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11 32 brass tube id

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(11 32 brass tube id)DN32Water pipelines are generally used in household household water pipes,Its outer diameter is42mm,Inner diameter35.5mmand34mmTwo specifications,Small inner diameter,The thicker wall,But the outer diameter is constant。The national standard of ordinary tube isGB3092,The national standard of galvanized tube isGB3091。

(11 32 brass tube id)11 32 brass tube id

Why is the steel pipe model?DNPlus numbers?

Steel pipe model“DN”Refers to the nominal diameter of the steel pipe,“DN”The numbers followed are neither an inner diameter,Not an outer diameter,Just to make the pipe、Name of connection size。Outer diameter is usually used“Ф”To represent,Common steel pipe outer diameter conversion comparison table is as follows:

(11 32 brass tube id)DN10—Ф14mm,DN15—Ф18mm,DN20—Ф25mm,DN25—Ф32mm,DN32—Ф42mm,DN40—Ф45mm,DN50—Ф57mm,DN65—Ф76mm,DN80—Ф89mm,DN100—Ф108mm,DN125—Ф133mm,DN150—Ф159mm,DN175—Ф194mm,DN200—Ф219mm,DN225—Ф245mm,DN250—Ф273mm,DN300—Ф325mm,DN350—Ф377mm,DN400—Ф426mm,DN450—Ф480mm。

11 32 brass tube id

How to buy steel tubes

(11 32 brass tube id)1、The surface of the steel pipe produced by the formal manufacturer is printed with a clear brand trademark,Specification,Origin,Manufacturers contact phone and other details,If it is three products,It may be that some miscellaneous plants,Quality will not be guaranteed,Special water pipe impurity too much metal exceeds the standard,It is easy to harm human health。You can understand the popularity of the manufacturer during purchase.,Brand word of mouth。

11 32 brass tube id

2、High quality steel pipe surface is usually smoothed,Color,In particular, pay attention to whether the inner wall is also smooth.,If you can see obvious bubbles and impurities,Touching very rough,Explain that the quality is not very good,Not recommended。

11 32 brass tube id

3、The water pipe is usually installed under the floor or in the wall.,In the later stage, if there is a problem, the repair needs to be destroyed,Trouble。So when you purchase pipe,Try to choose a good quality and guaranteed brand,Can reduce the trouble brought by the last period of maintenance。Steel pipe strength is usually very high,Not easy to break,Choose the sample to test the hardness when you purchase。

11 32 brass tube id

4、If conditions permit,It is best to buy304Stainless steel straight drinking pipe,304Stainless steel is a food contact grade material,Our thermal insulation cups are made of this material,Very good performance,It doesn't rust,Industrialization、Anti-UV,High temperature,Not more fouling,It is also very long service life.,Can even be parallel with buildings。use304Stainless steel pipes as a water pipe do not have to worry about the secondary pollution of tap water to cause heavy metals.,However, this pipe is better because of the material.,Price will generally be a little higher。

11 32 brass tube id

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