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double brass with glass tubes for

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-12 22:54:46

Introduction:The brass of the promotion fashion world is now in the home circle, but it is not only a small name.,With its noble color and self-contained properties,Many home people love,As long as you wait quietly, you will be full of nobles.,I want home to get gorgeous.,Be sure to take him home!

Brass turned over!Say goodbye to the traditional rusty memories,The current brass has given new definitions by designers.,Shake the small net red in the fashion world。

double brass with glass tubes for

Brass and aesthetics collide,I have a little more expensive.,This doesn't want to take this golden brass.?

double brass with glass tubes for

(double brass with glass tubes for)Just bring a brass home to go home, it will negly,Still need some careful selection and match,In order to put the fashion of brass!

|||— ❶—|||

|||Let the desk upgrade brass pen holder |||

double brass with glass tubes for

The office desktop messy is worthy of work!Even the work area must plan a better,It's appropriate to use the brass of the brass.。

double brass with glass tubes for

DanishFERM LIVINGUse of brass material,Designed this minimalist pen holder,It is also very worn out on the desktop,Such a fashionable desktop,I will not sit in front of the table.。

Golden sparkling brass pen holder,Look at it is very advanced,And there is no extra decoration,This minimalist design is also very in line with the eyes of young people.,Also high and low design,Whether you want what you want, you can have,Something placed on the desktop。

(double brass with glass tubes for)|||— ❷—|||

|||Brass aromatherapy|||

double brass with glass tubes for

Aromatherapy compared to ordinary glass jars,FromTom Dixon OrientalistThe brass aromatherapy looks enough to gorgeous,This is also a lotinsNet red favorite brass design。

(double brass with glass tubes for)double brass with glass tubes for

Aromatherapy at home,Slightly candlelight,It looks more dazzling,Aromatherapy can make us feel relaxed,Mind the tiredness of the day。

Elegant brass aromatherapy surface has delicate alphabet engraving,Briefly bring more delicate side for simple aromatherapy,The aroma is very elegant after igniting,Match the base of marble,Overall looks simple and some gorgeous feelings,Feeling in the North European。

|||— ❸—|||

|||High-color brass watering pot|||

double brass with glass tubes for

Seeing such a high-value kettle surprises!Who says that watering a pot can onlylow?AYTM ViveroWatering pot integrates into the Danish designer inspiration,I became a noble kettle。

double brass with glass tubes for

(double brass with glass tubes for)Such a beautiful kettle must not be used to water.,It is also very good to make a home as a decoration.,Next to match a small flower,Full of literary breath。

The streamlined pot body fully shows the modern artistic beauty,The elongated kettle is more exciting to extend the overall extension,Whether you are in, you are very elegant,Passing the brass material on the golden mountain,It's a sighted watering pot.。

(double brass with glass tubes for)|||— ❹—|||

|||Brass bottle dotted on the desktop|||

double brass with glass tubes for

Don't like large-area use brass,A little brass is not bad,In this way, the brass at the bottle mouth does not seem to be more style.。

double brass with glass tubes for

(double brass with glass tubes for)The combination of brass and glass is together with the combination of brass and glass.,There are some retro feelings,Plug in exquisite simulation flowers is really beautiful to explode,Let the family look more comprehensively。

(double brass with glass tubes for)Brass elements in the bottle mouth,This kind of care machine has become the essence of a vase,Match a transparent glass,Vases look like a crystal,Mat with bouquet,Give people an indoor garden-like visual enjoyment。

|||— ❺—|||

|||Beautify porch brass umbrella stand|||

double brass with glass tubes for

The porch in the family is always ignored.,In fact, it is ponditude to see the first eye.!In order to make the porch look very taste,West elmDesigned a brass umbrella stand。

double brass with glass tubes for

It's very style with a faint metal gloss.,I feel that the umbrella, which is not super beautiful, is not qualified.,Such an umbrella is placed in porch,The whole forced out has improved。

The material of brass itself is very textured.,And marble material is very,Whole style is not easy,Simple design will be more tasteful,Where is it quiet?,I have my own unique temperament.,Let the family become extraordinary。

|||— ❻—|||

(double brass with glass tubes for)|||Brass chandelier with bright space|||

double brass with glass tubes for

Brass elements will exude gloss feel,It is very suitable for use to do a lamp, house doctor

It is designed with brass chandelier.,Will be even more shiny under the fitting of the light。

double brass with glass tubes for

I feel that a chandelier is too boring.,Several combination will be more beautiful,Light after the lights,Just like a diamond,Such a restaurant environment will resist。

The exquisite brass lamp surface has geometric texture,In this way, the feeling of cutting is even more shine.,Every angle exudes a brass unique ray,Minimalistic shape can also reflect the full northern European,Not just a chandelier,It is even more embellished。

It seems that you can use brass elements in every corner of your home.,Easy to bring low-key luxury!