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connector steam no lock o ring brass tube

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Connector(Aviation plug)OType circle knowledge

OThe type circle is currently one of the most common radial sealing methods of the water tight connector.,This principle of this sealing is the printing of soft media materials and hard medals.,Relying on the soft media“flow”Fill a gap,Reaching the effect of sealing。This process,We canOThe type circle is considered“High viscosity fluid”,Whether it is affected by the surrounding mechanical structure,Still affected by other liquid transfer,This“High viscosity liquid”Inside the trench“flow”,Then fill“gap”This series of roles forms a sealing effect。

connector steam no lock o ring brass tube(connector steam no lock o ring brass tube)

The picture below isOSchematic diagram of the working state of the type ring:

(connector steam no lock o ring brass tube)connector steam no lock o ring brass tube(connector steam no lock o ring brass tube)

a:Unstressed,Just initial extrusion deformation caused by the size of the hard mediation;

b:Structure pressure,Movement to the gap,Get larger contact area and sealing stress;

c:OType circle is under pressure to reach the limit,Small partial sealing material enters and fill the gap。

connector steam no lock o ring brass tube

d:If the force is too large,Sealing material surface tension failure,Material enters an open area or gap,OType circle failure。

Depending on the ambient temperature、Work pressure、Medium materials, etc. to determineOType ring material、Hardness and temperature level,ThereafterOCompression ratio of type circles、Extrusion limit and gap,Final determination sealing structure design。

Sealing compression ratio:

The seal of the connector is usually a static seal,For general sealing,OThe compression ratio of the type ring is generally15%~30%。

In ThereOStructure of type ring groove design,Compression ratio calculation formula is:OType ring initial deformation diameter- Trench depth(Need to seal the gap)/OType ring initial deformation diameter。

Note:This compression value is not a standard constant,Specific use specific design,Just as a reference value when used in a general environment。

Determination of sealing rings extrusion limit and gap:

OSealing effect of type circles,From the sealing material to extrusion deformation and small partial fillers,In the case of less than the limit value,OType circle increased pressure,Deformation is larger,Stress is also larger,People get a tighter seal。In order to avoid the occurrence of sealing failure,To control the size of the extrusion gap,This extrusion gap is dependent onOHardness of the type circle、Size of working pressure and trench gap。A design hereGuideline

connector steam no lock o ring brass tube(connector steam no lock o ring brass tube)

summary:Underwater equipment needs to grow strongly,A few days ago and a friend also talked to the application requirements of the connector for the connector for household sewage treatment equipment.,In the current situation,Sealing or key constraints affecting the application of the connector in this area,And the seal design is a component that is easy to ignore in the connector,Today, this topic is not only an extension of yesterday's topics.,Another discussion of the way to radial sealing。Sealing designOType circle also groove design,The content of the groove design talks tomorrow.。

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