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author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-12 20:32:26

Finish(Shanghai edit Xia Junxiong)News,One of the world's largest metal manufacturers,UAE Global Aluminum Company(EGA)Expect,With the global economic recovery and vaccination promotion,Aluminum prices will continue to be strong this year。

Tuesday,EGACEOAbdulnasser bin KalbanIn accepting an interview,from2020At the end of the year, the active market sentiment will continue until this year.,Continue to support aluminum prices2021Strong prospects。

(aluminium brass tube suppliers in uae)Driven by mass commodity prices such as metal and energy,London Exchange this year(LME)Aluminum prices have risen12%to2218Dollar,for2018The highest level since the year。EGAExpect,entire2021The annual basis aluminum price will remain at each ton2000Dollar。

EGAAnnounce,The company2020Year of tax interest, depreciation and amortization profit(EBITDA)for41Yidiram(about72.5Billion),Growth over the previous year63%,Revenue decline9%to187Yidiram(about330.8Billion),This is because2020The annual aluminum price and the decline in market demand。

When whenIPOThe problem,CFOZouhir RegraguiExpressed in the same interview:“IPOTime is the decision of our shareholders,We will continue to work hard to improve financial status,In order to be preparation time,We are ready to prepare。”

2018year,The Trump government at that time announced the impact of aluminum from the import of the UAE,EGAImmediately postponedIPO。This year1moon20day,Trump announced the cancellation of aluminum products on the UAE on the last day.,And claiming that the two countries have reached an aluminum import quota agreement。