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60mm brass tube

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Drainage installation process:

60mm brass tube

Drainage installation technical requirements:

1、Drainage and flange,It should be checked whether the outer diameter of the duct or the outer length and the deviation of the inner side size of the flange meet the requirements.。Connection,The flange plane must be kept vertically with the wind tube.。

2、Drainage system before installation,Whether the highlights of the wind tubes and components should be further verified.,At the same time, closely follow the site changes,Once the situation in the on-site line conflict should contact professional engineers in time。

3、Denar positioning instrument to determine the boom position before the air is installed,Use this instrument to do only one midline positioning,Synamerically installed in the center line of the duct,The spacing between the insulation duct double boom is larger than the air tube specifications.120mm(Barbing wind tube edge60mm),The spacing between the two booms between the warm air tube is larger than the air tube specifications.60mm(Barbing wind tube edge30mm),Pay attention to the position of the air in the flange。

4、Drainage,The level of the wind pipe center line must be maintained,Install a horizontal measurement level after installation。The horizontal level of the duct is allowed to deviate per meter should not be greater than3mm,The total deviation should not be greater than20mm。

5、Drainage,branch、Hang、The bay cannot be set in the air、Flange and other parts。Rectangular insulation air tube cannot be directly used、Hang、Bracket,Pad on the mat,The thickness of the pad is quite the thickness of the insulation layer.。Branch hanger and related accessories(Wood, etc.)To do related anti-corrosion processing(Pay attention to mat wood end anti-corrosion)。

(60mm brass tube)6、Mounting riser wire hammer,Ensure the verticality of the duct。

7、The nut connecting the flange should be on the same side,Connecting bolts should be galvanized bolts,At the same time, you must be equipped with the corresponding gasket and spring gasket.,The flange gasket should not convex into the wall of the exhaust,Never convex outside the flange。

(60mm brass tube)8、Use the chain of hoisting wind tubes,Require:①Do not stand in the wind tube,Command by professionals②Fixed point must be firm。

9、Drainage flanges cannot be inside the wall。

10、Wind tube bracket roots[8Galvanized tank,Length80mm。

11、Drainage,Drainage test should be performed on drainage test,method:①For large people to enter the air tube,After connecting a section,Both ends with carpets or wooden boards,Illuminate the exterior of the air tube,The inspection staff inspected the air tube flange connection and the wind tube bite site inside the duct:Acceptance requirements:Low pressure system,Every10Rice seam does not exceed2Leline point,Every100Meter does not exceed16Leline point,Striped light;Medium pressure system,Every10Rice seam does not exceed1Leline point,Every100Meter does not exceed8Leline point,Striped light②For small system wind tubes,Under the conditions of ensuring the darkness of the external environment,use36VThe low pressure light of the protective cover is slowly pulled up to the other end of the wind pipe from one end of the air tube.,Check light,Acceptance standards。General case,The leakage point is mainly in three links、Flange connection、Wind tube flaps four-corner part、Ticket short tube connection、Fan and other parts of the fan,Construction team should pay special attention。For leakage points,Application Sealant in the wind tube(Big duct)External blocking。

(60mm brass tube)12、For any size system,First, the wind tube can be opened after leaking.。

13、During the wind tube hoisting,The unconnected at both ends must be sealed with fireproof cloth,Antiture。

14、Fire valve installation requirements:The spacing between the fire valve and the wall is not greater than200mm,Big sideb≥630Fire valve set a separate branch

15、Ventilation air conditioning system Drainage flange sealed gasket adopts rubber sheet,Smoke or exhaust and exhaust exhaust flange sealed gasket adopts silicon-titanium alloy rubber sheet,Thickness3mm~5mm。

16、The gasket uses a wedge-shaped lap(As shown below),The width of the gasket should be with the flange,The gasket cannot be overwhelmed into the air inner,Avoid increasing resistance affecting ventilation,Repair for protruding gaskets。

60mm brass tube

Wind tube bracket:

(60mm brass tube)1、Drainage level mounting bracket is shown in the table below:

60mm brass tube

Vertical installation,The maximum spacing of the branch4m,And not less than2 indivual。The branch hanging rack is not greater than the end of the air tube.400mm,The elbow of the horizontal elbow should not be greater than500mm,The bracketing tube provided in the branch should not be greater than1200mm。Side greater than1250mm Elbow、Three-way et al, etc.。

2、The root connection of the boom and hanger should be firm,The thread length of the boom screwed into the connection nut should be greater than the diameter of the boom;The boom and the horizontal should be fixed with two nuts,The length of the boom protrusion is suitable for the length of the fixed nut.2 to5cm。

3、Length20m Horizontal hanging duct,At least1 Anti-shaking bracket。

4、The vertical distance above the wind tube and the cabinet should be not less than500mm,Drainage avoids the installation of the transformer as much as possible,If you can't avoid it,Requires the distance of not less than500mm,If you can't avoid it, Requires the distance of not less than 500mm, Drainage insulation cotton should be prevented

Fall off measures;Setting the spacing of the lower row of wind tubes and electrical equipment in the gas protection room should not be less than 800mm。

(60mm brass tube)Boom diameter、Crossput、Expansive bolt specification sheet

60mm brass tube

Wind valve installation:

1、Check should be checked before the valve installation,Action test should be made after installation,The direction should be correct,Flexible opening and closing,Executive agencies should have sufficient operation and repair space。

2、Fire valve、Exhaust valve(mouth)Installation direction、The position should be correct,The fire-proof valve distance between the partition or floor is not larger than the surface of the wall or floor surface.200mm,Side length is greater or equal to630mm Fire valve should be separately branch(However, it should be noted that the setting of the bracket should not affect the operation of the valve body handle.)。

(60mm brass tube)3、Vertical combination wind valve valve body bottom concrete valve frame;The holes that need to be installed in the horizontal combined wind valve are set up for four weeks.,Water-saving sizes are on the decoration completion300mm*100mm(width*high)。Vertical and horizontal combined wind valve actuator center distance decoration completion surface installation height300mm。

4、At the time of construction, pay attention to the rectifier transformer room isolation network should not be required to be maintained.、valve。

Muffler installation:

1、silencer、Static pressure box installation,Supported hanger,Fixing should be firm。The muffler on the air conditioning system must have insulation measures。

2、Combined muffler installation should set up reinforced concrete foundation;Drainage is installed in the airway,Should ensure that the drainage ditch continuous,And drainage。

(60mm brass tube)3、Combined muffler upper distance structure is greater than500mm,Or when there is a pipeline crossing, it must be blocked according to the design requirements.。

Airport installation:

1、Air conditioning is not installed in the electrical equipment,Air conditioning returns should not be arranged directly above the electrical equipment。The horizontal distance of the exhaust and equipment set in the rectifier transformer chamber should not be less than800mm。

2、Set the area of the ceiling,Tlemon installation should be cooperated with decoration,Deepen Type Venture Paper installation according to the end of the decoration。The mounting of the exhaust should be closely coupled with the ceiling panel,Neat and beautiful。

3、The thickness of the rail top cutting plate is not less than3mm,And self-with openness adjustment,After the installation is complete,It should be adjusted according to the design of the air outlet and fixed exhaust opening degree.。

4、Drainage Softnate in Flange Interface。When the wind tube is connected to the tare of the ceiling,The length should be set200mm~300mm Flexible short tube;The wind tube should be set to the device to be set to150mm~300mm Flexible short tube,Something should be paired after installation,Should not be distorted。

Drainage insulation:

1、Material technical requirements

(1)Air-conditioning ducts in the air conditioning environment,Insulation thicknessδ=40mm;Air-conditioning duct settings in an air conditioning environment,Insulation thicknessδ=50mm;

(2)Tape of insulation material、The insumed should be consistent with the color of the forming material。

2、Construction requirements

(60mm brass tube)(1)Bounce first before the nail is constructed,Guaranteed the insumed paste after horizontal vertical,Rectangular duct thermostat number is not less than16 indivual,Side planes are not less than10 indivual,Top surface is not less8 indivual。The distance between the first line of insulation nails to the wind pipe or the insulation material should be less than120mm。When the wind tube is unilateral length exceeds the size of the insulation sheet,Reasonably arrange the insulation seam position,Make sure there is an insulation nail fixation per insulation plate。

(60mm brass tube)(2)Insulation nail is firmly rearward, insulation cotton construction。

(3)The wind tube flange should be taken to strengthen heat preservation measures,width100mm,The thickness is not lower than the wind tube insulation thickness0.8 Multiplication。

(4)Air-conditioning duct all wall or wear floor insulation layer should continue continuous。

(60mm brass tube)(5)Mask door portraits and machine rooms2Wind pipe below the rice、Static pressure box insulation layer should be reinforced:

(60mm brass tube)①The width of the glass silk cloth should be300~350mm,When you are entangled, you should lap more than half,The outer surface of the insulation material forms two-layer glass silk cloth wound。

②Pay attention to pressing the burrs inside when the glass silk cloth is constructed,Leisure,Glass silk cloth's head should be secured with adhesive。

③Brush fire-resistant coatings on the outer surface of the glass silk cloth。Brush the fire-resistant wound direction to brush the glass silk cloth,Coating should be strictly uniform,And pay attention to adopt necessary protective measures,So from polluting other parts。

safety work:

(60mm brass tube)1、Construction area wiring、Construction machine wiring should be carried out by the on-site electrician operator,It is strictly forbidden to pick up。

2、Various machines should be strictly carried out in accordance with the operating procedures。

3、In the cutting machine,Must work,And must be qualified to operate。Do not wear gloves when drilling machine operation。Electric welding machine,Must be carried out by full-time personnel and grounding、Protection work is in place,Must carry the welder certificate with you。

4、Due to many civil works in the station,It is strictly forbidden to work under construction、rest、pass through。Pay attention to terrestrial barriers and reserved holes during walking,Pay attention to fall、fall。And should add protective measures and warning signs in terms of safety hazards。

5、Not unlicensed,Drunk operation,Sick homework。

6、The distribution box should have a safe configuration and perform regular inspections in the construction of the distribution box.。Various machines should have good grounding and insulation protection。

7、Working class should be good in front of the class,To be targeted。Keep a focus on high-altitude workers。

8、Clear,To go to the specific operator。

9、Walking in construction,Bracket installation,Top board,Must use the action platform,Set up multiple people,Here are strictly prohibited。Pay attention to dust in the eyes when using impact drilling holes,Must be used to operate with a travelable platform,Anti-shackle measures should be around the platform,The upper part of the platform should have a closed net enclosure。The tools used by the operator must be loaded into the toolkit or put on the platform to ensure that it does not slip.。There should be one person to help work under the stage,At the office and the surrounding construction personnel should be vigilant,And evacuate。At the stairs, you must take a scaffolding construction.。at the same time,It is strictly forbidden to throw construction tools。

10、In the pipeline construction,Must use the action platform,Set up multiple people,Here are strictly prohibited。

11、When making a simple platform or hoisting tool,If you are prepared using a solid material,Full welding should be welded、Cut spot welding,Welding materials must be the same or similar,After the welding is completed, the construction team leader is robbed.。

(60mm brass tube)12、In hoisting operation、Equipment in place,The main construction tools such as the inverted chain must be checked,The construction team leader must be responsible for the command work at the scene.。

13、In cross-work construction,Should avoid the impact of mutual,Good protection measures should be made to their respective construction equipment。Do not work in civil construction,Construction at the same time。

14、unsettled affairs,Strictly follow construction safety operations、Criterion。

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