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does union brass tub seat take a special wrench

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-12 22:43:01

(does union brass tub seat take a special wrench)The presence of the bath can make our life have added a lot of fun.,And recently has a circular bathtub very fire,Yinchuan equippedLet's take you to understandRound bathtub is generally sizedas well asRound bathtub installation process

one、Round bathtub is generally sized


The circular bathtub is generally relatively large.,In diameter1.5Rice to2Muli,Generally I can see in the renovation of hotels and villas.,Because it is very large for the area,So generally all kinds of households can not meet it.,Bathtub in the current society,It is not that every household is likely to install.,However, some people who pursue life quality will not give up this bathtub in the bathroom.。


(1)The occupied area of the circular bathtub is very large.,Most of them can be used in villas,Shape comparative shape,There is a relatively small family。

(does union brass tub seat take a special wrench)(2)The common circular bathtub size is in diameter1.3Meter~2Rice is not equal,In which1.8Meter and1.5Rice circular bathtub。But it can also be based on the special needs of some consumers.,Circular bathtub can also be customized。

does union brass tub seat take a special wrench


The size of the circular bathtub is relatively large.,Not suitable for small apartment,Therefore, it also has certain limitations,It is not reduced by the attention,And more than being sought after by fashion people,Therefore, in the renovation between the villas and the renovation of hotel bathrooms.,General small space unable to place,It feels very depressed in placement.。


(1)The size of the circular bathtub can be customized according to the situation.,If it is not able to customize,Then the size of the circular bathtub has a radius of80centimeter,75Cm and70Centimeter and60Cm。in70Centimeter is a general family。

(2)When selecting a circular bathtub size,Be sure to purchase according to the user's personal situation,Too big or too small will affect the comfort of the bath.。

does union brass tub seat take a special wrench(does union brass tub seat take a special wrench)two、Round bathtub installation process

1、We want to select the appropriate bathtub in advance according to the size of the bathroom.,Never look at what product is good, buy it back.。Second, we must pay attention to left other empty spaces in the bathroom.,Convenient We place other furniture。Finally, we are ready to install the wrench required to install the circular bathtub.、iron wire、Bricks and tiles, etc.。

(does union brass tub seat take a special wrench)2、Round bathtub installation should take into account the load,water proof,repair,Beautiful,Use of performance and other factors。Dawu An at one end of the bathroom。

3、After doing a good job,Supple with slotted parts to do waterproof,24Hour water storage test ensures no leakage。Let's use brick cement to make a contour,Passed your own tiles on the perimeter of the skirt,The contour also uses tiles to build a platform。

does union brass tub seat take a special wrench

4、Bathtub with foam tile pads,The tub is highly600mmWithin。Pick up the water,Keep a smooth。Then use the foam brick wall to ray。Be careful to stay in the corresponding position in the corresponding position,250x300mmabout。

5、Next, the cement is dried.,After stabilization, we will pick up the round bathtub underwater pipeline.,Point-to-point card into the outline of prior。

6、What material is used on a table?,Can be used with a model wall tile,Mosaic,man made rock,marble,Stainless steel, etc.,See the style you like。

does union brass tub seat take a special wrench

7、Round bathtub installed in the wall on the wall,Can effectively prevent the bottom moisture,Can effectively extend the service life of the bathtub。

Do you know??The circular bathtub covers a large area,Never need to be at home,But if the home bathroom is enough,Round bathtubIt is also a good choice。