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11 16 brass tube to 5 8 valve

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-12 21:44:24

product name:Copper filter ball valve

Product number:SGQ11F-16T

11 16 brass tube to 5 8 valve

technical parameter:



Nominal pressure


proper temperature


(11 16 brass tube to 5 8 valve)Applicable medium

water、Oil、Non-corrosive medium

Valve body material


branded advantages:

11 16 brass tube to 5 8 valve

Applicable industry:

Products are widely used in petrochemical、natural gas、metallurgy、food、Pharmaceutical、architecture、Water conservancy、Environmental friendly、heat、Fluid control system in industries such as power station。

Xi'an High Voltage Valve Factory Group Introduction

11 16 brass tube to 5 8 valve

Xi'an High-Voltage Valve Factory Group is located in the development of national high-tech development zones in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province.25No,It is the national weapon equipment research and production unit and the national military secondary confidentiality unit,Has dual certification of weapons and China quality,Is the research and development of special pump valve, mechanical industry、Bone-type enterprise produced and covers valve development、manufacture、Detection、Large group companies sold in one。

Build a factory70Year,We always insist on technological innovation to lead,Military quality is guaranteed,Professional focus on pump valve development production,Group has patented products20Multiple,Widely used in nuclear industry、aviation、aerospace、Boat、weapon、Petrochemical、electricity、metallurgy、medicine、Gas、Water、Environmental friendly、Industrial civil and other fields,Titanium alloy、Zirconia is mainly developed by various high-intensity corrosion pump valve products belong to one of the national characteristics,Enjoy a very high reputation in the industry and users。

We have obtained national special equipment manufacturing licenses、Weapons and equipment research secondary confidential qualification certification、Weapon equipment quality management system certification、ISOSeries certification、High-tech enterprise certification、Excellent Yelong Enterprise、Integrity construction demonstration units and other qualifications and honors。

future,We will continue to follow“Technology as the guide,High quality tree brand,Credit”Development strategy,Get full、policy、industry、Funds and other advantages,Continuously increase technology innovation,Continuously promote product structure adjustment,Deepen the construction of ecological chain,More focused on the development of military special pump valve,Make contributions to the national and military construction,Let the company glow in the new era。

(11 16 brass tube to 5 8 valve)Xi'an high pressure valve factory group joining advantages

11 16 brass tube to 5 8 valve(11 16 brass tube to 5 8 valve)

1、branded advantages

(11 16 brass tube to 5 8 valve)Xi'an high pressure valve has excellent equipment、Superb craft、Strong technical strength、Perfect testing equipment,Product quality is stable and reliable,Enjoy a good reputation in our customers。

2、Management advantage

Xi'an high-pressure valve establishes a sound management system and adopts international quality system management,High management quality、Technical hard worker team,Advanced manufacturing process and super hard testing equipment as the basis for quality assurance,Give you a quality commitment to your leading technology and management。

3、After-sales advantage

(11 16 brass tube to 5 8 valve)Xi'an high pressure valve always insists“Quality first、Reputation”Policy,Quality is the premise,Reputation is guaranteed,Perfect after-sales service system exempt from worries。

11 16 brass tube to 5 8 valve