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aluminium brass tube weight

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aluminium brass tube weight
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aluminium brass tube weight

Calculate the mouth of the reinforcement per meter

(aluminium brass tube weight)Steel bar diameter

(aluminium brass tube weight)Unit centimeter

Take another step by zero

It is the reinforcement

Steel theoretical weight calculation method

◆Angle steel:Weight per meter(Kilogram)=0.00785×(Edge width+Edge-Edge)×Side-thick recruitment

◆Round steel:Weight per meter(Kilogram)=0.00617×diameter×diameter(Note:Threaded steel and round steel)

◆flat steel:Weight per meter(Kilogram)=0.00785×thickness×Edge width

◆Pipe:Weight per meter(Kilogram)=0.02466×Wall thickness×(Outer diameter-Wall thickness)

◆Plate:Weight per meter(Kilogram)=0.785×thickness

(aluminium brass tube weight)◆The calculation formula of the sheet of the colored metal is:M2 weight per square meter(Kilogram)=proportion*thickness

◆The proportion of various non-ferrous metals is as follows:Copper plate8.9 Brass8.5 Zinc plate7.2 stereotype11.37 Aluminum plate2.8

(aluminium brass tube weight)◆Aluminum floral plate:M2 weight per square meter(Kilogram)=2.96*thickness

◆Purple copper tube:Weight per meter(Kilogram)=0.02796*Wall thickness*(Outer diameter-Wall thickness)

(aluminium brass tube weight)◆Brass:Weight per meter(Kilogram)=0.02670*Wall thickness*(Outer diameter-Wall thickness)