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does brasso work on tube mechs

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If you let your sisters choose the summer or even every day, the most cool thing,So「Take off the bra」The option will be in the best。That feeling,Just like sealing release of freedom,It seems that there is a world in a second and happy to turn circle。

annual10moon13Day is the world's bradePropaganda Japan to improve the public's understanding of breast cancer screening,Remind women to pay attention to breast cancer,Encourage everyone to review regularly。

But do you know??About the invention of bra,It is also a wonderful history history.。

(does brasso work on tube mechs)Trace source:

A.D.4Of this century“Bikini girl”

If you just talk about the cover of your chest、Constraint or decoration,This history can be traced back to ancient Rome。Save AD in the Casar Guva villa in Sicily4Century mosaic mural,One of them is called“Bikini girl”Name,Woman depicting participating in sports exercise。

does brasso work on tube mechs

Woman participating in sports exercise | Public version picture

(does brasso work on tube mechs)However, in the picture, they bind their chests.,Because that is just a strip of linen or leather,Used to narrow and fix breast。

The history of modern bra is still not150year。The prototype and inventive patent of this product is19At the end of the century20Emergence in the beginning of the century。

for example,This bra is1880sInvented,Currently launched in the London Science and Technology Museum。

does brasso work on tube mechs

1800sBra | Watermark

(does brasso work on tube mechs)Approximate period,French girl Emnie·Cardale(Herminie Cadolle)Also1889The year submitted a patent for bra invented。She divides the traditional bunch of bias into two,The above part is used in her own patent description“Support for the shoulders to fix the chest”。This invention exhibited at the World Expo held in Paris.。

does brasso work on tube mechs(does brasso work on tube mechs)Emni·Cartoler design bra | Le corset, histoire, médecine, hygiène. Étude historique (1905)

In the United States,Social name Mary·Jacob will sew two hand pads with satin,Made stylish and hidden bras ourselves。This is the invention1914Year-old。

does brasso work on tube mechs

Mary·Jacob designed bra | U.S. PATENT OFFICE, 1914, Public version picture

Similar inventions in this period continue,Mainly because women have broke out the liberation of the body,Go into society,Join the joint needs。before this,from16The century began to popular with women for hundreds of years.、Uncomfortable、And a bunch of clothes that makes it difficult to act。

come out:

Saved human beings and saved whales

Long-term wearing a bias is very harmful,Skeletal deformation、Non-digestion caused by visceral compression、Back muscle atrophy、Disguise、Sustaining of breathing caused in a number of coma……Configuration in the boulder、Support“Whale bone”Whale,A lot of blue whales、The whale of the storm whale is killed。

does brasso work on tube mechs

Wearing the effects of birting | Valencian Museum of Ethnology

does brasso work on tube mechs

At that time, the merchant in order to draw the interests.,Baskets are packaged into a piece of protecting internal organs、Treatment of lumbar spine、Health products that help chest development,Even suggestions are also put on the morning as soon as possible“stay healthy” | elle.com

After the bra was admitted,This inventive is really saving humanity and saving whales.。With fashion aesthetics and social needs,Bras also changed in various details。for example1940sStarted to appear in the cup in the cup“Bullet”(bullet bra);At the same time, Yale graduate·Lang(Charles L Langs)Baby strap adhesive bra;From1950sStarting a popular steel ring bra, etc.。

does brasso work on tube mechs

Patty·Pelhi's photo of a bullet bra | Wikimedia Commons, General Artist
Corporation-management/photographer-James Kriegsmann, New York / Public domain

There is a magical story about the hook behind the bra.。Time falls back1871year,The fashion trend at the time was getting higher and higher in men's trousers.,The belt can no longer function。In order not to have a pants falling,The strap appears。

Big Wenhao Mark·Tween, because of the abundance of the strap pants,I feel that it is really uncomfortable,Therefore, he has given himself a small invention to himself.:Adjustable buckle。

does brasso work on tube mechs

Big Wenhao Mark·Tween, I got a small invention.:Adjustable buckle | U.S. Pat. No. 121992,Public version picture

This device can be fixed at one end in a shirt or vest,One end is fixed on the pants,That saves the strap that needs to be hung on the shoulder.。But with a similar role in the set vest,The men's trousers follow the trend to fall back to the waist to reope with the belt,mark·This invention of Tween is thrown into the trash can。

Who is19century30When people need to fix the bra,Discover Mark·The small inventions of Tween are appropriate.。The inventors of the trends have passed the world for more than 20 years,And his patents have expired.(According to the patent law at the time,The US patent is valid for post-release17year)。I believe that he should like to invent!


Thoracic carcinogenic lack of argument

Underwear is in the decades of inventions,Like its old seniors, publicity is promoted to women's health.,Especially in the shape of the chest,Prevent sagging。However, the continuous development of medical research no longer supports this overlay。

(does brasso work on tube mechs)There are no correlations between wearing bras and chest hanging.,Never stop sagging,Will not aggravate,Wearing underwear can only make the chest to maintain the shape of the design。The main and age of the chest、BMIindex、Smoke、Larger weight change、Support collagen loss、Glandular tissue aging hormone level change(Such as pregnancy or menopause)Equal factors。

does brasso work on tube mechs(does brasso work on tube mechs)Breastfeeding itself does not cause sagging | Pixabay

90Cancer causing cancer caison carcinances that have caused panic in the era were also illussed by experimental design defects,The argument of the so-called oppression lymphism causes toxin accumulation more inert。However, the size of the underwitable bra is indeed caused by the mammary gland.,And neck and back muscle pain。

Unfortunately, it may be up to the world.80%Women do not wear size suitable underwear。Some of them do not know how to measure size,The other part is to choose a tight underwear for the aesthetic appearance.。There are some manufacturers' supply problems.,The more sizes mean, the larger inventory pressure。Finally, I have to add about it.5%~10%Female breasts have obvious asymmetry,Differences can even exceed60%,And the cup of the bra is always consistent。

Incidentally,Today, the system describes the cup.1930sWarner established。Used to link bra cup size and chest volume。The numbers in the front are used to express the lower bust under the breasts。BackA、B、C、DIt is the difference between the upper bust and the lower bust。How much is the difference nowA,how muchBvaries by country(such as the US marketAcup is12-14cmwhile China is7.5-10cm)。But the basis of the measurement method is the same。

does brasso work on tube mechs

In today's description of the cup system,The numbers in the front are used to express the lower bust under the breasts,BackA、B、C、DIt is the difference between the upper bust and the lower bust | Wikimedia Commons, Unknown author / Public domain

But this measure is more commercially driven than medically driven,There are still loopholes in the measurement method that only talks about the volume and not the specific shape.。Here's why sizeless bras are so popular these days,Because even without medical support,but only from a comfort point of view,Attitudes and preferences for bras are also gradually changing。

(does brasso work on tube mechs)E.g,Worldwide sales of underwire bras are2005peak year,then gradually decline。in recent years,according toCBNDataposted《Underwear Industry Trend Research》,2016-2018year,The market size of rimless underwear continues to grow,especially2017year,The market size is growing rapidly50%。On domestic shopping platforms in China,The top sales are also no steel ring underwear。

Such consumer trends are well understood,Because of the steel ring,It's really uncomfortable.!

As for whether or not to wear it at all,Women around the world have made choices with practical actions during the pandemic。E.g2020U.S. bra sales fell in 201912%,Bras sold without underwire increased in sales40%。

However, since the reason for wearing a bra every day has been related to medicine、Physiology、Anatomical reasons for unbundling,You can decide for yourself based on comfort and personal aesthetics。If you don't want to wear it, don't wear it~


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