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2 mm diameter brass tube

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(2 mm diameter brass tube)“This is the best Dragon Boat Festival gift for our children。”6moon11day and night,Xu You, Director of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Chengdu Women and Children's Central Hospital, posted a circle of friends。the day8last surgery,Xu You is one10Year-old boy successfully removed from neck trachea3Year-old metal trachea casing。

2 mm diameter brass tube

2021year6moon11day,Xu You's exploration confirmed that the child's tracheal stenosis was completely relieved

(2 mm diameter brass tube)neck“wearing tube”:

The normal diameter of the trachea is five or six mm,His is only a millimeter or two

(2 mm diameter brass tube)This year10Fu Fu(pseudonym),a child from an orphanage。he doesn't remember,When did you arrive at the orphanage?。

Xu You told Red Star News,2019mid-year,Colleagues from the hospital's charity department found her,Said there was a child from a welfare home,more than a year after tracheotomy“extubation”,I hope it can help the child solve this problem。Xu You learned after a brief understanding of the condition,The child has difficulty breathing,aggravation after activity,gas tight,Growth and development are also significantly behind children of the same age。Sent to hospital for examination,Found out that the child has a heart attack,So in a well-known tertiary hospital in Chengdu, when anesthesia intubation was performed for cardiac surgery,Doctor finds anesthesia catheter won't go into child's airway,Surgery cannot be performed,It was confirmed that the child has severe tracheal stenosis,Immediately did a tracheotomy on the child,Inserting an anesthesia catheter through the tracheostomy,Anesthesia for the child,just completed heart surgery。

2 mm diameter brass tube

2019year11moon12before surgery,Fufu's tracheal stenosis

Just over a year after surgery,The endotracheal tube at the tracheotomy of Fufu's neck can never be extubated。child can't speak,a lot of saliva、Sputum gushing out of the incision。The teachers of the welfare home seek medical treatment for the children,I hope the catheter can be removed,Allow your child to breathe normally、say。but were told,Because the child has severe tracheal stenosis under the glottis,Can't block the pipe,Can't extubate。

Because the child is wearing a metal tube around the neck,not only uncomfortable,and can't speak,influence communication,Nursing staff also remove the inner tube of the metal sleeve for cleaning three times a day,boil three times。the most important is,For growing children,This is a serious blow to physical and mental health and self-esteem。

2019year,The teacher from the orphanage brought Fufu to the Department of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery of Chengdu Women and Children's Central Hospital for medical treatment,Exploration by bronchoscopy,diagnosed with“sublaryngoglottic tracheal stenosis”,cartilage stenosis。“kids his age,The normal diameter of the trachea should be five or six millimeters,But he(Trachea diameter)only a millimeter or two。”Xu You said。


complicated situation“step by step”,Not afraid to remove the cervical tracheal tube

“The tissue that narrows the airway is cartilaginous,during surgery,Need to remove bone layer by layer,Expand the inner diameter of the trachea。”2019Year11moon12day,Director of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Xu Youhe Hospital Operating Room、Anesthesiology multidisciplinary team cooperates together,after several hours,Completed laryngotracheal stenosis plastic surgery for Fufu。because withoutTshaped silicone tube,Xu You found a way to use anesthesia silicone tube as the support material,Placed in the narrow molding site。

2 mm diameter brass tube

Fufu's tracheal stenosis is completely relieved

(2 mm diameter brass tube)3months later,Xu You once again probed for Fufu,Confirm that the support is in good condition,no shift,The stenosis did not narrow again,So an anesthesia silicone tube that is one size larger than the last support tube was replaced for support and repair again。passed again3month,Fufu successfully removed the support catheter from the tracheal stenosis。

(2 mm diameter brass tube)But Xu You didn't dare to take out the metal tracheal tube on Fufu's neck at this time.,Worry about contractures narrowing again after surgery for a narrowed trachea,affect breathing,Just let the medical staff use a black plastic cover,Complete blockage of the metal tracheal cannula used to cut the tracheotomy of Fufu's neck。so,Fufu can speak,does not affect breathing,Further observation of its pronunciation and breathing,After confirming that the stenosis is really not narrowed,Then completely remove the metal tracheal tube from the neck。

“dragon boat gift”:

Before the Dragon Boat Festival,for children“extubation”The time has finally come!

2021year6moon,It's been a while since Fufu's surgery.1year8month。Fufu is completely blocked in the case of,sports,Running without difficulty breathing。Xu You thinks,The day has come to remove the neck tracheal tube for Fufu。

2 mm diameter brass tube

Fufu brought3Years of metal trachea casing,long pipes to be inserted into the air ducts

(2 mm diameter brass tube)The last surgery day before the Dragon Boat Festival holiday,Xu You explores the surgical site of Fufu's tracheal stenosis again,recovered very well!Complete relief of stenosis,The trachea is spacious,No granulation growth,6mm tracheal intubation can also be inserted smoothly,There should be no problem with removing the metal tracheal tube。Xu You finally safely removed the metal tracheal tube from Fufu's neck,Wait until the fistula in the neck heals,Fufu can speak normally like other ordinary children、breathed!at this time,Distance Fufu tracheotomy、put on“Metal tracheal sleeve”already3more than a year。

2 mm diameter brass tube

2021year6moon12day,Xu You came to the ward again to check on Fufu's condition

“how do you feel now?”6moon12day afternoon,Xu You came to the ward again,Check out Fufu。“It's a little hard to speak。”I am sensible to reply one word“徐奶奶”。Milky milk,是因为颈部拔除气管套管的瘘口还没有完全愈合,Xu You tell the child,等颈部切口完全愈合了,It is because the fistula of the neck remove the tracheal sleeve has not been completely healed.。

红星新闻记者 Some airflows have spilled through fistula when speaking. 摄影报道 Waiting for the neck cuts completely healed

编辑 There is no problem with talking and pronunciation.

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2 mm diameter brass tube