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5 16 inside tube diam brass quick disconnect

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5 16 inside tube diam brass quick disconnect(5 16 inside tube diam brass quick disconnect)

Ink refinement brings everyone to the valve content“Brief introduction to brass cutoff valve”,Is you understanding where related valve products?,Installation guide,Product Standards,Principle of action,Troubleshooting,Standard,Standard,Will pay attention,Installation guide,General standard,Difficulties,Principle of related products,Features,Principle of related work......;Make this article“Brief introduction to brass cutoff valve”Can make you increase your understanding of valve products,Let you choose the right product more accurately and effectively according to the use of the choice.。Valve product style available in Kun,Ball valve,Shut-off valve,Corner valve,Pneumatic valves,Butterfly valve,Discharge valve,The electromagnetic valve,Mud valve,Decompression valve,High temperature high pressure valve,Firer,Breathing valve,Check valve,gate,Diaphragm valve,Low temperature valve,filter,Needle valve,Hydraulic valve......;Our technicians can analyze relevant issues in accordance with your reality.,suggestion,Introduction related valves。Brass off valve is a kind of shut-off valve series。Its main material is brass。Brass is also called copper zinc alloy,The most commonly known as three-seven yellow copper,It is also the proportion of zinc and pure copper。Because of its good mechanical properties and processability。Brass shut-off valve is relatively widely used in marine valves。Advantages that have ordinary shut-off valves。The shut-off valve means the closure(Valve flap)Valve moving along the seat center of the seat。According to this movement of the flap,The change in the valve seat is a proportional relationship with the valve journey.。Since the valve stem of the type of valve is relatively shorter,And have a reliable cut-off function,Also because the variation of the valve seat is proportional to the stroke of the valve flap,Suitable for regulation of traffic。therefore,This type of valve is suitable as cutting or adjustment and throttling。
The valve flap of the brass shut-off valve is removed from the closed position,Its valve seat and the valve sealing surface are no longer contact,Therefore, its sealing surface mechanical wear is very small.,Therefore, its sealing performance is very good.,A disadvantage is that the particles in the sealing plane may be sandwiched in the flow medium.。but,If the valve is made into steel ball or porcelain ball,This problem is also tough。Since most cutoff valve seats and flaps are relatively easy to repair or replace,And there is no need to remove the entire valve from the pipeline when repairing or replacing the sealing element.,This is applicable in the case where the valve and pipeline welding are。
Since the medium is changed in the direction of flow through such valves,Therefore, the minimum flow resistance of the shutoff valve is also higher than that of most other types of valves.。However,According to the valve body structure and the valve stem relative to、Outlet channel layout,This situation can be improved。at the same time.Due to the small trip between the shutoff valve,The sealing surface can withstand multiple times,So it is very suitable for occasions that require frequent switches.。
Shutdown valve can be used in most medium flow systems。Petrochemical、electricity、metallurgy、Urban construction、Various forms of cut-off valves for chemical and other departments。
Purpose of the use of the shutoff valve,But due to the large opening and closing moment、Long structure length,Usually the nominal path is limited250mmthe following,Also400mmof,But pay attention to the import and export direction when choosing。generally150mmThe following cut-off valve media flows from below the valve.,and200mmThe above cutoff valve is mostly from above the valve.。This is considering the closure moment of the valve。In order to reduce the opening or closing moment,generally200mmThe above cutoff valve is provided in the inner or outer passage valve。
The brass cutoff valve is obviously the advantage is:
(1)During the opening and closing process,Due to the frictional force of the valve flap and the valve body sealing surface,Thus wear.
(2)The opening height is generally only for the valve seat channel diameter1/ 4,Therefore, the thyristor is much smaller.。
(3)Typically only one sealing surface on the valve body and the valve flap,It is better to manufacture,Easy to repair。but,The disadvantage of the shutoff valve is not overlooked.。The disadvantage is mainly larger than the flow resistance coefficient,Therefore, pressure loss,Especially in the hydraulic device,This pressure loss is obvious。