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5 16 od brass tube

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Want to useOD2The giant car owner of the big head tube specification orCanyonThe owners will be very troublesome when they come to change.,1-1/4Inch's front fork and cannot be used1-1/8Establishment of inch standard specifications,So choose very narrow。Today, let's take some brands to launch the corresponding set or one。


(5 16 od brass tube)Be the earliest use1-1/4Brand of inch front fork,In fact, earlyCanyonThere is no launch corresponding self-owned and put the group.。Until the second generationAeroadStart loadingAerocockpitInsert,I started to launch my own group。

5 16 od brass tube5 16 od brass tube5 16 od brass tube

There are currently three models in the corresponding one.,The competition orientation isH36andH11Pneumatic integration and comfortH31Human engineering。Although other brands of models can also be installed,But it doesn't seem to matchCanyonHome pneumatic bowl,The appearance is not so harmonious.。

5 16 od brass tube

RoutineV13Aluminum alloy,An angle6°,supply70-120mmlength。Strong versatility,But the weight is a bit touching……


as aOD2Big household,At the same timeOD2Operating the unit。GIANTThe group is the most common on the market.OD2Put together group。Not aloneGIANTUsers will choose to use,Even users of some standard tube frames will also choose the plug-in set to use their home carbon fiber。

5 16 od brass tube5 16 od brass tube

GIANTThere are currently two integration,First generationPropelPut togetherCONTACT SLR AEROPneumatic one is still selling;And newly launchedCONTACT SLR,This integration is more important,CCCFleetry“Fan QR code”Also choose to use this one。It is worth mentioning that,Two integrations are completely specific,All38cmwidth,Take the length of the length70-130mm。

5 16 od brass tube5 16 od brass tube5 16 od brass tube

Cube,Classic thick modelsCONTACT SLRStill sell,The solar network team has some drivers in the previous season.。In addition, it is equipped withLIV LANGMAUpCONTACT SLR FLUXCarbon,Still continuedCONTACT SLRSquare thick section。There is no big rigid demand,I hope my car appearance is more refreshing.,Not so heavyweight,GIANTAlso off“slim”VersionCONTACT SLRCarbon。Three sets8°,Length from70mm-130mm,It is said that there is a small amount of supply team.17°classic styleCONTACT SLRInfoed into the market。

5 16 od brass tube5 16 od brass tube

Getting-to-door aluminum is divided intoCONTACTandCONTACT SLTwo money。CONTACTuse6061Aluminum alloy forging,CONTACT SLUse2014Aluminum alloy forging,Both the angle8°,Length from60mm-130mm。


(5 16 od brass tube)SCOTTFollowCANYONandGIANTAfter anotherOD2Large household,At present, two main models are available.1-1/4Inch head tube,Both of its control componentsSYNCROSsupply。

5 16 od brass tube5 16 od brass tube(5 16 od brass tube)There are two,BeFOILin useRR1.0 CARBON AEROIntegratedAddictin useCRESTON IC SL。RR1.0 CARBON AEROWidth only40-44CM,Increment the vertical length range with the width,It is still a frame that can be compatible with other brands.。Complete full-line lineCRESTON IC SLIt seems to be compatibleAddictFrame。

5 16 od brass tube5 16 od brass tube(5 16 od brass tube)Putting the cube is also divided into correspondingFoilofRR1.0 AEROCorrespondenceAddictofRR ICTwo money。same withRR1.0Can be used for other brands,use6061aluminum alloy,All6°,Length from80-140mm。RR ICIt seems less than compatible with other frames。


RITCHEYIt is also the earliestOD2Make a vendor,After all, the yearUltimateThe frame standard is oneRITCHEYClassicWCSStand。

5 16 od brass tube

CurrentlyRITCHEYcompatibleOD2Two,Carbon fiberSUPERLOGIC C260And aluminum alloyWCS C220。SUPERLOGIC C260Very beautiful style,An angle6°,Length80-130mm,110mmLong125g。have to be aware of isC260Special putting the front cover lock mode is destined to be incompatible with partial flat bending。

5 16 od brass tube

Better compatibilityWCS C220Same is6°,Length60-140mm。


5 16 od brass tube5 16 od brass tube5 16 od brass tube

due toFSA K FORCE LIGHTCarbon has always been equipped with conversion sleeve,So is also compatibleOD2Structural。K FORCE LIGHTNo sound, there is two iterations,Be right,This puts a new year,Model similarZIPP SL SPRINTSecond generationFSA K FORCE LIGHTMaybe became the most in history“Short life”ofK FORCEStand……

K FORCE LIGHTThree generations6°,The first two generations are100-130mm,Added new90mmSpecification,And integrated。Two iterations also makeK FORCE LIGHTMore and more heavy taste,Currently madeCONTACT SLRSet……


5 16 od brass tube

VIBEofOD2The specification is the first to supplyGIANTSponsored World Tour Team,Perhaps the consumer's voice,finallyPROOr bring it to the retail market,From the previous generation“Renault”Double nail structureVibeStart fromOD2Specification。

5 16 od brass tube

LatestVibeAdded the integrated handover and reverse front cover screw,And from the past10°Become10°and17°Two specifications,Length is80mm-140mm。


5 16 od brass tube

Service Course SL-OSIt is also a structure that uses an adjustable angle conversion set structure.,This means it can be compatible when it is not installed.OD2Head tube。existOD2Under,Service Course SL-OSfor6°,Length70-130mm。Xiaobian personally feelsService Course SL-OSSquare cross section with bright black coating,The appearance is still very good,And higher specifications,use7075Aluminum alloy forging,Match black titanium alloyT25screw。


5 16 od brass tube(5 16 od brass tube)Super light parts brand from ItalyEXTRALITEIn fact, there is also a launchOD2SpecificationHyperStemStand,But only6°and90-110mmThree specification。7075Aluminum alloyCNCManufacture makes it only90mm—74g、100mm—79g、110mm—83g。andOD2SpecificationEXTRALITEOnly black standard。

(5 16 od brass tube)FOURIERS

As a strong developmentTaiwanbrand,Fuye naturallyOD2Specifications,And there are still some different places……

5 16 od brass tube

The first is a standard31.8mmCaliberRA009Stand,use6066Aluminum alloyCNCproduction,Take the angle17°,Length80-140mm。Why do you want to bend your caliber??Please see the decomposition below。

5 16 od brass tube5 16 od brass tube

Fuye also providesRA001andRA008Two money35mmCaliberOD2Stand,When you think this can only cooperateDEDA M35Bending,I want to say,In fact, the rich will have35mmCleaner carbon fiber bend……


5 16 od brass tube

The domestic roundabout has also launched a nameF1Carbon fiber integration,It can also support the structure of the conversion sleeveOD2Head tube。In addition to the custody of the bowl, there is a seamless matching of the full internal trail.,Dimensions are also very rich,The middle is narrow36cm(Go out2cm),Range the length range90-110mm,Pay only325gabout,Is a very all-round one,The price is still a certain advantage。


5 16 od brass tube

Promoted by a large car in GuangzhouThe OneOnce, it has passed once.,The second generation is also supported nowOD2Specification,And alien the first generation30gweight。Specifications are also equipped,Width38-42cm,Put the length of the length,from80mmIncrement120mm。It is very low prices.,High price。