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newport brass wall mount tub faucet

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(newport brass wall mount tub faucet)

newport brass wall mount tub faucet

Summary:How do you choose from home for the faucet??Now there is a high value of faucets.,The appearance of the wall faucet is very high,And you can also save a lot of space for the washing station.,Installing in the wall,It's a necessity.。Now the bathroom is generally this faucet,So how is the installation height of the wall faucet??This relationship is that the user is the convenience of our owners and the experience of washing their hands and even the shampoo.。Let's introduce you to how to install the wall-style faucet.,How high is installed。

 The bathroom is originally space,Then, in order to better solve the space, it will choose a wall out of the water faucet.。Like a head position。Dragon in the decoration in the home,Although it is not a big item,Even looks at it is inconspicuous.,But in people's usual life,It is a very important role,Because there is no water faucet,Water will be very undispetent,so,The installation of the faucet is also very important,Now let's talk about the wall out of the faucet installation method.?What is the height of the faucet installation??

(newport brass wall mount tub faucet)newport brass wall mount tub faucet(newport brass wall mount tub faucet)

  Wall outlet faucet installation method

(newport brass wall mount tub faucet)  1、Prepare installation tool:Ready to install tools and faucet parts,Check if the supporting parts are complete,Common accessories have:hose、Rubber、kidnapper、Go to water、Shower、Decorative cap, etc.。

  2、Cleaning installation:Put water before installation,Removal of sediment impurities in the water pipe,Herds in the mounting hole and the debris in the accessories need to be cleaned up,Avoid causing clogging or wear ceramic spool。

  3、.Left hot water right cold water:When taken,Pay attention to the left side is cold water right,Two tube10-20cm,First fixed water joint position,Remove the faucet,Wall mud watermakers have been installed and then install the faucet,One-sided surface coating is shaved or wear。

(newport brass wall mount tub faucet)  4、Installation,Need to select a special corner valve,And the angle valve must be fixed with the wall outlet。When it is found that there is a distance between the roll valve and the tube of the faucet,Need to purchase dedicated lengthening tubes,If other non-professional water pipes are used,When the water is large,It is easy to fall off、water leakage,Bring big troubles and losses。If the water pipe is longer than the water pipe,Can cut off,If the angle is not suitable, it can be bent moderately.。

  5、About the pre-buried spool。Before embaraking the spool of the faucet into the wall,Pay attention to the thickness of the wall,Wall is too thin and can't be buried。The plastic protective cover of the spool when the spool is pre-buried.,Avoid cement and other debris damage valve during pre-buried。Besides,Pay attention to the up and down of the spool when the spur can、Left and right direction,Avoid spools。If the wall faucet is embedded in the water pipe, there is a deviation.,Correction of adjustment。

(newport brass wall mount tub faucet)newport brass wall mount tub faucet

  What is the height of the faucet installation?

  1、usually,The top along the bathtub should not exceed the ground.500Millimeter。The tip of the bathtub should be opposed to the bathtub.,Highly aligned from the bathtub120one180Millimeter。

  2、Wash the basin or washbank the height of the basin(Calculated from the basin)exist780one820Millimeter is more convenient。Generally speaking on the right side,Hot water tube on the left。

  3、Shower is generally fixed in the middle of the bath or bath screen,The height is approximately from the bottom of the bathtub.2Meter。

  The above is what we have introduced for everyone about the wall out of the faucet installation method.,And how much is the highness of the faucet installation?=illustrate,Everyone is installing the faucet,Be sure to pay special attention,Even a small object,Pay attention to a lot of small details,Otherwise in the future life,If there is no work in the early stage,There will be a variety of trouble。

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