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In modern times“doorbell”No longer just for the rich,“doorbell”It has been widely used in ordinary people's homes。Most doorbells in the market we can classify as electronic doorbells,As the name suggests,It is powered by electricity,In general, these categories:Ordinary electronic doorbell,intercom doorbell,video doorbell,Induction door ring。The following small series will give you a summary of various practical doorbell circuit diagrams.,Hope it helps readers。

Doorbell installation is difficult?Experts recommend various practical doorbell circuit diagrams

Dingdong doorbell circuit diagram

The figure below is a“Ding、thump”The electrical schematic of the sound doorbell。It is composed of a time base circuit integrated block and peripheral components。Its sound is beautiful and realistic,Easy to set up、lower cost,one period6VLaminated batteries can be used for more than three months,low power consumption。

(brass doorbell tubes)brass doorbell tubes

in the pictureICtime base circuit integrated block555,It constitutes an astable multivibrator。Push the buttonAN(mounted on the door),Oscillator oscillation,Oscillation frequency approx.700Hz,loudspeaker“Ding”the sound of。at the same time,Power through the diodeD1GiveC1Charge。when the button is released,C1through the resistorR1discharge,sustain oscillation。But due toANdisconnect,resistanceR2serialized into the circuit,change the oscillation frequency,about500Hzabout,loudspeaker“thump”the sound of。untilC1put on the voltage can not be maintained555until the oscillation。“thump”The length of the reverberation of the sound can be changed byC1value to change。

Circuit diagram of dual tone doorbell without battery

With the increasing popularity of telephones,More and more households have a home phone,But most residential phone usage is low,provided by telephone-to-home feeders48V(60V)It is economical and practical to use DC feed as working energy for electronic doorbells。Now introduce a two-tone doorbell circuit without battery。The circuit principle is shown in the figure,not difficult to see,The circuit in the figure is a modification of the conventional telephone ringing circuit。a、bThey are the positive lines of the telephone line、negative ends。ANFor the normally open doorbell button,While waiting on the phone,pressAN,Program-controlled switch provided48V(or60V)Voltage,DC feed viaVD1、R1to capacitanceC1Charge,whenC1Terminal voltageVcachieveIC1when the starting voltage is,IC1Start the vibration and send out a two-tone electronic ring current to make the buzzerBvoice,Notify the host that a guest is visiting。while the phone is in use,the figurea、bvoltage between lower than theIC1starting voltage of,at this time,even pressingANDoorbell button doesn't work either,This is because due toR1larger value,much larger than the impedance of a telephone。ThereforeANWhen pressed, it has no effect on the normal conversation of the phone。It also has no adverse effect on the program-controlled switch.,Busy for incoming calls only when the doorbell is in use。

brass doorbell tubes

The analysis and improvement of the circuit diagram of an intercom doorbell

(brass doorbell tubes)There is a circuit of intercom doorbell as shown in the figure,It works as follows:Hookswitch when on-hookHSof1、2contact,useAC220Vpowered by,V1With DC output,This voltage both charges the battery,also added to musicICof③foot。if clickS,then musicICof②foot is triggered,④The foot has music signal output,throughV2After amplification, push the speaker to sound,At the same time byR5promoteY2、Y3。After going off-hook,Hook switchHSof1、3contact on,Power on the call circuit,Intercom is available at this time。

brass doorbell tubes

This intercom doorbell is due to the audio amplifierIC2(LM386)high gain,easy to makeY2、Y3howling。verified by the author,as long asY2、Y3A couple of two ends in parallelpFsmall capacitor,Howling can be eliminated。

(brass doorbell tubes)Circuit diagram of music doorbell without button

This article introduces a music doorbell without buttons,All you have to do is stand in front of the doorbell,Automatically sound the doorbell。

The principle of the music doorbell circuit is shown in the attached figure。IC1and other components to form an infrared emission circuit,Depend onIC1、RP、R1、C1Constitutes multivibration frequencies,Component data as shown,Oscillation frequency approx.40kHz,The output current is100--200mA,Driveable infrared light-emitting diodesD1launch out40kHzmodulated infrared pulse。IC2is an infrared receiver chip,high sensitivity、high gain、good output waveform,And has the function of frequency discrimination。Infrared receiver tubeD2received40kHzAfter the frequency of the infrared pulse,converted to electrical signals,send inIC2the first⑦foot,magnified andC5、Ltuning andIC2Internal circuit detection、After shaping,by the①pin output pulse signal。

brass doorbell tubes

(brass doorbell tubes)usually,IC2the first①pin output low battery,D3deadline,Music ICIC3no trigger pulse,No music signal output,speakerBsilent。When someone stands in front of the door blockingD1When the infrared signal is emitted,IC2the first①The potential of the pin changes from low level to high level instantly,throughD3triggerIC3output music signal,Depend onVEnlarge drive speaker sound。

(brass doorbell tubes)IC1ChooseNE555,IC2forμPC1373,IC3Choose9300Series Music Integrated Circuit。D1AvailableSE303AorLM66Rtype5mmRound infrared light emitting diode,D2AvailablePH302Square infrared receiving diode。Vfor9013NPNTube,β≥100。BChooseYD58--1type、8Ω/0.25WSmall caliber speaker。Luse?0.08mmHigh-strength enameled wire,The medium-frequency transformer skeleton on a small transistor radio30匝。

Two kinds of no button music doorbell circuit diagram

Doorbells need to install,Therefore, there is a problem with trouble and easy loss damage.。Use a composite switch to replace the music doorbell made by the mechanical trigger switch,Optimize the above drawbacks。

brass doorbell tubes

picture1Vibratory。When someone knocked on the door,Piecemic ceramic sheet mounted on the doorYDAudio voltage is generated by vibration,Composite tube switchBG1andBG2Conduct,Music circuitCICPlaying a piece of music by triggering。Piezoelectric ceramic sheets are suitable for use in diameter,use502The glue is bonded to the center position of the off-gate.。

(brass doorbell tubes)picture2Touch。When touching the circuit with a fingerAPoint,Human sensing voltage makes a composite tubeBG1andBG2Conduct,Music circuitCICPlaying a piece of music by triggering。Touch electrodeACan be fixed to the door frame with a small moderate metal sheet。

Touch doorbell circuit diagram

Touch doorbell introduced in this article,Use touch mode instead of mechanical switch,It is simple and reliable,Funny。

working principle:Electrical figure is shown in the figure。555Time-based integrated circuit work in single stability,usually③Feet and⑦The foot is low.When you touch the metal induction piece with your handMTime,The body's induction signal passes0.1μFCapacitance is added to555Time-based integrated circuit②foot,Enable the circuit to turn into tempolic state,At this time③Foot output high level directly to the trigger end of the doorbell chip,The chip is triggered and the speaker is pushed through the triode.。at the same time⑦Feet also become high,Power supply100KΩResistance4.7μFCapacitor charging,When the voltage on the capacitor is charged2/3Power supply voltage,Circle flips,Temporary steady state,③The foot becomes low again。Touch once againMTime,The above working process is beginning to start。So every time you touchM,The doorbell is triggered once。③Feet0.01μFCapacitor is anti-interference capacitor,Can prevent the doorbell from being mistired。

brass doorbell tubes

Component selection and production:The doorbell chip of this circuit is selected“Embarrassment”(HL9300)chip,It is triggered once,although③After the foot changes low,It still can send three times in a row“Embarrassment”Voice。If you choose, you need to trigger a chip that has been high.(Music chip),Should be adjusted appropriate⑦The time constant on the feet is adjusted to adjust the temporary steady state,Make③The high level of the foot is enough to make the chip make a full music becomes low.。It should also be energized to measure the base potential of the doorbell chip to push the triode.,Such as static(Not sound)Low level,Be usedNPNType three-pole,The purpose is to prevent static movement consumption,Extend battery life。When the lead wire of the touch piece is too long, it is best to use the shield line and ground the shield.。This circuit is simple,Work normally as long as the installation is correct。This circuit can also be extended to touch switch、Touch alarm and other practical circuits。

Easy electronic dual sound doorbell circuit diagram

This article describes a double sound doorbell consisting of time base integrated circuits.,The circuit is shown below,Its core part isSL555Time base circuit。

brass doorbell tubes

Two-purpose voice doorbell circuit diagram

(brass doorbell tubes)This article introduces a simple sound control circuit。Less components,The static current is only1mA。This circuit can be used to voice doorbells and sound control toys。

working principle:The principle of this voice control circuit is as shown below。It is called a voice sensor、Receive amplifier、Actuator、Music integrated circuit、led、Speaker, etc.。Voice control signal generated outside,Eramy capacitor microphoneBMTransition into electrical signal,CapacitanceC1Coupled to triodesVT1Voltage magnification。VT1Output signal via diodeVD2Drive triodeVT2Conduct,Enable the power supply voltage to the music integrated circuitICof②foot(Trigger),musicIC③Foot haircut,throughVT3Enlargement,Drive speakerBLMusic music。With some simultaneous,ledVD3、VD4With the size of the music and frequent flash,It's like two shining big eyes of the doll.。Adjustment circuitRPResistance,can changeBMWorking voltage,Thus the role of changing the sound controlling sensitivity。capacitanceC2Is preventing false trigger,Avoid surge current impact surface。

brass doorbell tubes

Component selection:VT1~VT3Choose9014High gain triode,It is small to penetrate,β>80。BMOptionalCN-15EOr impedance1KΩOther electret microphone。Music integrated circuitICChooseKD-152Waiting for the working voltage3VHigh level triggering music integrated film。VD3、VD4Work voltage low、Light-emitting diode having high light emission efficiency。The remaining components are selected according to the values marked in the figure.,No special requirements。

(brass doorbell tubes)Installation and use:

(1)Home has a music doorbell,No need to make a circuit housing,Can be installed according to the picture and control circuit。

(2)Electral microphoneBM,Put on the outside box,Highly visible people。To makeBMkeep clean,Can be covered with a small flower cloth and labeled“Sound control”Two words,Can be decorated,Attract。

(3)In order to prevent interference from external sounds,Be adjustedRP,MakeBMHave appropriate sensitivity,People's mouth from the electret microphoneBMfor30mmThe left and right can trigger the doorbell.。

(4)LED is used in a sound control doorbell,Just a light tube,Put it in the outside of the door。When people speak,Such as lighting pipe display,Tell outsiders,Please rest assured that the circuit works fine。

(5)Children's toys,Choose a hollow plastic or fluffy toy,WillVD3、VD4Load two eyes,As long as children speak,The doll will flash the big eyes,Have a lot of fun。

(6)Children don't play,Take out the battery。It is best to choose4.7KPotentiometer with switch,Adjustable and switch,This saves static power consumption。

Touch music doorbell circuit diagram

KD-482Often used in quartz clock,If you add a few electronic components outside it,You can form a touch music doorbell。Circuit working current is60mA,The static current is almost zero。

The circuit is shown below。VT1、VT2Composition touch sensitive switch。Touch metal sheetATime,Human bodyVT1Gate injection an induction signal,MakeVT1Decreased drain current,Its drain and source resistance increase,CChange to high potential,VT2Conduct,ledVD1Bright。At this timeDPoint change to low potential,KD-482ofSWTrigger oscillation work by low level,Depend onVT3Zoom in signal drive speakerBLVocalize。Hand leavingATime,VT1The drain current is large,Leak、Source electrical resistance reduction,CPoint change to low level,VT2Cut off,VD1Extinguish,DChange to high potential。BLAfter broadcasting a piece of music, it will stop automatically.。

brass doorbell tubes

Component selection:Field effect transistorVT1remove3DJ6EOther junction field effect transistors can also be used,However, the saturated drain current is required to be less than1mA。ledVD1Model can be arbitrarily selected,To make the effect better,VD1The working voltage should be selected2~2.5V.Luminous tube with high luminous efficiency。The area of the metal sheet is300mmabout。

debugging:The circuit is connected to the picture.,First, the negative electrode of the power supplySWShort a wire with a metal wire(KD-482Trigger low level),BLEnter music。Control circuitry only adjusts slightly,Not touchABefore,Place the multimeter in DC1VGear,MeasurementVT2BasebEmittereBoth end voltage should be less than0.7V,Then touch it with your handA,At this point, the pointer indicates greater than or equal to0.7V。If this value is not met,Can change properlyR2orR3Resistance,Two resistors are best fitted to adjust。

Installation and commissioning:

Since the circuit is static power consumption,Therefore, the power switch is saved.。AandVT1The distance between the gate can be determined according to the actual situation,It is best not to exceed1m。ledVD1Best with touch padAUnderstanding outside the door,When the door is touchedATime,VD1Illuminated display,It means that the circuit work is normal.。TouchATime,Sometimes occasionally there will be a circuit's non-working condition,At this timeVT1andVT2It should be selected to enlarge a larger tube.。

This circuit can also be used for anti-theft,WillVT1Gate contact line is mounted on a metal portion such as door handle or door lock,When the hand of the thief can be alarm。This circuit can be used to touch children's toys after changes。KD-482ofE、E'The two ends are originally a beeping ceramic film,If it is improved to connect two light emitting diodesVD2、VD3(As shown below),Light-emitting diodeVD1Used in the middle of the forehead, especially three eyes,This not only.Light、Color integrated and interesting,And more people love。inVD1It is used to control bright and dark,VD2.VD3It is the size of the sound of sound and flashing.。

brass doorbell tubes