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brass tube specification

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-12 20:11:03

Whether it is home improvement or otherdecoration,Less less all kinds of pipelines,And the material of this pipeline is the most common thing.pvcIn,This material is widely used because of the various advantages,But you have to pay attention,Because various pipes have their own size specifications,sopvcPipe specifications are a variety of,If you still don't know what specifically,Even if you don't know which specification you need?,Then look at the content below.,Guarantee is helpful to you。

actuallypvcPipe also has soft and hard differences,The distinction between the two is mainly to see if there is a plasticizer.,It is existing in softpvcTube,Therefore, the physical properties of this pipe are relatively weak.,Cannot withstand too much water pressure,So this is mainly used in ceiling、Floor and other places,That is, when doing a line tube,HardpvcThe performance of the tube is very good.,Generally used as drainage and water pipes,Very value。

Have to saypvcPipe specifications also analyze from these two different types,Soft hard tubes have a big difference,Such as softpvcThe tube is the largest diameter.50mm,Generally, there will be no bigger.,And the diameter of hard tubes can be large,Even some can reach50cm,Both there are different sizes,Specifically, it is necessary to determine the size according to its use.。

First, say that our life is most commonly used.pvcTube is the threading tube,And it is hoses,This toughness of this pipe is very good.,The most common size is from16-50mmUnequal,Everyone can purchase on demand。

(brass tube specification)Whether it is in the home environment or a large public place,Water pipes are less,And the pipe of the water pipe,Generally hardpvcTube,Because it is very intensity,Strong anti-aging,Ability to withstand water pressure,The period of use is also very long.,This water supply pipe is much larger than the wearing tube.,But be smaller than the drainage pipe,Generally common20mm、25mm、32mm、40mm、50mm、63mm、75mm、90mm、110mm、200mm,Small diameter in our family,However, industrial environment is high in water,That pipeline diameter will be large。

The last thing to say is the drainage pipe.,It is very strict on the performance requirements of the pipe.,Must be guaranteed to meet the safety factors,In addition, there are some industrial environments that are very alkali-resistant acid resistance to the pipeline.,The diameter of the drain is the largest in all pipes.,Drainage pipes in the family160mmBelow,The main drainage pipe and industrial environment have200mm,250mm,315mm,400mm,500mmsize,Different places have different。

In the above article, you will introduce you.pvcTube specification,I believe everyone has already understood it.,If you need to purchase a certain selection size,I hope the content is helpful to you.。