWestinghouseandTada cardsThe power consumption is high。

It is worth mentioning that,The time required different habits and home cooking every day is different,The consumption of natural gaps。

also,due to15Different models of the displacement range hood,In assessing the fan energy efficiency,In addition to considering the power consumption outer,Exhaust capacity must be considered。therefore,And the displacement amount of power consumption resulting estimated exhaust hood sections10000Cubic meter of air power required。

When the wind speed is set at the maximum number of segments,15Models range hood power consumption between1.7~3.7kWh,More than double the difference。byFujihuangMost powerful,IlexandField cardPower consumption。

When the wind speed is set at the lowest number,15The power consumption of the pumping hood is1.3~5.3kWh,Triple difference。EquallyFujihuangMost powerful,IlexPower consumption。

comprehensive4Performance of class samples in the highest and minimum wind speed,It is found that the fan energy efficiency of the exhaust hood is not necessarily related to the category it.。

exist15Entine hood,byTGC、Fuji Royal Fan Energy Efficiency Best,Followed byMatsushita、Cherry blossom and Jinda。andIlexAlthough the exhaust gas is stable,But fan energy efficiency is poor。

double tube golden brass chimney range hoods(double tube golden brass chimney range hoods)

Whirlpool、The Pacific Ocean、German treasure, etc.5Good to smoke

In the kitchenCBe responsible,“Extract”Is a job work of a smoke hood。

The case of using the pumping hood when the consumer is cooked,Two tests。

First test referenceIECstandard,Boot hood with the highest wind speed,At the same time, it will continue to eat oil and water.30Minutes on a pan in a furnace heating,10Turn off the smoke after minute,Measuring the oil volume collected by the exhaust hood,Epotarded oil via exhaust port。Double the amount of edible oil and water in the second test,Situation in simulation Chinese cooking multi-oil cooking。

Comprehensive test results,Most of the samples of smoke in the smoke。In the middleWhirlpool、The Pacific Ocean、Ilex、German treasure and Jinda Caper can be better than smoke。andFlying song、SimpleThe scouring cigarette is more inferior。

It is worth mentioning that,The interstitial smoke capacity of the same mining hood usually increases with the volume of exhaust,But different models of oil hood,Due to different design,Therefore, the model with better exhaust is not necessarily good to take out the smoke.。

also,The test also assessed15Sleeping hood absorbed、Vapor capacity。

The results show that,15The ability to soy flavor is excellent,Once after opening, you can ketone(A chemical that is easy to volatilize and have a strong smell)Concentration reduction99%。

On the steam capability,Whirlpool、Matsushita、Cherry blossoms、Jane's performance is betterTGC、Ilex、Siemens、Whising、Gold medal、Field cardThe speed is slower or a small amount due to the reduction of relative humidity in the room.“Sweat”Receive less score from the sciped hood。

double tube golden brass chimney range hoods

German treasure、Oldalande noise

What is the excessive experience in the noise of the pumping hood??

(double tube golden brass chimney range hoods)

Or is the moment when you open the smoke hood,As if you are completely isolated in another world,I can't hear the phone,I can't hear someone talk.,Can also make the original sentimental cooking mood is irritated。

Test referenceIECstandard,Measuring the sound power level when the exhaust hood is operating at the highest wind speed,Decibel,The lower the value, the lower the sound energy emitted by the exhaust hood.,That is, the noise is smaller。

National standardGB 19606-2014《Household and similar electrical noise limit》The limit value for noise is73decibel。

(double tube golden brass chimney range hoods)

The results show that,15The sound power level of the pumping hood64~73decibel。In the middleTGC、Flying songMinimum noise,The amount of sound power level is the same as64decibel。andThe Pacific Ocean、German treasure、SimpleandField cardThe amount of acoustic power level is higher,Be72~73decibel,Large noise。

(double tube golden brass chimney range hoods)
double tube golden brass chimney range hoods

【Special statement】:The objective raw data used in this article is from government departments or authorities.,This magazine further comprehensive analysis and interpretation of its own evaluation system,The result of the product evaluation is limited to the single sample and model associated with the original data.。

double tube golden brass chimney range hoods